Lanna come Spa, Chiang Mai Review 2011 Part One

On a recent visit to Chiang Mai, Thailand I took it on myself to indulge in some delightful, unashamed pampering at Lanna Come Spa, Chiang Mai.

Lanna Come Spa is situated on Sridonchai Road (very close to the night bazaar) and has been a personal favourite of mine for a few years now.

On arrival in Chiang Mai I went round to see the very lovely and delightful Spa receptionist Khun Itim to book in some treatments. There were in total five of us that had various treatments, but of course I was the only gentleman attending. Undeterred I chose three treatments and was introduced to my female therapist called Fon, incidentally fon in Thai means rain.

Preparing for treatments at Lanna Come

Relaxing And Reviving Foot Wash

I was first given my new attire to change in to which was a very nice dressing gown and then given a very relaxing foot wash by my therapist Fon. The foot wash was a mixture of delightful herbs and warm water which Fon rubbed in and magically revived my feet. The days are hot here in Chiang Mai and the walking can take its toll, especially if you are like me and like to explore on foot.

The Herbal Steam Room

Next stop was the 30 minute herbal steam room with the inhalation of some beautiful herbs. This certainly clears the nasal passages nicely leaving you feeling as clear as a bell. The daily traffic can certainly take its toll on occasions leaving you slightly congested, but at the end of a full 30 minute herbal steam session I was feeling great.A knock on the steam room door combined with the door being opened just enough to see a hand appear handing me my dressing gown and I was ready for part two of my treatment.

Fantastic therapists and relaxing surroundings

Thai Herbal Hot Compress

The Thai herbal hot compress is a combination of fantastic fresh herbs in a tightly bound fabric bundle. The bundles are heated and then pressed by the therapist on to the body, working the entire body. The sort of herbs you will find in the bundles are the likes of turmeric, lemon grass and kaffir lime. The benefits from this treatment is that it gives deep relaxation, relieves fatigue and stress, improves circulation of blood and lymph and also boosts emotional and physical well-being. I was feeling great andonly a couple of steps away from Nirvana, but never the less it was on to the jacuzzi bath to finally reach Nirvana.

Jacuzzi Bath Energising Therapy

I must admit I could have turned the 45 minute jacuzzi bath energising therapy in to a two-hour event. Fon showed me the various buttons to press to change the water-colour from blue to pink or whatever I wanted. Warm coloured water pumped out, massaging tired  muscles was doing all I could hope for to replenishing my energy levels. When Fon knocked on the door to say that time was up, I went back to child hood mould. It was like when your Mother used to call you to say it is time to get up, I would always reply ok just 10 more minutes. I thought I had better not ask Fon for just 10 more minutes, but I was sure I did not want to get out it was so good.

Returning guests to Lanna Come Spa

Great Facilities

The facilities are so good at Lanna Come Spa, Chiang Mai and at the end you can take a lovely shower, get changed and come out feeling as fresh as a daisy. A wai (see below) exchange  and a sawat dii (see below) with therapist fon (who was very skilled and considerate throughout) and I was on my way back in to reception. As I walked out of the therapy room and made the short 1 minute walk back through to reception, I noticed it was raining. I said to the therapist pointing up to the sky (fon tok), which means rain fall or falling rain. She got my little joke as her name if you remember was Fon meaning rain.

At reception Khun Itim was waiting to give me a cup of tea with delicious Thai desserts in sib song panna style.


Lanna Come Spa, Chiang Mai is a charming venue to indulge in some pampering without paying the highly inflated prices of the first class hotels. To me personally, why pay all that extra money when you already receive the very best of treatments at Lanna Come Spa.

A wai is a gesture of respect made by placing the palms of the hands together in a prayer-like manner at approximately chin height.

Sawat dii is a formal greeting which can be used at any time of the day. It can be rendered in English as good morning, good afternoon, good evening, hello, goodbye.

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  1. I am sorry Keown if it sounds like I am having a great time all the time, but someone has to let you know where the best places to visit are. Best wishes Keown.

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