A few Ideas For A 10 Day Visit To The North Of Thailand

The North of Thailand has some of the most picturesque and beautiful scenery in the Kingdom of Thailand. Here are a few ideas for a 10 day visit to the north of Thailand.

This sort of itinerary  provides you with a rich  culture and history of the region with visits to National parks, temples, museums, an elephant conservation and historical sites. View the customs and culture of the long-necked hill tribe people in Mae Hong son and these are so different from main stream Thai culture.

The Natural Beauty Of The North Of Thailand

Travel  through a stunning scenery of forests, mountains, rivers and waterfalls making the region a great place for natural attractions. The area is a paradise for lovers of Mountain biking, rafting, go karting, kayaking and elephant riding.  Take part in hands on Thai cookery courses and of course taste the delicious cuisine of the north at a number of great eating places across the region.

Not forgetting your health arrange some marvellous spa treatments of your choice as Chiang Mai is the center for health and well-being.

If shopping is also on the mind  then Chiang Mai and the North is  very affordable. I suggest you stroll along looking at exquisite handicraft products and test out your bartering skills with a smile of course.

Lanna Come Spa in Chiang Mai

The main objective should be  interaction with everyday ordinary Thai people. Get up early in the cool, and go to the nearby morning market. The market traders (maeka) will get up as early as 4am to begin the day. Visiting the market is the very best way to see how ordinary Thai people live.There are so many kinds of local fruits, vegetables and ready-made delicious foods and stores to buy so many different things of interest. And, of course you can sit down and enjoy the food.

The focus is definitely on meeting the lovely people of Thailand and delving a bit deeper in to the delightful customs and culture of the northern region of Thailand.


Day 1

Travel to Chiang Mai, whether travelling straight from Bangkok or some other point in Thailand that you have been visiting.

Day 2

In the morning  visit Krisdadoy beautiful botanical gardens and flower park 700 metres above sea level.For the afternoon  take a trip to Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, a wat is the Thai name for temple and this temple is located on top of a mountain overlooking the city of Chiang Mai. It is a very important landmark of Chiang Mai and a temple that buddhists from around the world come to worship at.In the evening  attend ‘Kantoke’ in Chiang Mai. Kantoke is the eating of delicious northern dishes accompanied by a superb Lana style folk performance featuring candle dancers, finger sword dancers and performances by the various hill tribe groups.Kantoke is where the food is served to low tables whilst diners sit on the floor supported by big beautiful cushions

Krisada doi Gardens Chiang Mai

.Day 3

In the morning  travel from Chiang Mai to Lampang to visit a fantastic Elephant conservation, take a ride on the wonderful creature, see how the mahoots build a relationship with the elephant and how the elephants are cared for at the conservation.In the afternoon perhaps  take in  a Thai Cookery Course.  It will start with a search for ingredients at the market, then the preparation, cooking and not forgetting the eating of delicious Thai dishes, all from the efforts of your own hard work.In the evening you can shop for bargains until your heart’s content at the Chiang Night Bazaar or around the China Town area.

Kantoke In Chiang Mai

Day 4

In the morning  visit Doi Inthanon Thailand’s highest mountain. The park is 1,005 square kilometers and is part of a mountain range that stretches across Neapl, Bhutan, Myanmar and northern Thailand.Fantastic waterfalls, dense forest and wild birds and plenty of great picnic areas.In the afternoon  continue  take a second Thai cookery session, with the preparing, cooking and eating of more tasty Thai recipes.You can return to the previous cooking school or try another of the many courses available in Chiang Mai. In the evening it is time to relax with a massage of your choice. You choose whether it be in the form of Thai style massage, Swedish massage, Stone massage or the full body scrub and body wrap the world is your oyster here. There are many to choose from.

Doi Inthanon National Park

Day 5

In the morning  leave Chiang Mai for Chiang Rai   visiting  the old city of Chiang Sean town to see the old ruins on the way. Chiang Sean is estimated to be about 900 – 1400 years old and is situated on the mekhong river. Travel on to the golden triangle where Myanmar, Laos and Thailand meet.In the evening relax with a nice cool drink and watch the entertainment at the night bazaar in Chiang Rai.

Day 6

In the morning  visit Phu Chi Fa a mountain in the Chiang Rai province (chi means point in Thai) this is best viewed very early in the morning to see the sunrise. Below the valley is covered with a blanket of fog, but as the fog lifts you can see both the Maekhong River and way in to Laos. Travel on to Doi Tung National Park a development project in Chiang Rai conceived and started by the Princes Mother in 1987, who began the process of reforestation of Doi Tung.The Princes Mother passed away in July 1995 at the age of 95, but her work and the project still successfully continues. Give yourself an evening off to chill out and have a drink local to your accommodation.

Doi Tung National Park Near Chiang Rai

Day 7

In the morning  leave Chiang Rai for Mae Hong Son and during the day explore the town of Mae Hong Son. Mae Hong Son is situated in a forested valley and is surrounded by mountains, you could be forgiven for thinking that you had just arrived in Switzerland if you did not know differently. In fact Mae Hong Son is known as the Switzerland of Thailand.In the evening  visit the towns night market and have a bite to eat, with something here to suit all tastes.

Day 8

In the morning rise bright and early and visit the busy morning market, where you can  take a glimpse at the buying and selling of food, flowers and spices between the villagers and local towns people.In the afternoon  take a riverboat tour to the karen hill tribe village. These people are a Burmese people and are better known as the long-necked karen as they extend their necks using brass rings. The scenery en route is absolutely fantastic amongst a mountainous background as you continue to explore the beautiful province of mae hong son.

Karen Hill Tribe Mae Hong Son

Day 9

In the morning  leave Mae Hong Son and make your way back to Chiang Mai. Give yourself time on the  way back to stop off at various places for a leisurely trip back.

Day 10

Travelling on to the next visiting point in Thailand or perhaps the airport for the homeward bound journey.

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3 thoughts on “A few Ideas For A 10 Day Visit To The North Of Thailand

  1. Thats such a fantastic way to see The North of Thailand! I’d love to do those trips my self,sounds soo good from day one.It’s make me wants to take those 10days,just looking at the pics is good enough.Well described and pin points of all interests&places.Really like these one;)great stuff mate.

  2. Thank you Keown, very kind of you. I will try and point out interesting places and itineraries through out the kingdom of Thailand. Thanks for commenting.

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