Spa Tour Of Chiang Mai



(Therapists at Lanna Come Spa In Chiang Mai)

Somehow the beautiful natural scenery, deeply built in proud traditions and culture and the kind welcoming friendliness of the northern Thai people make Chiang Mai an absolute must visit for spa lovers. It is true that over the last few years spas have been springing up all over Thailand making it one of the major spa capitals of the world with most of the large hotels having their own unique spa facilities. Thailand would appear to be the ideal place for rejuvenation of mind, body and soul I mean the Thais over the years  have turned pampering in to an art form.

A spa in the early days had nothing to do with the vast amount of services and treatments you see today it was all about water as the word spa is an abbreviation of Sanus Per Aqua which is Greek for ” health through water”. Today of course the sky is the limit and the spa has become a way of life covering everything from baths, nutrition,massage, psychology, meditation, exercise and fitness, beauty products and services plus much more besides. The Thais have a rich tradition in the natural art of healing using ancient Thai massage, natural healing springs and Thai herbs near enough since time began.

Not only are there vast amounts of spas in Thailand, but there are also different types of spas.

                                     So how do I know what to choose then

  • If you are looking for single treatments then you will be better off going to the day spas, here you can book your treatments over a few days and blend in some fine Northern Thai cuisine and take in some of the wonderful attractions Chiang Mai and the surrounding area has to offer.
  • If you would like to spend a set period of time like a week to ten days, then it would be advisable to book in to one of the many destination spas.
  • There are also the medical spas  for cosmetic treatment or more serious health issues.
  • Finally you have the resort spas for first class pampering combined with a restful recharging of the batteries type of holiday.

Engaging Thailand combines luxurious spa treatments with beautiful attractions of Chiang Mai and delicious tasting Thai Food on the Chiang Mai Thailand Spa Tour at You will be served in traditional lanna Thai style with warm friendly smiles and by top therapists ready to renew your body and soul.  The tour is of course not solely devoted to spas as we visit some of the North’s most beautiful gardens and national parks, the mountain people or better known as the Hilltribe people, observe the wonderful elephants at one of the biggest care institutions for elephants in the world, stoll through China Town and shop until you drop at some of the finest and kind on the wallet markets to be found anywhere.

Finally a trip to Thailand would not be complete without sampling some delicious Thai dishes and we do that in abundance by visiting some of the finest eating places in Chiang Mai and we know where they are. If that is not enough and you are not satisfied with just eating delicious Thai dishes then this tour really is for you as you have the opportunity to produce your own on a fantastic Thai cookery course .

Visiting the beauty of Northern Thailand, sampling delicious Thai food and being pampered in Chiang Mai Thai spas it really doesn’t get much better than that.

Please see  Chiang Mai Thailand Spa Tour for full details of this tour. Engaging Thailand have a range of personally guided tours  available that can be taken throughout the year and all viewed at


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