The Best Thai Restaurant For Special Occasions


The Thai cuisine experience in your own home

Hot and freshly cooked Thai food served directly to your table, but it’s not in a Thai restaurant, it’s in the comfortable surroundings of your own living room and what better way to celebrate a special occasion than sharing food together with family and friends, especially delicious Thai food.  Thais enjoy good food and company and rarely do you find the Thais eating on their own they much prefer to be in the company of a large gathering and sharing around the many varied and tasty dishes on show. Sharing  is indeed a very magical trait of the Thai.

Some Cultural Dining Differences

  • The Thai will not normally need an excuse or special occasion to share tasty food with loved one’s or friends, especially being that family is massively important to the Thais, it is of major value in Thailand to not only when young take some of the daily burdens away from the parents by helping out around the home, but to one day not only support yourself but your parents as well. So the Thais tend to have many of those precious moments eating lovely food in the company of family and friends.
  • The western menu plan will usually work around a starter, Main course and a dessert in the systematic  way that things are done in the west and a Thai menu can also be done in this way, but the Thais will live for the moment with dishes arriving at different times and in no particular order.
  • In the west dishes are served to the centre of the table and we serve ourselves, selecting the dishes we prefer and adding each dish portion to our plates, until we as such have a small mixed pile of food.  The Thai will also serve the dishes to the table, but there the similarities will end as they more often than not  will serve the people beside them as well. The host will serve rice to the plate of each guest and each guest will take a small helping from a selected dish to eat with their rice before moving on to another dish, receiving the full flavours from that one dish. It is very rare that you will see a mix of dishes on a Thai persons plate.
  • If a soup is used in the west it is in the most part as a starter, but the Thai will have a soup to accompany their meal which will often include  a balance of rice,  fish, a curry and vegetables served to the table at the same time. Afterwards the most mouth – watering  array of fresh fruit will be served from succulent Pineapple, Water melon, Papaya, great tasting Grapefruit and Mango.  

How could I experience Thai food in my home    

In the South – west  of England Khun Lek and her Thai Gourmet team have been recreating the Thai eating experience by bringing Thai Dinner parties directly to your home or venue of choice for the past 8 years. If you have a special occasion or a secretive special surprise birthday to arrange, then give Thai Gourmet a ring or drop them an email. For our popular dinner menus with full dish photos please see

For full menus please see

For the full site please visit:


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