5 Great Spa Treatments In Chiang Mai


It’s as if heaven has been found in the form of Chiang Mai Thailand for lovers of health spas and treatments. This could in fact be said for the whole of Thailand as the natural ways of  healing are still very much alive and kicking.

In the old days a holiday or vacation was taken in order to re-charge the batteries, to rejuvenate and replenish one’s energy in order to meet the next chapter of life with replaced vigour. Nowadays it appears that in a lot of cases we try to cram in as much as we possibly can on vacation, causing us to be more fatigued on our return than when we left.

The Thais have always been on the cutting edge of traditional healing arts with the famous ancient Thai massage, herbal Thai  remedies and natural springs. It would appear fitting that all this wisdom be taken and used in the spas of today. This really is a vacation, a period of time doing nothing much but being pampered, before finally going home feeling like a million dollars. The whole purpose of a vacation really should be of course to rest mind and body.

The delightful Lannacome Spa

Chiang Mai in itself seems to be the perfect spot for a spa vacation with ancient healing traditions still held in very high regard in the North. However it is not just the wisdom of the Thais in matters of health, but the combination of various Asian traditional pampering and healing methods found in the North that is such an attraction. Along side the Thai treatments you can add the oldest system in the world from India called Ayurveda and the traditional Chinese knowledge, with balance, simplicity and harmony being the watch words. The reason I am informing you of this, is because Chiang Mai plays host to all this and more.

So if you were to take a spa vacation and Chiang Mai was to be your very wise choice, what treatments or holistic healings would you want to book for yourself. I suppose if money was no object (and a lot of treatments in Chiang Mai are very affordable) then you would work from head to toe and on both the inside and outside of the body.

The Chinese believe that the key to wellness begins with exercise and the exercise of Chi Kung, combined with effective breathing techniques can be found all over Chiang Mai.  Further disciplines range from Tai Chi, Acupuncture, Chi Nei Tsang Massage and Tao Yin Inner Alchemy Meditation. In some of the bigger wellness centres the results of your blood analysis will determine what treatments are required for your present condition.

Ayurveda  is based on the belief that imbalances and impurities accumulated over time in the body are the cause of disease. Ayurvedic methods set about diagnosing these problems at an early stage before the symptoms of the disease arise and eradicating them. Ayurveda uses natural medicine and the 6000 year old practice teaches people how to live a healthy life. 

Engaging Thailand are currently researching various Spa/ health and wellness treatments , the benefits of the treatments and where to find them. Watch this space for further information as all will be revealed. In the mean time here are 5 fantastic treatments to get you thinking.

The beautiful grounds of the Tao Garden

5 Top Treatments

  • The Ayurvedic  treatment of Shirodhara involves the constant stream of essential oils combined with herbs poured over a customers third eye, which is found in the forehead followed by the gentle massaging of the scalp. This is a great treatment for the restoration of mind and body to balance, and to assist the flow of energy around the body.Ayervedic treatment begins with a 30 minute consultation to establish your body type, or dosha (personality) before any Ayurvedic treatments are selected for you.  Once your body type is known the treatments can be tailored accordingly.  www.detox-chiangmai.com


  • Moving from India and Ayurvedic techniques over to China and concentrating on natural ways for detoxification with a Chi Nei Tsang massage. Chi Nei Tsang is the Chinese for internal organ and massage is carried out over the navel and surrounding abdominal area. The work of the Chi Nei Tsang massage is to release negative emotions, stress, tension and sickness, bring comfort to the abdomen area and supply vital energy to the internal organs. Chi Nei Tsang can also be helpful in  the treatment  digestive problems, like bloating, constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. www.tao-garden.com


  • The ancient treatment of Tok -Sen dates back some 5000 years and is only found in the Chiang Mai area of Northern Thailand. Tok-Sen translated means to ”clear blocked energy lines” and the process is carried out using a wooden instrument to tap away the negative energy and rid muscle tension. Tok-Sen can be carried out with the traditional Thai massage. If you are looking for instructions on this treatment in any books, you won’t find them. Tok-Sen is a treatment passed down through families in the Northern (Lanna) area of Thailand. www.lannacomespa.com


  • Another ancient, but highly effective Thai treatment is the  Thai Herbal Hot Compress a very deeply relaxing and detoxification therapy. The Thai herbal hot compress has been known of since the battles between the Thais and the Burmese during the Ayutthaya period some 200 years ago. The therapy is a combination of warmth and over 20 blended herbs including kaffir lime, plai, som, citronella, lemon grass, turmeric, tamarind, galangal and camphor just to name a few. Thai herbal hot compress consists of pressure being applied in the form of the heated herbs massaging the body with a  rolling and kneading action. The treatment is used to treat illnesses and to alleviate aches, pains and muscle tension. www.lannacomespa.com


  • Finally why not cap off any of your treatments with a very relaxing and rejuvenating  Aromatherapy Milky Bath .  The benefits here are immensely soothing to both body and mind and a nice soak in a petal filled warm milky bath is paradise. The treatment works in a way that some of the aromatic oils are absorbed in to the skin and soothe the body. The remainder of the aromatic essential oils are inhaled from the atmosphere and hence soothe the mind. www.vanaleespa.com

The relaxing spa setting at Lannacome spa

Thai Spa Book

A great introduction to Thai spas and ancient herbal healing traditions can be found in the excellent book Thai Spa Book: The Natural Asian Way To Health and Beauty by Chamsai Jotisalikorn. The book takes you through the Thai Spa experience, looks at herbal healing and the power of touch. Further more after your visit to the lovely spas of Thailand, on your return home you can re-create the Thai spa experience in your own home. The book comes with spa listings and beautiful photographs.

The philosophies of Thai medicine are based on earth, water, wind and fire and traditional massage and herbal remedies have been used to cure ailments for generations in Thailand and are still very much in use today. Give yourself a great introduction to health and wellness in Thailand with the ” Thai Spa Book: The Natural Asian Way To Health And Beauty” which can be found here http://www.engagingthailand.com/booksaboutthailand2.html

For information on designing a spa vacation to suit your needs please find us and contact us at  www.engagingthailand.com


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