Lanna Come Spa In Chiang Mai


The delightful therapists at Lanna Come Spa Chiang Mai And The Relaxing Hydrotherapy Treatment

On all the Engaging Thailand tours that include Spa visits, our clients are delighted with the  treatments and staff at Lanna Come Spa in Chiang Mai. It would appear that the phrase  Lanna style is constantly used in the north of Thailand to go with everything these days, but the truth is that you have to search harder to find real Lanna style or those still living in a Lanna life style. The meaning of the word Lanna (ลานนา) is ” The land of a million rice fields” and the north is the home of the wonderfully tasting sticky rice. The Lanna region actually stretched from the Shan state of eastern Burma running across Yunnan Province in the south of China, in to the west of Laos and northern Thailand.

Lanna Come Spa recreates the magic of Lanna within their charming spa upholding the traditions and cultures of the ancient Lanna, it is said that if you want to view ancient Lanna as it really was you should visit Sib Song Panna(สิบสองปันนา) or (Xishuangbanna in the Chinese language) to eat Lanna food, see the big wooden houses and sample real Lanna lifestyle.

On our previous visit to Lanna Come Spa in February 2010 our clients chose a number of treatments from massages, body wraps, body scrubs, hydrotherapy and the many day spa packages on offer. I decided to have a spot of pampering myself and booked a 60 minute Thai Herbal Hot Compress followed by a 45 minute Jacuzzi bath energizing therapy, I mean who says men don’t go to spas it was good enough for the Romans in between battles so it would be good enough for me, but I would just give the battling a miss.

I arrived at Lanna Come Spa to be welcomed with a gorgeous and healthy tasting  spa drink and a chat with the lovely staff. Whilst my treatments were being prepared I sat with my drink to read some infomative spa information that is all laid out in an attractive manner and already felt in a very relaxed mood. My therapist named Bing (ปิง) showed me through to the treatment room where my feet were refreshed and washed in a bowl of the finest mixed Thai herbs and ingredients, this is really nice after pounding the streets of Chiang Mai in very warm temperatures. Part one of my treatment was the Thai Hot Herbal Compress a revitalising  hot oil massage all over your body, this was fantastic,  relaxing your muscles and giving you a total wellbeing feeling as used with the massage were such ingredients as  Lemon Grass, Kaffir Lime, Tumeric, Tamarind. Galangal and many more. Part Two was the Jacuzzi bath  Energizing therapy in my own bathroom suite ahhh wonderful so with dressing gown on hanger and a couple of cucumbers over the eyes I will see you all in 45 minutes. The jacuzzi is absolutely brilliant and by now I have not got a care in the world. Showered, dressed and ushered back through to reception I am given another delicious spa drink and some delightful tasting treats to see me on my way, to be perfectly honest I could have done with a couple more hours in there. My advice would be make the appointments gentlemen you don’t know what your missing, I mean after all us men need pampering as well don’t we, well I do anyway. I am not forgetting the ladies, but I know you are well aware of these sort of treats, having been clever for a long time. I really would recommend that both ladies and gentlemen if  in Chiang Mai you pop along to Lanna Come Spa and give yourself a real treat and if you come with Engaging Thailand then we will always visit the very charming Lanna Come Spa.

Lanna Come Spa have a whole range of products and services on offer from Facial treatments, Aroma Oil massage, Sib Song Panna Massage, Vichy Lymphatic drainage massage, Anti stress & foot masage, Thai herbal hot compress masage, Ayurveda massage, Body scrubs, Body wraps, Hydrotherapy, Waxing and much more.

 All products and services can be viewed at   The spa receptionist is a very lovely lady named Khun Yupa sintuwong (คุณยุพา) who is always ready and willing to help with expert advice. By the way the word Khun (คุณ) in Thai is used as a polite particle and is somewhat similar to Sir or Madam, but maybe even more polite. Lanna Come Spa can be found at 88/4 Sridonchai Road, Changklan, Muang Chiang Mai 501000 it is right in the heart of the action with the night bazaar literally on it’s doorstep, or a simple phone call to Lanna Spa will see you collected by them from your hotel. For those interested in visiting Chiang Mai Thailand, please see the tours available at


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    1. Thank You again for your comment Jennifer. Did you have the Thai Herbal Hot Compress at Lanna Come spa in Chiang Mai or did you mean you had this treatment elsewhere.

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