Tips For Travelling In Bangkok, Thailand


1) Travelling Light

Whilst travelling in Thailand, it is without doubt best if you can keep the clutter you carry down to the minimum and this is especially true when travelling in Bangkok. When you are a lone traveller this is of course easy to do, but a lot harder to orchestrate as a family.

However with the continued year round warm climate in Thailand (although they do have a season called the cool season), you don’t really need a lot of clothing. Four to five various changes of clothing and a wash by hand, or a visit to one of the many laundry places that are everywhere, will do you fine.

I must admit the more I have travelled in Bangkok or anywhere else come to that, the less I have taken with me, I find lugging stuff around a complete bind. My book material far outweighed my clothing, but even most of that these days is on a lap top. Travelling as light as you can is the only way to go, just think of great ideas to go light.

2) Metered Taxi’s

I have always found the majority of metered Taxi’s very good to deal with. It is of course a lot easier when travelling about places with a Thai person in your party as communications and dealings are simple, but not always possible and half the fun of accomplishing it on your own.

Most of the Metered Taxi drivers I have come across can speak a bit of English and love to chat about life in general. Favourite subjects being the Bangkok traffic jams, English Premier League Football, life as a Taxi driver, Missing their home and family (as they may be working away from home) and things where you come from.

Even if your Thai chat is very basic or next to non-existent, the Thai will love that you know a few words of his or her language. When I first started getting my own way around town, I would learn some words relevant and in connection with the trip I was making. I just anticipated what we might be talking about, where we were going and constructed a few words and phrases around that.

3) Mini Buses

Mini Buses are generally very good, but usually only necessary should you be travelling in a bigger party. I would suggest however that you see the vehicle you are going to be travelling in before setting off. Most vehicles in Thailand are very nice and smart-looking, but you could get the cracked screened, polythene flapping in the windows variety if you have not seen it beforehand.

4) Keep Your details On You

It is a good idea when at your hotel if you pick up a business card with all the hotel details on it. This should preferably be in English for your benefit, but in Thai with a little map as well so you can show any taxi driver. It is a delight of course to request your trip back to the hotel in your new-found Thai language skills, but should that fail then you have back up. 

5) Tuk Tuk

In Bangkok I tend to give tuk tuk drivers a wide berth, finding they are prone to over charging and taking you on little side journeys that you had not asked to go on and general scam pulling. This is of course not correct of all tuk tuk drivers, but many I have known.

It is also not correct to say that all taxi’s are angels, but sticking to the many bright coloured metered taxi’s, I have found no problems.

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5 thoughts on “Tips For Travelling In Bangkok, Thailand

  1. Hi Trevor,
    I have enjoyed reading you articles…some nice helpful tips. I will be in Bangkok for 10 days for business and I have about 4-5 days to explore. Very excited!
    I wanted to know if it is a good idea to purchase a SmartRider card?

    1. Hi Zari and thanks. I have never purchased a smart rider card before. I am going to be in Bangkok
      over the next two weeks so might well try it out. If I do I will let you know. Thanks again Zari and have a great trip yourself.

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