Cheeva Spa In Chiang Mai

I remember seeing Cheeva Spa in Chiang Mai last year, but did not actually book in for any treatments. However on this occasion things were to be different and I reserved spa treatments for 7 people for the following day at 6pm.

Usually you would expect a spa not to be able to deal with all 7 people at once, but Cheeva Spa had no problem in accommodating us all. All 7 people were having various treatments over different durations of time, but this did not cause any problems to the Cheeva therapists at all. Khun Parisa the spa owner took all our package choices and we were ready to begin our treatments.

From now on I can only comment on my treatments received during the month of February 2011. After being introduced to my therapist I commenced with a very refreshing foot wash consisting of many different fresh herbs. This is a much welcomed activity after walking in the beautiful, but occasionally draining Chiang Mai sun. I had ordered the Romantic package, but requested one change, which Khun Parisa kindly agreed to. My package was to run over a three-hour period.

Cheeva Spa In Chiang Mai

Body Scrub

I began with a Thai coffee and Sesame oil body scrub. The coffee grounds help exfoliate the old skin cells, whilst the caffeine can help minimise the appearance of cellulite. Not aware that I had problems for the second benefit, it felt good to be shedding old skin as it were.

Milky Bath

The next port of call was the change I had requested in the package. I replaced the relaxing foot massage with the Milky Bath at the kind permission of Cheeva Spa. On completion of the body scrub my milky bath was ready. The first job was to have the remains of the body scrub washed off by my therapist and then it was time for a beautiful relaxing 45 minute soak.

It was as close as you get to being treated like a lord.  Whilst soaking in a beautiful big hot aromatherapy milk bath I thought it could not get any better, but I was wrong. My therapist then handed me on a tray a delicious bowl of fruit and yogurt plus a lovely warm ginger drink. These sort of moments in life are to be treasured. A glorious soak, delicious refreshments and peace and quiet. I almost wanted time to stop here as I did not want to get out, but it was onwards to treatment three.

Thai Hot Oil Massage

The Thai hot oil massage was a terrific experience and carried out by my very professional and attentive therapist. Apparently great benefits are to be received from this treatment if carried out for a small period of time on a daily basis. The treatment is both relaxing and energising at the same time, soothing nerves and muscle fatigue. This is basically described as 60 minutes of bliss.

On Entering Cheeva Spa

Refreshing Facial Treatment

Being of the male gender perhaps the face does not receive the pampering it should, but this finishes off the package delightfully. I had initially thought that this would be the treatment that would do the least for me, but I was very wrong.  There are about six steps in the Cheeva Spa facial treatment. It is just what the doctor ordered so to speak for relaxing the face, toning the skin and reviving a run down face.

Meeting Up With The Others

On meeting up with the rest of the group there were big broad smiles all over their faces and everyone was in a very relaxed and pleasant mood. Comments from the group were very favourable.

Delightful Setting Outside Cheeva Spa


I have no hesitation what so ever in recommending Cheeva life Spa in Chiang Mai. There is a very pleasant atmosphere and ambience around Cheeva Spa that will keep you returning on your visits to Chiang Mai. The therapists are attentive and professional, but without losing that friendly touch. The thing I like most is at Cheeva Spa you are treated like a friend or even  part of the family. The big bonus is you get five star treatments without the five-star prices of the big posh hotel spa establishments.

Cheeva Spa are now based on Hussadisewee Road literally just off of the large road Huay Kaew and a stone throw away from the mall called Kad Suan Kaew.

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