Delicious Thai Food Cooked In Your Own Home

Ten or so years ago Thai cuisine was largely unknown in the United Kingdom and it was virtually impossible to get   hold of real authentic Thai ingredients. Today Thai food enjoys enormous popularity in the United Kingdom and in the western world in general with people being able to tell you not only their favourite Thai restaurants, but their favourite Thai dishes as well.

With the emergence and increasing numbers of Thai Supermarkets and delicatessens springing up all over the United Kingdom, Thai ingredients are now thankfully more widely available. In fact the British public are now adventurous enough to get hold of a  favourite Thai recipe go out and  buy the ingredients and have a bash at conjuring up some Thai culinary delights of their own. Thai food is absolutely fantastic for dinner parties and entertaining friends or for any event come to that matter with the many wonderful varieties of tastes and dishes. Of course dressing up for the evening and going out to a Thai restaurant is always a nice experience, but as a top Australian trained Thai chef once said ” the best Thai food is cooked in the homes”  and we agree,so why not dress up, stay home and invite friends to your humbled abode instead for a truly delightful Thai dinner party.

So if you have an event or occasion to arrange and would like some absolutely delicious Thai food cooked in your own home or venue of your choice, then have a chat with Thai Gourmet. Whatever the occasion, birthday, anniversary, christening, a friendly get – together, office party, business or corporate catering, you name it and Thai Gourmet can do it.

Thai Gourmet menus cover every sort of occasion

  • There  are the popular sit down menus with an aray of top tasty dishes these sort of menus are great for catching up with a few old friends sharing good food and good memories, which is surely worthwhile as life is all too short after all.
  • For those events where the need to all sit around the table is not required and the setting slightly more informal Thai Gourmet produces some magnificent Thai Buffet menus which work a real treat and are designed to give excellent value to suit your particular budget.
  • For large scale events with many attenders and little or no sit down facilities Thai Gourmet have the now legendary” Walk And Talk Finger Food Menu” not only is the food delicious, but guests can socialise at ease with glass in hand and have incredible Thai finger food delights served to them where ever they may be standing.

                               The Menus Don’t End There

  • You can choose from the set menus or select a`la carte from the open choice menus.
  • Thai Gourmet have put massive research in to producing top Thai tasty vegetarian cuisine and have devoted two entire menus to just vegetarian food. The Vegetarian Set Choice Menu is infact way ahead of it’s time, but if it’s a`la carte you are after then the Vegetarian Open Choice Menu will really hit the spot.
  • Finally when all the food is gone and the guests are completely full and contented the conversations can continue as Thai Gourmet take care of all the clearing up and leave your kitchen spotless, you don’t have to lift a finger, well perhaps another glass. For a short cut to all of the Thai Gourmet menus please view  or for the full site with food and recent events please see



2 thoughts on “Delicious Thai Food Cooked In Your Own Home

  1. Nice work Mr Bide…are you going to put some recipes up here? I need another place to go other than Delia Online.

    1. Thanks for that Mark and there will be recipes to follow in the future,plus other exciting news from Thailand including an interview with an expert on living in Hua Hin.

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