Where Can I find A Great Guest house In Chiang Mai

Where Can I Find A Great Guest House In Chiang Mai

Having stayed at the Baan Pim Guesthouse in Chiang Mai on the last four visits to Chiang Mai. I have found that as well as it being a very lovely guesthouse, it is also in a very convenient location with easy access to everything you could possibly need. It is situated near to the moated old city of Chiang Mai that still holds on to traces of the past.

For those staying in Chiang Mai on a Sunday and partial to the odd  market or two,then the Sunday Thapae night market, also known as ”walking street” night market is not to be missed and literally a very short walk away from the Baan Pim Guesthouse. It is said that it would take at the very least two hours to walk both sides of the market browsing each stall and there are some very tasty snacks to be had as well, in between the browsing of course.

The main front desk at Baan Pim is in the midst of a very tranquil  garden setting and although Baan Pim is along a side road (soi) it has a very private and relaxing feeling. As the sun goes down on another Chiang Mai day it is so enjoyable to sit in the peaceful surroundings of the Baan Pim garden with a nice cold drink enjoying the evening in a care free manner. See website at the end of the post to view the Guest House photos.

Attractive Rooms At Baan Pim Guest House

The guesthouse is well equipped with  air-conditioned rooms or rooms with a cooling fan , (depending on what you book) hot and cold showers, local and satellite television, overseas call service and a restaurant, bar and laundry service. There is also a nice quiet private area complete with online facilities where you can keep up to date with your emails whilst you are away from home at a modest fee of 30 baht an hour. Besides all of this the charming staff at Baan Pim offer to arrange any other activities that you might want to participate in like Thai cookery lessons, bungy jumps, mountain treks, hill tribe visits and a whole host of others…. just ask them.

The prices of the rooms are also kind and range from about 500 – 700 baht per night depending on the type of room and facilities chosen.

Very Clean And Comfortable

Baan Pim guesthouse can be found along sittiwong road (a small road) off of the main Chaiyaphum Road. The small road turning is right by the Miami Hotel.  Another land mark near Baan Pim Guesthouse is the temple called Wat Chaisriphum. The location of Baan Pim Guesthouse is just over the main road from the restaurants of Moon Muang road and about 10 minutes on foot to the Night Bazaar market of ChangKlan road.

Baan Pim is a  charming guesthouse with nice friendly service in a peaceful and relaxing part of Chiang Mai at a very reasonable cost. The owner of the Baan Pim Guesthouse is a lady called Khun Pim (khun is used as a polite title in front of the first name to address either a woman or a man in Thailand, it is somewhat like a madam or sir meaning, but maybe even more polite), who is a very delightful lady and the head of this very pleasant, friendly and traditionally Thai family run business

Group Photo At The End Of A Fantastic Meal

For getting to Baan Pim catch one of the red pick-up cabs that are all over Chiang Mai and generally cost about 15 – 20 Baht per trip, they look like big red pick up trucks and have benches in the back for the passengers to sit on. Don’t forget to tell the driver where you want to go first as it might not be heading your way. Alternatively you can take a tuk-tuk ( motorised sam-lor), but you may need to use your bargaining skills more here as the prices vary, but whenever bargaining do it with a smile of course.

The Delights Of Northern Cuisine

Some words in Thai For the taxi driver if required

  • Baan Pim Guesthouse     (บ้านพิมพ์)
  • Sittiwong Road                (ถนนสิทธิวงค์)
  • Chaiyaphum Road           (ถนนชัยศรีภูมิ์)
  • After the temple Wat Chaisriphum   ( หลังวัดชัยศรีภูมิ์)

The Kindness Of Khun Pim And Family At Baan Pim Guesthouse

On  our recent visit to Baan Pim Guesthouse  in February 2011, Khun Pim the guesthouse owner and family so very kindly treated our group to their fantastic culinary skills and a deliciously authentic, Northern Thai meal. The tables were laid and we were seated as an array of tasty treats just kept on coming.

We were not new to the delights of Northern cuisine and everyone enjoyed what was a simply sensational meal and a very kind gesture by Khun Pim and family, which we thank you all for very much. So where can you find a great guest house in Chiang Mai. you have the answer.

You can view photo slides of Baan Pim Guesthouse complete with telephone number and email address at  http://www.baanpim.com/

For more information on Thailand, articles, products and stories. Please visit  http://www.engagingthailand.com/

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