Thai Gourmet Food Caterers In The South West Of England

A look back over a few recent parties carried out by Thai Gourmet over the last couple of months for March and April 2011

A Superb Thai finger food event for the birthday party of Jane Stewart in Dorset, England at the end of April. The occasion saw a beautiful summers evening and 45 guests attending. The menu was made up of individual tasty bites and a delicious Thai green curry served with rice.

Khun Lek (ready to distribute the beef satay)

Throughout the evening we were accompanied by the Beef satay appreciation society. The membership at the moment s at 4, but growing. Leading the team was Finn Stewart son of Jane and Andy who was the chief taster and head of the quality control team. As soon as approval was given beef satay could be distributed amongst the other guests.

Finn Stewart And Friends (Satay tasting team)

There had previously been a discussion between Finn and his father Andy as to the choice of satay meat. Finn is a fan of chicken and Andy of beef. In the end Dad won that one, but Finn does not seem to have taken it too badly as the photo shows.

Other tasty treats on the menu chosen for the guests by Jane and Andy were vegetarian spring rolls with a sweet chilli dip, pork garlic and coriander toasts with a delicious cucumber dip, spicy Thai fish cakes, a superb Phat Thay noodle in a cucumber base and the very tasty lightly fried prawns with  a sweet chilli dip.

Delicious Spring Rolls

The Phat Thay noodle and cucumber bite is fairly new, but a very refreshing and favourite choice of Jane and Andy. These are great for a party like this, just cut out some of the cucumber leaving a base and place a portion of the Phat Thay noodles inside.

With all of these exciting dishes having gone down a treat there was just enough room for the grand finale of Thai green curry and rice for all the guests. It was also the turn of Finn’s older brother Callum to indulge in his preference, that being Thai green curry and rice. Callum takes a more quieter approach to parties without feeling the need to take centre stage, so a bowl of curry and rice and a bit of peace and quiet does the trick nicely.

Thai Chicken Green Curry (ready to be served)

With the food completed and stomachs full it was time to strut one’s stuff on the dance floor. To keep limbs loosened the wine waiter Jules kept the juice flowing as he always does so well, fuelled by a couple of dishes of green curry.

A combination Of Treats

Thai Gourmet were delighted with the nice comments paid about the food and Andy said that guests had remarked it was the best ever. High praise indeed considering we have done a good few events for Jane, Andy and family. So the standards have been set. A really great event and very enjoyable on a delightful evening’s weather in Dorset.

Phat Thay Noodles In A Cucumber Base

Other Events

The party of Emma Folley at Ramscombe, West Bagborough in Somerset (below)

The party of  Sharon Sandom in Sherborne, Dorset (below)

The party of Becky Loveridge at Lower Hook Hill (below)

The Party of Gemma Francis at Brachen Lodge (below)

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