Thai Gourmet Food Caterers In Hampshire

Brockenhurst, the New Forest, Hampshire  was the location for a joint Christmas party/Birthday party during mid  December 2010. The party was arranged by Nikki and Phil Holt for a Christmas gathering of close friends and also with it being Phil’s birthday.

Weather Conditions

Brockenhurst was a couple of hours travel for the Thai Gourmet team as it was, but with the snow fall the day before the event and hazardous driving conditions on the day of the event difficulties were beginning to mount. After checking that all the roads were passable, Thai Gourmet set off prepared with blankets, shovels, Wellington boots and a good vehicle heater. We were determined to get the show on the road.

Scenic views on the way up to Brockenhurst

More snow

In The Heart Of The New Forest

Aside from the difficulties that snow and ice brings for travelling it did actually provide a plus point. The New Forest is a beautiful part of the country and covered in snow enhanced its beauty even more so. Sightings of deer, wild ponies a pig and a fox were all made within a few minutes of driving.

Brockenhurst itself is a village, but the largest populated village in the New Forest and lies close to the towns of Lyndhurst and Lymington. After making good time up to the New Forest ( from leaving really early, because of the weather conditions) we did stop off in the delightful village of Lyndhurst, which is the largest village within the New Forest, Hampshire.   Being a very popular tourist area Lyndhurst has a number of pubs, hotels, restaurants and galleries plus there is the quaint little shops to browse around at your leisure.

The preparation begins with Khun Lek and assistant Boobay

Tables laid and ready

The Menu

Pre Starter With Drinks: Thai savoury prawn crackers
  • Starters
  • Chicken Satay: (Grilled chicken with a delicious peanut sauce dip)
  • Papaya Salad: (Thai salad with peanuts, lime, fresh chilli, garlic and tomato)
  • Spring Rolls: (Home made spring rolls: Fresh vegetables wrapped and cooked in thin pastry with a sweet chilli dip)
  • Kanom Pang Na Moo: (Fresh spicy pork with garlic and coriander on toasted bread with a delicious cucumber dip
  • Soup

Tom Kha Gai: ( A soup with succulent pieces of chicken, lovely scented lemon grass, coriander, lemon juice with coconut milk)
  • Main Courses:
  • Gang Khiaw Wan Gai: (Green curry chicken with Thai seasonal vegetables)
  • Gang Masaman Nua: (Beef cooked in a rich curry sauce with sweet potatoes and coconut milk)
  • Thoot Man Khao Phot: (Corn cakes with garlic and pepper)
  • Phat Priaw Wan Pla: ( Tasty pieces of fish with vegetables in a sweet and sour sauce)
  • Phat Thay: (Noodles with prawns, peanuts and bean sprouts)
  • Khao: (Plain boiled Jasmine rice
  • Dessert
Sangkhaya Gap Khao Niaw: (Sticky rice and Thai custard)

  • The meal consisted of four courses starting off with the favourite Thai finger food treats of chicken satay, spring rolls and kanompang na moo the delicious toasted pork, garlic and coriander bites. To compliment these delights a papaya salad was also served known in Thai as som tam.
  • The second course was tom kha gai (chicken soup), with lemon grass, coriander, lemon juice, tender chicken pieces and coconut milk. ” Phil said the soup was absolutely fantastic” which was really nice to hear as you feel the soup can sometimes become unnoticed against the rest of the dishes.
  • Before the main course it was time to change seats and go and sit in a new place . This is a great idea to keep different conversations flowing, but on our side of the equation re identifying the two vegetarians in the party was a small challenge, but completed successfully.
  • The main course was packed with a variation of popular main Thai dishes including (gang khiaw wan) chicken green curry, gang massaman (beef curry), (phat thai) noodles with prawns, (phat priaw wan) sweet and sour vegetables with fish, (thot man khao phot) corn cakes with garlic and pepper and finally Thai jasmine rice.
  • The final course consisted of a delicious Thai custard with sticky rice and coconut milk called (sangkhaya)
Thai Gourmet had some lovely comments from the guests throughout the evening and were recognised in one of the hosts speeches for the efforts in travelling through the bad weather to get to the New Forest from Somerset. I must admit I actually hate to let people down so one way or another we were going to get there, but it was I admit a concern.
The guests dining
Two tables of guests

With the dining completed and the guests full to the brim it was time to let the dancing commence. Tables were shifted, the music volume was cranked up, party hats were still in place for a few and some wicked moves were taking place on the dance floor.
Time to dance

Just time to request a group photo of everyone and say goodbye. Thai Gourmet would like to thank Nikki & Phil for laying on such a well organised event with a cracking group of good-natured guests. A great success and a  good time was had by all.
The journey home on the roads was done at pottering along speed, but it did not matter as the work was completed and the rush over.

Everyone having a great time

Thai Gourmet are available for a very comprehensive range of on the spot Thai food catering services. Whatever the occasion, birthday, anniversary, christening, friendly get-together, office party, reunion, graduation, directors meeting, you name it and Thai Gourmet can do it. Please see our popular main sit down menus, buffet menus and the legendary ”walk and talk” finger food menus. (Full site with articles , please click on ”Thai Catering” for the food) (Site for the food only)


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