Great Ideas For Some Tasty Thai Party Food

Now that spring has arrived in the UK and the weather is looking so much more inviting, people start to turn their minds to catching up with old friends. Your thoughts start to turn towards hosting a garden party, perhaps a full sit down event or a more casual buffet lunch get together. The idea of having  drinks in the sunshine and of course some tasty food to accompany the occasion certainly appeals to you.

The problem Is, What Tasty Food Can I Give The Guests.

Perhaps you are fed up with the normal cuisine handed out to guests at parties, having been a guest at many yourself. You may want to impress the guests with your culinary skills or you may want to just sit back, relax and enjoy the company of your guests. Well, what about Thai food? Have you ever thought about treating your guests to the delights of some tasty Thai party food.

Very Popular Finger Food

When people think of finger food, they tend to think of canapes and then they think of perhaps not enough food for the guests. However I have always refused to link any Thai finger food to the name of canapes. In my mind canapes are those small non-tasty products with a posh name, sorry if I have upset anyone with that statement. Anyway the majority of canapes I have seen have been taken out of a packet. We are only going to talk home and freshly made. What I mean is Thai finger foods are not only deliciously tasty, but ample in quantity also. Of course it will all depend on how many guests you invite and what you choose to make them. Over to chef Khun Lek in pondering mood to give you some ideas.

Khun Lek With Some Ideas

Lek: Here is  a rough idea of the sort of menu you could use that would be both amazingly tasty and ample in amount. This is great for a garden party with little or no sit down facilities. Your guests can continue socialising with glass in hand as the tasty treats are served to where ever they are standing. Make sure you do enough of each individual portion, so that you can  delight the guests all over again. Be sure to employ a few able bodies for the occasion, who are keen to distribute the food to your guests.

Number 1: on the list and a big favourite of most. Be sure to also have enough for the children as they love this.

  • Chicken Satay (ไก่สะเต๊ะ)  (Grilled marinated chicken with a peanut sauce dip.

Number 2: Great for everyone, but an added bonus for the vegetarians is vegetable Spring Rolls

  • Spring Rolls (บอเปียทอด) (mixed Thai vegetables wrapped in fried thin pastry with a sweet chilli dip)

Number 3: A combination of mouth-watering flavours complete with a gorgeous dip

  • Kanompang na gai/moo (ขนมปังหน้าหมู/ไก่ ) (Fried pork or chicken on sliced bread with garlic, coriander, spring onions and a cucumber dip)

Number 4: The amazing combination of salmon and a chilli sauce

  • Pla rad prik (ปลาราดพริก) (Delicious salmon in a rich chilli sauce)

Number 5: Another vegetarian favourite and very tasty

  • Tod man khao phot (ทอดมันข้าวโพด) ( Fried corn cakes with pepper, garlic and coriander)

Number 6: Simply delicious and served hot and fresh straight from the wok

  • Gung Sarong (กุ้งโสร่ง) (Fried prawns in thin pastry with sweet chilli dip)

Khun Lek, grabbing a photo with actor Martin Clunes at a recent event

So there you have it, all you need to produce your own absolutely delicious Thai finger food party and impress the life out of your guests. However  if you think it might be a bit of a struggle or sounds too much like hard work then make a call or drop an email to Thai Gourmet and let Khun Lek and her team do it for you.

However the legendary finger food menus known aptly as the ”Walk and Talk menus”  are not the only menus available to you. (see all photos and different menus included in the links below)

Thai Gourmet menus cover every sort of occasion

  • There  are the popular sit down menus with an array of top tasty dishes these sort of menus are great for catching up with a few old friends sharing good food and good memories, which is surely worthwhile as life is all too short after all.

  • For those events where the need to all sit around the table is not required and the setting slightly more informal Thai Gourmet produces the magnificent Thai Buffet menu which works as a real treat and is designed to give excellent value to suit your occasion.

  • For large-scale events with many attenders and little or no sit down facilities Thai Gourmet have the now legendary” Walk And Talk Finger Food Menu” not only is the food delicious, but guests can socialise at ease with glass in hand and have incredible Thai finger food delights served to them where ever they may be standing.

So if you have an event or occasion to arrange and would like some absolutely delicious Thai food cooked in your own home or venue of your choice, then have a chat with Thai Gourmet. Whatever the occasion, birthday, anniversary, christening, a friendly get – together, office party, business or corporate catering, you name it and Thai Gourmet can do it. No matter what the time of year or the weather either, Thai Gourmet have great ideas for some tasty Thai party food. (Full site with articles and information about Thailand, please click on ”Thai Catering” for the food) (Site for Thai Food only)


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