Ancient Eastern ways Towards Health And Longevity

The subject of Health and Longevity is such a massive topic nowadays and covers a multitude of issues, but there are certain things that we in the West have recently discovered that have been known to the Chinese for more than 5000 years. In today’s post are a few things you might possibly know followed by a recommended book at the end containing information that you just have to know.


Did you know countries where garlic is consumed on a large-scale suffer far less incidence of cancer. The Chinese have been using garlic as medicine since time began, however to be fully effective, garlic should be consumed raw. The key ingredient in freshly cut garlic is allicin, which is released when the garlic is cut. Garlic is also effective in keeping at bay colds and influenza and can give a boost to the libido.


Ginseng also known as the man root due to the resemblance to the human body.It is the real diamond of the health and longevity products. It has been used as a preventive tonic against disease and degeneration of the body for over 5,000 years in China and is massively popular in Korea. The benefits from ginseng are plenty, but listed amongst them are enhancing intellectual acuteness and physical prowess. It takes about one month of daily dosage to begin realising its therapeutic effects. The best way to take ginseng is from a herbalist as raw product, but you can also buy pills, powders or liquid extracts.

Ginseng The king herb of the east

Raw Grape Juice

One of the most potent of foods that not only act as food, but as medicine as well in the east are grapes especially the black variety. Raw grape juice is an effective treatment for curing constipation and gastritis, which in the west are fairly common complaints. One or two days of grape fasting should see you right. Black grape are also great detoxifiers for the digestive tract, liver, kidneys and blood.

Pumpkin Seeds

Did you know that  Chinese men have been chewing pumpkin seeds as a daily snack for centuries to protect the prostate gland from cancer. With prostate cancer massive in the west the consumption of two or three ounces of pumpkin seeds daily must truly be incorporated in to the male diet.

Chinese new year preparations

Carrot Juice

The use of raw and fresh vegetables are very important in the quest for good overall health and the best way to take these are by juicing up. The king of the raw vegetables however is carrot juice, giving a much-needed lift when fatigue is present and your batteries are low. Other benefits of raw carrot juice are it cleanses, nourishes and stimulates almost every system in the body. Has been labeled as probably being the most therapeutic food in the world.

Horseradish and Lemon Juice

The combination of Horseradish and lemon juice can really be helpful for sufferers with ailments of the respiratory system. The horseradish  works on dissolving mucus in the sinuses and bronchial tubes and the lemon juice doubles the effectiveness. Fresh horseradish should be grated in to a container and the lemon juice mixed in to form a paste. Best taken a half a tea spoonful two or three times a day.

Ancient Eastern ways

Green Tea

Another product to get in to your life is Green Tea. The Chinese have had knowledge of the benefits of Green Tea since the ancient times and it has been used as a medicine for more than 4,000 years treating anything from headaches to depression. Drinking Green Tea is also reputed to be helpful in the medical conditions of Cancer, Cardio vascular disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis and the lowering of total cholesterol levels. Green Tea is also a major product in the Health and longevity world.

Other Sound Advice

Don’t Hurry Through Life: Easier said then done with today’s busy life styles, but where ever possible, Take your time, take it slowly and take it easy.

Avoid Extreme Emotions: Strong outbursts of emotion rapidly drains energy from the body

Carry Out A Daily Regimen Of Exercise And Breathing: Carrying out this daily is far more important than the duration or intensity of.

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Hot Book Recommendation

If these tips are of interest to you, then you will really love and learn loads more from the magnificent book ” The Tao Of Health, Sex & Longevity” by Daniel P. Reid. The book includes masses on Diet and Nutrition with sample menus, Information on food combining and detoxifying the body, specific food and juices for particular diseases. Further to this are sections on acupuncture and massage techniques, meditation, bedroom arts and techniques to ensure complete satisfaction for both partners, sex therapy and herbal aphrodisiacs . The food combining and specified juices for certain complaints are fantastic.  A complete modern practical guide to the ancient way. Please follow the link below to purchase this book.


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