Tips For Life Design In Thailand

On a general front  ” Life Design” is one of the new buzz words around these days. It has been made more popular, but by no means mainstream by the fantastic book ” The 4 Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferris. The book is full of practical tips and case studies for escaping the 9-5 rat race and balancing short bouts of work with a good few ”mini retirements”. The regular mini retirements  replace the normal retirement plan at the end of one’s working life. To know more about this book which is compulsory reading for anyone interested in life design, then please see  details are at the end of this post.

The ideal lifestyle to some people  is to be location independent that is running a business on the road not being tied to any place at all. Better still if you can have clients in places where salaries are good and live in the places with a low-cost of living . Another name for this is geoarbitrage . However life design can mean absolutely anything and it’s all about who ever is doing the designing. It is important to design your own lifestyle based on your dreams and goals and not based on someone else’s. One of my favourite quotes comes from the master business philosopher the late Jim Rohn  from the book ” The Treasury Of Quotes”. (see below) he said ” If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they may have planned for you? Not much.”

Life Design In Thailand

The keys to life design are the words passion and freedom of time. Finding out what you are passionate about, what is important to you, then evaluating your time and eliminating that from your day which is not important or priority. Re-designing your day/life as it were. The main focal point is finding out what’s important to you and then doing those things.

So with all that said Thailand seems to fit the bill for a classic location to be location independent as it were.

Here are some further tips for life design in Thailand whether moving to Thailand lock, stock and barrel, just for a year, six months or coming and going throughout the year. I like the  six month Thailand, six months UK system, making sure the 6 months spent in the UK were of the better UK weather months. Occasionally in both  Thailand and the UK  shorter  excursions outside of the two main countries could be taken. This would enable the visiting of pastures new and all supported by on-line work you absolutely enjoy doing.

Fantastic Thailand Beaches

What would your preferred schedule look like?

Make sure your reasons for wanting to live or spend extended time in Thailand are important enough. So many go to Thailand believing they have discovered paradise, however that paradise feeling and saved money can soon  drain away without a worthy purpose or purposes . Make sure you write out about six things that are important to you in life and see if they could be comfortably implemented in to your new Thailand adventure before you go.  As soon as you have your list of important things give these priority, they are now your main focus.

Mine would look something like

  • Advance Thai Language Learning
  • Extensive Travel Around Thailand
  • Time With Family And Friends
  • Passionate on-line Work
  • Other Reading For continued Learning
  • Daily Exercise regimen

A big watch word in my important things list is ”learning”. However all projects would certainly fit in well with time spent in Thailand. Your list could well be a lot different.

Lumpini Park, Bangkok For Exercise Perhaps

Design How You Spend Your Day

The key is to find ways to free up your time in order that you can get on with the important stuff and you have to be very strict on this. This will mean eliminating from your life the unimportant stuff . This of course does not only apply to Thailand, but to any location that you may be.

For me it would mean including a daily exercise regimen, daily Thai learning, daily passionate on-line work, daily time with family and sometimes friends, daily further reading for continued learning and periodic travel around Thailand. The periodic travel around Thailand can with a bit of fine tuning include much of the normal daily important stuff as well.

For instance spending a couple of weeks in Krabi down the south or a week in Khon Kaen in the north-east will make no difference to my daily routine. I will be able to find a gym if not I will be able to devise my own. My language lessons would continue on my own. My on-line work would be no different as have a mobile business, continued reading would continue with the two favoured books of the moment, enlightening  growth from new locations visited and time with family and new friendships made. Not a problem. My main focus of learning is uninterrupted.

No Beach But Great Relaxing Pools In Chiang Mai

What Area  Would You Choose To Stay In Thailand

Would you just have one base in Thailand or perhaps two or three, perhaps preferring to divide your time. You may just keep on the move preferring not to hang your hat for too long in any location, if you are truly location independent.

The lifestyle you choose will play a very big part in where you might want to stay, but the simpler your lifestyle, the lower the cost of living.

Many I have spoken to that either live in  Thailand or visit Thailand with regularity split time between a beach base and a non-beach base. The combination of living mostly in Bangkok, but spending time in the beach resort of Pattaya. Another person splits time between the beach resort of Phuket and the North-Eastern town of Roi-et.

I too enjoy the beach resort and the non-beach resort.  My choices are Chiang Mai in  the north of Thailand, but also spending time in the Royal beach resort of Hua Hin on the west coast of Thailand. I dare say I would keep some spare time for visits to Bangkok. A lot of people don’t like Bangkok, but I have always found the place alive and fascinating and enjoy it warts and all. That was a few tips for life design in Thailand.

These tips of course do not only apply to Thailand. The example here is Thailand, because that is the nature of this blog ” Thai-related things”. This could apply to any country foreign to you that does not have a massively inflated cost of living. Life style design need not only be travel outside of one’s own country. It is specifically about designing the life you want to live, where ever that maybe. Dancing to one’s own tune as opposed to some one else’s as to be quite honest you may not like their song.


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Recommended Books On Life Design

  • The brilliant ” 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris”  all about how to escape the 9-5 rat race and live anywhere.

  • The late, great master business philosopher and superb book ” The Treasury Of Quotes by Jim Rohn” Life changing quotes from the quote library on a number of lifestyle subjects from Jim Rohn.
Recommended Books On Living/Retiring In Thailand

Chapters on planning, how to live a successful retired life in Thailand, locations in Thailand and tons of references in the book ” Retiring in Thailand by Philip Bryce and Sunisa Wongdee Terlecky”.

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