Life Design In Hua Hin Updated

Situated on the West coast of Thailand is the royal seaside resort of Hua Hin.

Whilst visiting Thailand for a while and being that we have a good few friends in Hua Hin, we of course tagged the location to our itinerary. Keen on getting the most out of this great location and including some of the things I absolutely love to do, I was in no time at all designing and creating perfect days in a perfect location, yes life design in Hua Hin.

Of course every day is not the perfect day, but life design is certainly the way to go. I mean if you don’t design and create the type of days you want for yourself then someone will create them for you. This is of course true for whatever your location.

My day will probably bear no resemblance to your normal, but ideal day. However I make sure I have a mix of the important things like exercise, work (I love to do), family, social activities and some relaxation also. Putting together your ideal days are not just reserved for a beautiful location like the royal, coastal resort of Hua Hin, but can be done anywhere.

The Royal Beach Resort Of Hua Hin, Thailand

7-8.00 am: Run Along The Beach

The day in Hua Hin starts with a nice run along the beach. It is just the right time of the day as the temperature is cooler and probably the only time I would entertain it. For those who do not want to run a walk along the beach is also beautiful. Take some bottled water.

8.15 -9.15 am: Research Work

I do an hour of offline research for an article or a product that I may be trying to put together.

9.30 -10.30am: Online Work

Online duties take over as I check and return mail, then finish off any research that needs to be done online. By the way for anyone that is in Hua Hin there is a fantastic internet cafe. The Internet cafe is called MK INTERNET and is based opposite the Tanawit condos in the centre of town. Well equipped, very private, clean and tidy and only 30 baht for one hour, it is a must visit and highly recommended. A pleasure to use this place when in Hua Hin so check it out.

10.30-11.00am: Breakfast

Either porridge or poached eggs on toast, a good energy filled breakfast, with a good protein kick.

Near Pranbury In The Province Of Prachap Khiri Khan

11.00-1145am: Gym

With cardio completed at the start of the day I can now do 45 minutes of weights and other toning exercises. This is required as too much great food and drink in Thailand and the will power can take a bit of a tumble.

Midday-4.00pm: The Beach, The Sun Whilst Working And With The Family

More research and writing, but this time with the family on a beautiful, nearly deserted beach near Pranbury in Prachuap Khirikhan. On the weekends in Thailand the beaches see a lot of people as the Bangkokians come up to the coast to get away from the city for a couple of days. During the week however these beautiful beaches are almost empty, apart from us and the fantastic sunshine. Can’t remember when I last saw that in England. Lunch is seafood of course.

4.00-6.00pm: Article Writing And Website Updating

Back online now to work on both updating the website for an hour and writing a latest blog article.

Paradise And Virtually Empty. Near Pranbury

7.00pm: Evening Meal With The Family

Going out here is fantastic, delicious food and kind to your wallet. Going to one of the markets here in Hua Hin is great, very popular and you might have to wait for a table, but certainly worth it. Superb food consisting of Gai Panang curry, spicy laab moo (pork), Pla chu chi fish with a chilli sauce, Khao Phat Gai (chicken fried rice), Tom yum gung soup, Spring rolls and cold drinks for 6. All for about 16-00 pounds for six people.

8.30pm: Evening Reading

An evening in would consist of a good read of something in English I was studying up on or it could even be a novel I might be reading, followed by an hours reading in Thai. A good read in both languages really relaxes me. While to be perfectly honest a good read in Thai requires my full concentration and more.

Fantastic Indoor Market Hua Hin, Thailand

10.00pm: Weekends Socialising

Meet up with a few mates here in Hua Hin for a few beers and to watch the football. All big screens with live premiership football on them. See more games here than I do at home in the UK. There has been known to be the odd spot of karaoke singing on a Friday or Saturday night that goes on way in to the early mornings, but these are rare occasions now., as my wife has seen to that.

For more information about Hua Hin, Thailand in general and life design in Hua Hin and else where please visit


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