Thai Language, Thai Culture And Cross-Cultural Relationship Tips

Thai Language

Whether you are in  a position where you need Thai Language for business, moving to Thailand and want to make a determined go of  fully  adjusting to your new country and language or have met a nice Thai lady and would like to communicate with  her in her  own language your studies need to begin at guess where ” the beginning”. From my personal experience and from talking with others the biggest help is learning  Thai script.  The problem with these books that attempt to transcribe the Thai language in to a western format is there are actually so many different versions of it. Meeting the challenge of learning Thai script is the key to proper Thai pronunciation. Yes you will have to put the work in and study the consonants, vowels, verbs, nouns, pronouns and the tones, as there are no short cuts. Mastering Thai script will help you no end in your mastery of the tones as you learn by the language indicators where the tones are and what type of tone it is. At first viewing you look at Thai script and think how am I going to be able to read that, but by allocating a portion of your time daily you will find it is not so bad as you first thought, like most things really and you quickly grow in confidence and ability. 

  • Thai Language order is Subject – Verb – Object (although the Subject is often omitted)
  • The official Thai Language is Standard Thai or Central Thai and most people will speak this. The North, North East and South have their own dialects and there are also some minor dialects, but Central Thai is the one you are concerned with and the one taught in schools and universities throughout Thailand.
  • A helpful tip for your Thai learning is to get a dictionary in Thai. When I first started to learn Thai I sent off to a specialist bookshop in London for a complete dictionary English to Thai or so I thought at £27-00 a real big product and was so pleased, but when it arrived I had in fact purchased a massive dictionary from Thai – English. I was disappointed and wanted to return it, but it turned out to be a great mistake as now I had to learn the Thai script to know what the word was. The good thing here is that you get used to looking for a word in the Thai alphabet system and you get quicker also… another win win situation. 
  • Find yourself a decent Thai teacher that deals in teaching Thai or translation of Thai and English as a profession and see if you can hire that person for a block of lessons to get your Thai script learning on the right road. It is worth paying a bit to get off to a decent start. Hiring the nice Thai lady down the Thai take – away maybe cheaper, but does she actually have any teaching or language ability.

Chiang Mai: Where Author Kaewmala went to University (see below)

 Thai Language, Thai Culture And Romantic Cross-Cultural Relationships

  •  With more and more cross cultural relationships between Thais and foreigners springing up all the time, assistance with each others language and culture is truly helpful and very useful for keeping misunderstandings to a minimum. From our foreign side of the coin although we can never expect to fully understand the Thai or the Thai to fully understand the Westerner I have found that the deeper in to the Thai language you go the far greater the understanding. These days cross-cultural romantic relationships are growing and I seriously believe the gap as they say is no where near as big as it used to be. By that I mean that culture and language to a good degree can be learnt with effort, but the personalities of people is perhaps an even more vital role in your choice of partners. It appears to be Thai women and Western men for the most part, but there is a growing Thai men and Western women network happening. With the modern-day presence of technology like the internet, Thai ladies seem to be making major strides in being adept in English learning or at least enough to hold conversations and the Western men are attempting to transcribe their best Thai learnt phrases through cyber space if only in the dreaded Thai words written in English style. Suspicion occasionally raises its head on both sides of the equation as the nightmare stories about Thai women or Western men do the rounds and of course out of all the brilliance of the internet there is now a platform for anyone to ”tell a story” with out knowledge of its credence. However there are still misunderstandings through language and culture, but help is at hand as there is now a lady out there who writes on Thai language, Thai culture and romance, yes all three things covered at once. The lady I am referring to is a lady named Kaewmala who has recently written a book called ” In Search Of Love And Romance”  A complete guide to Thai romance. This is a book where you can gain a massive insight in to Thai Culture, the romance side of things in Thai culture along with 900 brilliant Thai words and phrases. Basically any questions you have about the language of love in a dual sense and the culture of  courtship with a Thai person is covered in this definitive guide, but with lots of humorous stories as well. Here is a brief sample amongst the many things you will learn….
  • An insight into Thai courtship rituals
  • The modern dating culture
  • Learn what is sexy in the eye of the Thai
  • The do’s and don’ts of flirting
  • Discovering pick up lines and the right put downs and lots, lots more…

Kaewmala was born and grew up in the North of Thailand, going to both school and University in Chiang Mai. Kaewmala also spent 10 years studying and working in the United States.  These days Kaewmala resides back in her homeland of Thailand with her husband and I think you will be seeing a lot more of her work over the coming years.

