Delicious Thai Street Food

Thai food is now famous the world over and a firm favourite on many people’s list, but for me you can keep the classy, suave and sophisticated dishes from the finest five-star Thai restaurants as I believe the finest and tastiest  Thai food is to be found on the streets.

If you have ever been to Thailand you would not failed to have notice the constant smell of food coming from the endless small restaurants, stalls and food vendors as you go on your travels.  As you pass by with the  delicious smelling aromas still nestling in your nostrils, you will not have to walk very far before more street food is encountered.

The question is how many stalls can you pass by before you give in to temptation and indulge in a tasty back street snack?

The Delicious Dishes Of Sunday Walking Street, Chiang Mai

Thai people absolutely love their snack foods and these are essentially good when you are too short on time to sit in a restaurant, just a little bit hungry or just simply that your favourite vendor is displaying your favourite delicious treat that you cannot resist. The Thais call this sort of food ” khoong gin len” (ของกินเล่น) loosely translated as play eating or fun food. Fun food is available day and night from markets to side road  (soi’s) vendors. The beauty of snack food is that the majority of it can be lanced with a skewer or a stick, also termed as ”dinner on a stick and you are instantly vanishing those hunger pains. On the other hand you could sit down to a tasty Phat Thai noodle snack or one of many other snacks constantly available.

The Thai will ask you ”Gin khao reu yang” (กินข้าวหรือยัง ) basically meaning (”eaten rice yet”). It is probably more popular as a form of hello than the ”Sawat dii”  (สวัสดี) greeting itself. The Thai will probably not really want to know if you have had any rice yet as such, but if not you could then continue the conversation over a bite to eat. All good conversations in Thailand  go far better with a bite to eat.

For Those With A Sweet Tooth ”kanom Waan” Nakhon Sawan

Thai people prefer eating more frequent meals, but in smaller quantities as opposed to the western way of three big meals daily. Thai street food/snacks are a fantastic way to combine another Thai favourite pastime of socialising. Thai people love to go out to eat plus of course catch up with the latest news and gossip and with the whole process of eating out being so cheap in Thailand, why stay home preparing and cooking.

To be honest you can walk out of your humbled abode in Thailand and be in touch with food within minutes and more often than not less than a minute and the array of snack foods on offer are amazing.

Any Conceivable Fruit Juice With Ice,  Nakhon Sawan

I was thinking to myself that if I was in England I would first have to take the car out to find a near snack stop and the only thing mounted on a stick is likely to be a fire work. You may however spot those small sausages on sticks and the pineapple and cheese on a stick at parties, which  is more like ”sad food” than fun food as it looks so darn dreary. You can of course cover your face in candy floss when at the fair as I recall that comes mounted on a stick, but more often than not I give things in England a wide berth that are mounted on sticks. I have also been reminded that as a child in England you may have encountered the sticky toffee apple which you also had to wrestle  from your face before taking  the next bite. I was never quite sure about the toffee/apple combination I must admit.

Thai Pancakes (Roti) So Many Flavours, Bangkok

If it’s food on a stick you enjoy then one of the king pieces of food on a stick in Thailand is Chicken more commonly known as ”Chicken Satay” which is now  immensely popular all over the world. Succulent pieces of  grilled marinated Chicken complete with a peanut sauce dip or a cucumber dip depending on preference is to be quite frank absolutely delicious.

There are however a number of fantastic tasty snacks to try whilst in Thailand. You will find your choice is endless, but you can narrow the process down between a delicious spoon and fork type snack or a tasty fun food/dinner on a stick type snack and you will still have a difficult choice ahead. It is all quite simply as the Thai  say  ”aroy Maak” ( อร่อยมาก)absolutely delicious.

Highly Recommended Book

For people who would like to re-create the Thai Street Food experience in your own home then you absolutely must obtain a copy of the Australian Thai Chef/Restaurant owner David Thompson’s book ”Thai Street Food”. Cooking authentic Thai Food is very rarely performed expertly if you are not Thai, but David Thompson is one of that very, very rare breed of foreign experts. Great recipes and stunning photos.

Buy this book here

For those people who want delicious Thai food for your party and live in the South West of England

Thai Gourmet are available for a very comprehensive range of on the spot Thai food catering services. Whatever the occasion, birthday, anniversary, christening, friendly get-together, office party, reunion, graduation, directors meeting, you name it and Thai Gourmet can do it. Please see our popular main sit down menus, buffet menus and the legendary ”walk and talk” finger food menus.


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