9 Favourite Thai Finger Food Party Treats

Delicious Thai finger food is turning out to be quite a success in the South West of England especially  with the clients of Thai Gourmet who order one of  Khun Lek’s absolutely delicious ” Walk and Talk” menus. From keeping good records over the many Thai finger food events that have been carried out we can now name the 9 favourite Thai finger foods in the South West of England.

Thai Chicken Wings stuffed with minced pork, garlic,pepper,coriander and spring onions

9 Favourite Thai Finger Foods

  1. Chicken Satay : (Grilled marinated Chicken on a skewer with a peanut sauce dip) 
  2. Spring Rolls: (Vegetable spring rolls wrapped in fried thin pastry with a sweet chilli dip)
  3. Kanompang Na Moo: ( Fried spicy pork on sliced bread with a cucumber dip)
  4. Pla Rad Prik: (Crispy fried fish with a rich chilli sauce)
  5. Thot Man Khao Phot: (Fried corn cakes with garlic and pepper)
  6. Gung Sarong: (King Prawns wrapped in fried thin pastry with a sweet chilli dip)
  7. Giew Grorp: (Fried spicy pork wrapped in thin pastry with a sweet chilli dip)
  8. Thot Man Pla: ( Thai Fish cakes)
  9. Bik Gai:  (Thai Chicken wings stuffed with minced pork, garlic,pepper,coriander and spring onions)

Which is your favourite Thai finger food, please tell us?

A Combination of Thai Finger Food At Dan’s Party

Happy Birthday Dan

So with the information ready to hand and a ”Walk and Talk” required for a special birthday celebration for Dan Thorn we were delighted to arrange with Dan’s wife Claire the very same popular menu listed above.  Friends and family of Dan and Claire Thorn thoroughly enjoyed the food at Yeovil in Somerset and we were delighted to receive an email from Claire and Dan a couple of days after the event.

”Thank you  so much for making it a truly lovely night.  The ‘walk and talk’ food was excellent and delicious and everyone raved about it, saying it was the best food they had had at a party.  Dan and I will definitely recommend you.
 Claire and Dan 
Khun Lek and Nong Yao With The Now Cut Up And Ready To Serve Chicken Wings
Fun Food
In Thailand the alluring smell of tasty Thai treats is every where, diverting you from your intended path and causing you to make snack stop offs that you hadn’t planned on. Nowadays it would appear that like the rest of the world it is hard to find  time for a lot of  traditional home cooking in Thailand with the demands of modern-day life, but with food so readily available and with so many different delicious dishes to choose from it is not hard to see why the Thai people enjoy their street food so much. Thai Gourmet have a selection of Thai finger food menus called the ”Walk andTalk” menus where you can eat tasty Thai finger food at large gatherings without a plate, but with glass in hand and continue to socialise. In Thailand finger food is known as fun food purely for the purpose of snacking (khong gin len) literally play eating and this is constantly available day and night virtually any where you go. Roam amongst the market food vendors with their cooking carts or take a trek down the back streets or side roads (sois) and you will most certainly not be able to escape from fun food or any kind of food come to that matter.
All smiles at Dan’s party, with Dan second from the left concentrating on the left over spring rolls and wife Claire beside him.
Regional Thai  Food
Thailand is divided in to regions and each region will be famous for bringing certain dishes to the table as it were or more appropriately to the Thai dining table. There are 4  regions the North known as (phak nua), North East (phaak isaan), Central (phaak klaang) and South (phaak taay).
Some interesting facts about the regions and their dishes….

The North East  (phak isaan)

  • Food from the North East  has much more in common with Laotian food than Thai.
  • The North East is the home of sticky rice.
  • The North East is Thailand’s poorest region.
  • A favourite dish from the North East is (som tam) Green papaya salad

The North (phak nua)

  • Fresh raw vegetables play a prominent role in Northern cuisine.
  • Khan Toke food is more of a tourist design and does not really resemble proper Northern cuisine.
  • The main staple is sticky rice or (khao niaow)
  • A favourite dish is Nam Phrik Ong, spicy meat and tomato dip with sticky rice of course

The South (phak Taay)

  • Thicker coconut milk added to many of the dishes.
  •  Southern cuisine is heavily influenced by Malaysian food as it is only just across the border.
  • Home of the famous roti pancakes.
  • Home also to the more Indian like Gang Gari and Gang Massaman curries.

Central Region (phak klaang)

  • Rice is the main staple food in the central plains 
  • Kwitiaow rice noodles are a one of the favourite lunchtime snacks
  • Favourite curry of the central plains and now known all over the world Gang Khiaw wan, Thai Green Curry
  • Bangkok is said to be home to some 11,000 odd restaurants and this does not include stalls and food vendors.

What region of Thailand does your preferred taste come from please tell us?

Thai Gourmet caterers  are available throughout the south-west of England for all special occasions including the ”walk and talk” finger food parties, buffets and full sit down dining.  Please visit   www.thaigourmetfoodcaterers.co.uk  contact name: Trevor Bide.  Just telephone or email us with your special occasion Thai cuisine requirements.



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