Thai Gourmet Food Caterers In Dorset

Sherborne, Dorset in the South West of England was the location for two pre – Christmas events at different times. The first was for Caroline Beaumont and friends and the second for John Allan and family for a proper family get-together. On both occasions Thai Gourmet were asked to prepare, cook and serve Thai food.

The Historical Town Of Sherborne

The town of Sherborne in Dorset is a delightful town with plenty of things to see and do if on a visit. The town centre itself has a varied range of shops containing art, antiques, boutiques, craft shops and quaint little cafe’s to stop for some refreshments and a fine restaurant at the top of town called ”The Green”.

  • Worth visiting is the fantastic Abbey church that dates back to the Saxon times.
  • The Sherborne boy’s school founded in 1550 and originally known as King Edward’s school.
  • Sherborne Castle which has been the home of the Digby family since 1617

Sherborne is also a fine location and base to visit surrounding towns and villages plus other nearby counties of Somerset and Wiltshire.

The actual name of Sherborne comes from the Saxon word Scir burrne and actually means ”The place of the clear stream”

Khun Lek leading chef at Thai Gourmet

Caroline Beaumont Event

Caroline and work colleagues chose dishes from two menus one being a meat menu and the other being a vegetarian menu.

The Meat Menu consisted of:

  • Chicken Satay           (Grilled marinated chicken with a peanut sauce dip)
  • Kanompang Na Gai ( Spicy chicken on toasted sliced bread with a cucumber dip)
  • Gang  khiaw wan    (Green chicken curry)
  • Gang Massaman      (beef curry and sweet potatoes)
  • Phat priaw wan        (Sweet and sour prawns)
  • Baa mii phat phak   (Stir fried noodles with vegetables)

The Vegetarian menu consisted of:

  • Tom Fak Tong (Pumpkin soup with garlic, pepper and coconut milk)
  • Yam Met Mamuang  (Cashew nuts with fresh chilli, onions, coriander and fresh ginger)
  • Khao Tom (Rice soup with fresh ginger and spring onions)
  • Spicy Fried Rice Khao Phat  (Rice fried in soy sauce, with chilli, onions and choice herbs)
  • Gang Som Gap Phak Choy  (Sour curry with fresh phak choy with healthy herbs)

Both menus came served with Thai fragrant white rice.

Caroline and friends were delighted with the many varied dishes that were supplied by Thai Gourmet and all spent a very enjoyable and relaxing evening.

Caroline Beaumont and friends

John Allan Event

Having catered for John and his family before it was just a case of being re acquainted with some familiar faces. The meal was organised by Barney Allan and together we put together a mixture of popular and varied dishes for the group. Thai Gourmet have a number of menus, but are happy to put together specialist bespoke Thai menus to suit the group.

Specially Arranged Menu:


  • Chicken Satay (Grilled marinated chicken with a peanut dip)
  • Kanompang Na Moo (spicy pork on toasted sliced bread with a cucumber dip)
  • Spring Rolls ( Mixed vegetables wrapped in thin fried pastry)
  • Som Tam (Papaya salad)

Main Courses

  • Gang Khiaw Wan Gai (Chicken in sweet spicy green curry with coconut milk and seasonal vegetables)
  • Gang Masaman (beef cooked in rich curry sauce with peanuts, coconut milk and sweet potatoes)
  • Gung Phat King (stir fried prawns with fresh ginger & spring onions)
  • Phat Thay ( noodles with pork and prawns, peanuts and bean sprouts)
  • Gang Panang Gai (Chicken in a rich curry sauce with coconut milk)

All served with plain boiled Thai fragrant white rice.

With everyone having had a fantastic meal and full to the brim it was a very successful pre-Christmas family occasion.

John Allan and Family

Thai Gourmet are available for a very comprehensive range of on the spot Thai food catering services. Whatever the occasion, birthday, anniversary, christening, friendly get-together, office party, reunion, graduation, directors meeting, you name it and Thai Gourmet can do it. Please see our popular main sit down menus, buffet menus and the legendary ”walk and talk” finger food menus. (Full site with articles , please click on ”Thai Catering” for the food) (Site for the food only)

Recommended Thai Food Books

There are not many Westerners who can create Thai food like a Thai person, but the Australian chef, restaurant owner David Thompson is one of that very small and rare group.

If you are someone whose really passionate about authentic Thai cooking and want to perhaps re-create your favourite Thai dishes that you had on holiday in Thailand or your favourite tasty Thai street food then these are the books for you.

Packed with authentic Thai ingredients like Thai ginger, galangal, Kaffir lime and lemon grass. packed with authentic recipes and beautiful, stunning photographs.

If you love to cook the full Thai main dishes then Thai Food is the book,. but if you love those delicious street food vendor delights or dinner on a stick then Thai Street food should be your choice. To be quite honest it is a shame to separate one from the other as the recipes and photographs in both are superb.

Thai Street Food by David Thompson

Thai Food by David Thompson


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