There are some great language examples for the Thai learner in the book and I nearly fell in to the short vowel, long vowel trap in chapter two (and I should know better) that Kaewmala does warn of. Chapter two covers The Thai sexual jungle and a humorous look at, but with serious intent of the animal personalities in the jungle. The character to be aware of in this instance is the ”social Fox” จิ้งจอกสังคม and I quote ”who sounds like nice harmless pleasant sort of character, but don’t be fooled as he is charming, but merciless and will devour his prey in an instant, he is the sort that parents and guardians always warn their young especially female to beware of this creature”. The difference here is if you mistakingly pronounce the word จิ้งจก  with a short vowel then it becomes a house lizard. I then started to wonder what sort of character the social house lizzard would be seen as in the Thai sexual jungle.  You can purchase Kaewmala’s book right here

 Kaewmala digs deep in to the world of Thai language and Thai culture and the book is a must for students of Thai language, Thai culture and romantic cross-cultural relationships.

Bangkok: The location For Much Of The Work Of Christopher G. Moore. Here the photo is from Lumpini Park. (see below)

 Kaewmala was inspired by reading Heart Talk ”say what you feel in Thai” by Christopher G. Moore, on this occasion Christopher G. Moore delves in to the emotive side of Thai culture using the magnificent word of jai or ”heart” I plan to do a post and give some tips on great Asian fiction books shortly and the brilliant work of Christopher G. Moore will certainly feature in that post  as I myself am a fan and collector of his work. For now though you can get a head start by visiting the king of Asian fiction writing at his official website 

Chiang Mai: Sunday Walking Market In The Old Town, besides translation, interpretation and voice over Khun Siiluck turns out some great drawings and paintings herself and would appreciate the work in these, was also born and raised in the North of Thailand. (see below)

Translation Of Thai

An Engaging Thailand Tip for specialist translation in the UK is a small, but fabulous company based near Bristol called Athais standing for Asia & Thailand advisory and Interpretation Services.  Principal Translator and Managing Director Khun Siriluck Edwards translates from Thai into English and from English into Thai. Khun Siriluck deals with all kinds of official, legal and business documents including certified translations for official and legal purposes a fully qualified and experienced translator. Khun Siriluck is also accomplished in Interpretation services including court work, solicitors and for business negotiations and travels throughout the UK, EU and Worldwide always providing a very professional service with a friendly and courteous approach. Voice services are also covered by Khun Siriluck in either Thai, English or combination. Khun Siriluck is a full corporate member by examination of the UK chartered institute of linguists and is helped by Terry Edwards and together they have too many honours after their  name to list here, but visit their website for full details about Athais and the services they offer.    Also on this website and under the justwords part of the equation is the The Thomas Albert Fox Poetry Library, published by justwords Limited. As of 2010 the library consists of 700 poems of great diversity in form and scale. Lovers of rhyme, pun and worldwide philosophy will love the very clever poetry of Fox as the world is looked at through his poems and by his long-standing editor Terry Edwards. Take a look at the work completed and the work in progress that is given estimated completion times, this truly is a library of amazing poetry.

Courier Excel For Same Day Goods

Delivery Of Thai Language

Once you have had your documents professionally translated, the next stop is to get them professionally delivered. There are without doubt some translations that are so important that they need to be delivered the same day, and in the South – West of England and in Paul Saunders the proprietor of Courier Excel we have a superb courier that offers just that type of service. Not only will he make sure that your consignment is delivered the same day, but for peace of mind will inform you as soon as the goods have been delivered and who they were signed by. Courier Excel are smart, friendly, helpful and courteous along with being  fully insured, completely confidential and will work all hours to suit your requirements. Obviously I am referring to Courier Excel as a fantastic tip for all your Thai translated documents whether for business or personal, but of course Courier Excel deliver all sorts of goods all over the country. Trained and certified to carry Air Cargo and offer improved rates for pre – booked regular deliveries to London. However although they will always try to beat or if not  match on price their main aim is to offer their customers the highest level of service and peace of mind, they don’t compromise on these values just to say they are the cheapest. For more information visit the website at  contact Name: Mr Paul Saunders

Engaging Thailand are currently working on and endeavour to bring you the best Thailand related tips to do with Thai Travel, Thai Food, Thai Lifestyle and Health and wellness tips throughout Thailand and Asia.

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