Awesome Thai Finger Food Party In Dorset


On Saturday 22nd May 2010 in Beaminster, Dorset, England with the weather absolutely beautiful a very special Birthday Party was held for Andrew Stewart.

The Preparation Begins

Khun Lek and Noo begin the food preparation


Things going fine as all smiles with Phawinee and Noo

Thai Gourmet were asked to do the food for the 80 guests that evening and delightfully accepted, but the menu was to be based more on a Thai finger food basis much like the ”The Thai Gourmet Walk And Talk Menu” but with extras.  This allows the guests to continue socialising whilst the Thai Gourmet waitresses walk around offering each tasty item to them, where ever they may be standing.

 Noo ready to serve the Chicken Wings


Khun Lek ready to serve the prawns

 Phawinee ready to serve a combination of tasty portions.

Now having catered for Andy and his delightful wife Jane on occasions before we know they are already afficionados on Thai food and instantly know what food they want, but could Thai Gourmet rise to the challenge. With the standard ”Walk And Talk Menu” as the basis for the evening and a Chicken Green Curry to follow afterwards, Andy and Jane had four new dish ideas for the evening.

Andy loves Haggis and had some great ideas to combine the haggis with the taste of Thai. After a bit of thought we decided against including the ”Thai Haggis” as it were on this occasion and let Khun Lek go to work on this in future downtime periods to perhaps perfect the dish  (at the approval of some sample tasting by Andy of course), but the other three dishes went straight in to play and are noted as new in the full menu below.

Something has made Khun Lek laugh

Some of the guests deep in conversation with glass in hand

Khun Lek continues to serve the food.


  • Beef Satay: Grilled marinated beef fillets served with a peanut sauce dip.
  • Spring Rolls: Vegetable spring rolls wrapped in thin fried pastry and served with a sweet chilli dip.
  • Kanompang Na Moo: Pork, garlic, pepper and coriander on toasted sliced bread with a cucumber dip.
  • Pla Rad Prik: Crispy fried salmon in a rich chilli sauce.
  • Giew Grorp: Crispy spicy pork wrapped in thin fried pastry and served with a sweet chilli dip.
  • Gung Sarong: King prawns wrapped in thin fried pastry and served with a sweet chilli dip.
  • Tanggwaa yatsai Phat Thai:  Phat Thai noodles served in cucumber cups. (New)
  • Gai Hoorapha Ho Phak Gaat Hoom:  Chicken, sweet basil, garlic, chilli and onion wrapped in a bed of lettuce. (New)
  •   Biik Gai Yatsai Thoot:  Chicken wings stuffed with Minced pork, garlic, pepper, fresh coriander, bamboo shoots, cashew nuts and spring onions.  (New)

After The Finger Food

  • Gang Khiaw Wan Gai:  Green Chicken Curry and seasonal vegetables.
  • Thai Jasmin Rice 

Distributing tasty bites in a flexible manner combined with interesting and different food is crucial for the larger scale events and keeps the guests wondering what is coming next. yes, the wonderful ”element of surprise”. The party had everything from Thai Food, wine of plenty, music and dance, waiters and waitresses and close friends and family. A lot of thought and effort goes in to arranging a wonderful get-together like this, but always so rewarding to see family and friends happy and enjoying themselves…. Surely what life is all about.

Mixed Vegetable Spring Rolls

Combination Platter 

Kanompang Na moo

With the Thai Gourmet sous chef Nong Yao off on holiday sunning herself in Cornwall, Phawinee and Noo stepped up to the plate to assist Khun Lek for the evening. Not a debut performance for either lady having both been vital cogs in the Thai Gourmet team for a long while. Phawinee was born in Chiang Mai, Thailand, moved to Nakhon Sawan, Thailand, but the South-West of England has been home to her for the last 17 years. Noo is a Chiang Rai lady in the very North of Thailand, but has lived in England for the last 4 years. The amazing thing I have always found about Thai ladies is how quickly they adapt to their surroundings and the occasion and get straight on with things in a happy smiling way……. fantastic.

Happy Birthday Andy

A lovely photo of Andy, Jane and Finn

The party food had all been freshly served and the Kitchen all clean and tidy, so it was now time for us to go. When I asked what time the party would finish, Andy replied ”last man standing” or woman of course. There was just time to request a family photo of Andy, Jane and son Finn. Unfortunately I missed the chance to get Finn’s brother Callum in the photo as he had done all of the partying he wanted and had gone to find a more quieter place to spend the rest of the evening…. don’t worry Callum I use to do that at parties sometimes as well.

 However Finn was still partying and eating the Beef Satay… these are his favourites. Finn can actually make these himself as he described to Khun Lek the ingredients he uses and the method of cooking, a clever young man. I worried slightly about Khun Lek’s method of questioning and whether he was being eyed as a future potential Thai food chef, but I am sure Finn’s Mum and Dad have other plans.  All in all a wonderful event and a great night had by all.

Thai Gourmet are available throughout the South-West of England and further afield by request for Dinner Parties:

Buffet Parties:

And Thai Finger Food menus like the event above:

Full Thai Gourmet Menus:

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