Thai Gourmet Cook Thai Food In Your Home

Early March 2011 and Thai Gourmet return to action fresh from a month in Thailand. Yes Thai Gourmet are back to cook Thai food in your home

Khun Prathuan had put in a hard long month in Thailand of looking, observing closer and tasting instead of cooking. However on Saturday 5th March 2011 it was over to the county of Somerset and the village of Cucklington for a double birthday celebration.

Khun Lek And Assistant Nong Yao busy Preparing

Roger Jones was the organiser of the event and also one of the gentlemen with a  birthday along with his father.

The menu chosen by Roger and guests was the increasingly popular Tailor-Made menu. The starters for this menu seem to go down so well with the British people, I think it is possibly to do with the combination of so many different flavours and tasty dips.

Thai Meal In Cucklington Somerset

The Menu In Full ” The Taylor-Made Selection


Chicken Satay (Grilled chicken with a peanut sauce dip)
Green Papaya Salad (Thai salad with peanuts, garlic,fresh lime and tomatoes)
Kanompang Na Gai ( Spicy Chicken on toasted slice bread with cucumber dip)
Spring Rolls (Vegetarian spring rolls with a sweet chilli dip)

Main Courses

Gang Sapparot (Chicken & Pineapple Yellow Curry)
Phat Thay (Fried noodles with Chicken and beansprouts)
Gai Yang (Grilled Chicken with Garlic and Pepper)
Pla Rad Prik (Crispy fried fish with chilli sauce dip)
Gung Thot Grop (King prawns fried with chilli sauce dip)
Talay Thai (Mixed seafood with chillis and sweet basil)
Kai Phat King (Fried chicken with fresh ginger and spring onions)

Khao Niaw Gap Mamuang (Sticky rice and mango slices)

Sticky Rice And Mango Slices For Dessert

Highlighted Dish: (Gai Phat King) (ไก่ผัดขิง)

Gai Phat King or Thai Chicken with Ginger is a very tasty and healthy dish containing skinless boneless Chicken, finely shredded fresh ginger, finely chopped garlic and spring onions  as only a sample of the ingredients. If you were to step out of your door in Thailand you could be sure in the knowledge that a food vendor displaying your favourite snack would not be far away. You could also be sure that the ever fresh and tasty Chicken with ginger, garlic and spring onions would be close by as well. So what can you do to compliment this dish? Well you should add some Thai chilli peppers for taste, but take it easy and then  all that is required is that you serve it with the finest rice, that is Thai jasmine rice.

Gai Phat King is not only a tasty dish, but full of healthy ingredients as well. One of those easy dishes that the Thai tends to have for a delicious snack during the day, or whenever the feeling takes them of course.

Highlighted Dish:    (Phat Phak Ruam) (ผัด ผัก รวม)

In Thailand a meal just would not be the same without a nice big plate of fresh vegetables and there are certainly lots to choose from. Quite often vegetables are eaten raw in Thailand or lightly steamed.

One of my personal favourite side dishes of vegetables is the popular ”Phat Phak Ruam” mixed vegetables quickly stir-fried in oyster or soy sauce. These are cooked in a wok and at a high heat and the best places to taste this delicious treat is via the food vendors or night markets.

I agree that mixed vegetables as an explanation  is a bit vague and does nothing towards paying respect to the type of vegetables found in Phat Phak Ruam. It is usual to find a form of long white cabbage, snow peas, baby corn, spring onions and straw mushrooms amongst its ingredients. Make sure the next time you are in Thailand to order Phat Phak Ruam as a delicious side dish. However if you are in the South-West of England order it alongside your meal from Khun Lek, where Thai Gourmet cook Thai food in your home.

So Many Choices Of Vegetables In Thailand (Full site with articles and information about Thailand, please click on ”Thai Catering” for the food) (Site for Thai Food only)


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