A Great Place To Eat In Chiang Mai

On a previous visit to Chiang Mai on one of my usual walk-about occasions I was fortunate to stumble across an absolutely fantastic breakfast place. Well the truth is I call it a breakfast place due to the fact that myself and my party of travellers always have breakfast there, whenever we are in Chiang Mai.  It is actually in fact open throughout the day for breakfast, lunch and regular tasty dishes.

Ok I have kept you in suspense long enough. The name of the restaurant is ”Sailomjoy Restauarant” (สายลมจอย เชียงใหม่) at 7, Rachadamnoen road, (near Thaphae Gate, where the fantastic Sunday walking street market is held) and is open from Monday – Sunday, 7.30 am – 4.pm.

Area Surrounding Sailomjoy Restaurant

It was the visit to Chiang Mai in 2010 that I unearthed this little gem of a place and of course we were delighted to continue using the services of Sailomjoy Restaurant throughout February 2011.

I think breakfast is the most important meal of the day,  so with that said and when you are on your travels you want a place that you can rely on. In Sailomjoy you have great food, friendly and efficient staff  and delightful proprietors in Khun Pom (คุณ ป้อม) and Khun Weil (คุณ แหว๋ว).

Whats On The Menu Today?

The beauty of Sailomjoy Restaurant is that it serves both delicious Thai and Western food. I personally love my Thai food and will eat nothing else throughout the day, but for breakfast I still like to start the day with eggs and toast. This for me is the perfect combination of protein and carbohydrates after some early morning exercise. At Sailomjoy they do the most beautiful looking and delicious tasting smoothie drinks. I compliment the carbs and protein with a fantastic healthy (packed with vitamins and minerals)  Blueberry smoothie.

So What’s On The Menu

It is probably easier to tell you what is not on the menu as Sailomjoy give you so many choices. However here is a brief glance at what is available in both Thai and Western cuisine.

A Busy And Popular Restaurant

On The Western Side

Sailomjoy serve great pancakes, with my daughter’s favourite being Mango and Banana, but they do many different flavoured pancakes. Some other delightful treats at a glance…. Muesli fruit salad, an array of club sandwiches, Pizza, French toast, french fries, Set menu cooked breakfast consisting of eggs and bacon etc, Macaroni, Spaghetti, Milk shakes, Smoothies, Fruit juices, Tea and a number of various ”wake up” coffee’s.

On The Thai Side

The ubiquitous ”Phat Thai noodles”, the north of Thailand’s own delicious ” Khao Soy noodles”, Fried Chicken and cahew nuts, Chicken and ginger, an immense tom yum soup ( packed with tremendously healthy ingredients and flavours),Spring rolls, sticky rice and mango slices and this barely scratches the surface.

Delightful Proprietors Khun Weil (left), Khun Pom (right)

Sailomjoy is a very popular and busy little restaurant, but this is truly down to all the qualities I have mentioned. This is not an advert for them, but more a fantastic breakfast and lunch tip, if you are in Chiang Mai and pondering where to eat. Well ponder no more and pop along and enjoy the food, ambience, service and friendliness at Sailomjoy Restaurant a great place to eat in Chiang Mai.

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