The Health Benefits Of A Thai Spa Visit

It is probably in many ways quite natural for a man to spend three hours at the pub or  watching the football, but could a man really spend that same amount of time in a health Spa… You bet he could, especially when it’s in Thailand the home of pampering. In the west if you informed your mates that you were off to the spa it may be contrived as being ”rather girlie”, but the Oriental gentlemen enjoy their spa treatments and the Japanese just love them.It is without question that if you are about to visit Thailand in the near or even not so near future then make sure at least a couple of lengthy spa sessions are high on your things to do list.

Therapist at Vanalee Spa

Continuing with the theme of my ”walkabouts” and checking out things that are traditionally Thai I booked a three-hour spa package at Vanalee Spa in Chiang Mai. Vanalee Spa is on Sirimangklajarn road just off the main Nimmanhaemin road in a very nice area of Chiang Mai. In fact the area plays host to a few of my favourite stopping off points.

  • The Hillside Fitness Center on the 4th floor of the Hillside Plaza & Condotel 4 on Huaykaew Road. You can use the gym for 100 baht each visit and then go for a swim or sit by the pool reading a book in the wonderful sunshine.
  • Visit the Kad Suan Kaew mall, which aside from the many shops to browse  has a fantastic outside market at the weekends with some really tasty snacks on show. The market part is a hive of activity with more in the way of local Chiang Mai residents checking out the bargains on offer.
  • I prefer the old style Chiang Mai, but if you’re a fashion icon then Nimanhaemin road is the place to hang out and have a look around. It plays host to hair salons, boutiques, trendy night clubs, art & home decor, bars, cafes and top of the range cake shops. A sort of Paris of Chiang Mai.

It was now time to let the pampering begin as I arrived at Vanale Spa for my three-hour spa package… Is he serious three hours or what.

 I was assigned a charming lady therapist in traditional lanna costume and  firstly received a nice welcome ginger tea and a very invigorating foot bath that really hits the spot after the walking around in intense heat for a while. After the foot bath I was shown upstairs to the treatment room where I was greeted by nice soothing spa music in the form of Thai type Pan pipes and the smell of a combination of  Thai herbs…. ”I’m calm already”.

The Body Scrub Treatment

Part one of my package was the body scrub and I was handed a neat package of a towel and  dressing gown and packed off to disrobe. There is disposable underwear for the customers who are more modest, but I prefer  the freedom side of things, it’s up to you. The therapists are actually brilliant with a towel and keep you covered as they go about their work. The body scrub is great for a lot of reasons.

  1. The removal of dead skin and dead cells.
  2. Helps to improve the blood circulation
  3. Fights Cellulite
  4. Improves skin tone and invigorates

With the 45 minute Body scrub over I was off to the Aromatherapy Milky Bath and I must say ”you can’t beat a good soak in a good old petal filled milky bath”.  The benefits of this spot of pampering are…..

  1. Some of the aromatic essential oils are absorbed in to the skin and soothe the body.
  2. The remainder of the aromatic essential oils are inhaled from the atmosphere and hence soothe the mind.
  3. Relaxing and rejuvenating experience

Aromatherapy Milky Bath

From the 45 minute bath to the massage table for a 60 minute Aroma hot oil massage ” I think I have just died and gone to heaven” Aside from reaching heaven my masseuse informed me it also gave the following benefits.

  1. Improved circulation
  2. With regular massage the release of mental stress in your life.
  3. Relieving muscle tension and stiffness
  4. Improved sleep
  5. Mind enhancement with the ability to become more calm and creative.

The final part of my package was the 30 minute 6 step facial treatment and another  opportunity to have those cucumbers over the eyes whilst the mask was drying, unfortunately the mask washed off and I still had the same face. I even had time to chat with my therapist about politics in Thailand and more specifically in Chiang Mai at the current time, but unfortunately since our conversation things have gone down hill rapidly with regards to that subject and lives were lost during May 2010 in Bangkok battles. I finished up my spa package with a shower, dressed and  another healthy hot spa drink to go on my way with.

Thai Herbs And Essential Oils

Vanalee Spa is both very good and very good value and the staff are really lovely. Altogether my 3 hour package came to 1,600 Baht which is equivalent to about £33.00 British Pounds, I would dread to think what that would cost in England, but then again I would not go in England as the value, experience, ambience, level of service could not be matched I would probably go and watch the football, in fact I know I would.

Visit the website of Vanalee Spa at and have a good look at the marvellous treatments and packages on offer and book your self a spot of pampering in advance of your trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand. If you arrange in advance they are happy to collect you from your accommodation free of charge. The owner is a charming lady called Khun Parisa Somsak. Vanalee spa is one of 3 spas belonging to the same group the other two are at and a recent addition at

Alternatively book to go on  the                                         with Engaging Thailand and you will visit Vanalee Spa, Lanna Come spa, see the sights of Chiang Mai and eat some of the most delicious Thai Food.


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