A Few Ideas For A 14 Day Food And Islands Visit To The South Of Thailand

Food and Islands tour to the South of Thailand

If you love the beach, beautiful scenery, tropical islands and delicious Thai food then here are a few ideas for a 14 day food and islands visit to the south of Thailand. Visit some of the finest long beaches, the most beautiful of islands and a couple of stunning national parks

.On a trip to the south you could take in mountains, temples, beaches, a palace, a spa, hot springs, markets, islands, caves, national parks, go snorkeling, swimming, have massages, go on an amazing river boat buffet tour and even find time for a few drinks out in the evenings.

The food in the south of Thailand is of course still very much Thai, but you do have other influences thrown in to the bargain, such as from China and Malaysia. Places on this type of trip  such as Phuket and Krabi are renowned for delicious food and of course these areas have so many different types of seafood and in abundance.

Why not  visit a few fantastic restaurants I mean fantastic as in great tasting food. Sample the delights of the market vendors of which the desserts are incredible.Yes food in southern Thailand like anywhere else in Thailand is delicious, plentiful and everywhere you look, and always at the top of a Thai persons priority list, and you can see why.

The general question in Thailand is not what are we going to do today, but what are we going to eat today of course what you are going to do can be slotted in around the eating plan. The most important thing about your visit is to have fun and enjoy the hospitality and service of the delightful Thai people.

Day 1

On your arrival at Bangkok’s Suvarnabuhmi International airport  travel straight on to Hua Hin a seaside resort on the west coast of Thailand. On arrival in Hua Hin and after checking in to your accommodation, stroll in to town for an evening look around. A bite to eat at one of the many delicious food vendor stalls will hit the spot.

Day 2

After breakfast take a stroll down to one of the local massage places to begin the process of ridding any jet lag. With the theme very much on rest and relaxation continue on to the beach at Hua Hin to soak up some sun.In the evening  explore the resort of Hua Hin taking in a drink and a tasty dish here and there in the night market.

Day 3

Hua hin is the royal seaside resort and where his majesty King Bhumibol has the summer palace Klai Kangwon which means (far from worries ). In the morning why not visit Klai Kangwon Palace. After visiting the summer palace head off to Cha – Am a different beach resort and very Thai very close to Hua Hin. Here you can sit comfortably in the shade and constantly snack if you want as the shops meaning food vendors come to you instead of you going to them. In the evening  take in the night-time entertainment of Hua Hin with some music and one or two drinks.

Day 4

There are plenty of places to visit around the area of Hua Hin, but for beautiful beaches combined with peace and tranquility the area around Pranbury is hard to beat. Visit here during the week and it is virtually desolate. You can order your drinks and tasty snacks on the beach from the attendant’s. In the evening take a walk around the night markets, some of the most delicious of treats are available from Thai snack (fun) food to glorious sea food.

Day 5

Leave Hua Hin and start your journey south to Chumpon. Chumpon is really the start of the south of Thailand and the crossroads to either going west to Ranong and Phuket or the other road towards Surat Thani. On arrival in Chumpon and after checking in to your accommodation  explore the beaches and small islands of Chumpon and later the town centre itself and some tasty southern Thai food.

Day 6

You could depart Chumpon early heading for the town of Ranong. Ranong is very close to the border of Myanmar (formerly Burma), and in fact only separated by an estuary.Ranong is also the point where you can visit Kawthoung Island in Myanmar if you want, its only a short ride, but don’t forget you would need your passport. On arrival  in Ranong there is a great hotel (Jansom Hot Spa hotel) with a lovely  big swimming pool and large spa area for total relaxation. The hotel area is fantastic as you are surrounded by mountains and hot springs. In Ranong  spend a large part of the time relaxing, enjoying the area and making the most of the excellent facilities.In the evening you can head in to town and tour the local markets taking in Ranong and eating out.

Day 7

In the morning  make use of the fitness, pool and spa areas of the hotel, why not continue as you  mean to go on for the day in very laid back mood. For lunch and in the afternoon,  it’s a pleasant idea to shop for delicious food at the markets, choose some dishes for a delicious picnic lunch amongst the Ranong hot springs. It;s all about relaxation and enjoyment.

Day 8

Upon leaving Ranong  begin your  journey over to the beach town of Ao Nang. Ao Nang is probably the most beautiful beach in this area with its limestone cliffs, caves and clear water. On arrival and after checking into your accommodation  in Ao Nang,  firstly explore the beach area. You can go out in a boat to view the caves, secondly  explore the food and thirdly during the evening explore the town and what it has to offer.

Day 9

In the moroning you could leave your base in Ao Nang and make the short trip to Krabi.Krabi seems to be the place to transit through whilst visiting Ko Lanta the islands to the south or Koh Phi Phi the islands to the south west.Soak up the pleasant atmosphere of Krabi before heading off to the beautiful islands of Koh Phi Phi with fantastic scenery and cliffs combined with lovely long beaches. In the evening  make your way back to your accommodation in Ao Nang, but not before sampling some very tasty dishes back in Krabi.Krabi is host to some wonderful food and a couple of very good restaurants that do a fantastic Tom Yum Kung Prawn Soup. As you would expect sea food is in abundance, but there are lots of other dishes.

Day 10

For convenience continue using Ao Nang as your base, but  leave early this time for a look at Phukhet and surrounding beaches. In the town of Phuket the change of architecture is visible with a mixture of Chinese and early European structure and the food a mixture of Thai, Malay and Chinese. The food in Phukhet is in abundance, delicious and too many of to list here, but Phukhet is renowned for food. Make a long day in Phuket and soak up the evening entertainment also before returning to Ao Nang. You can of course make a full 2 or 3 week holiday out of Phuket and the surrounding islands alone.


After breakfast  say goodbye to your base in Ao Nang and set off for Phang Nga and surrounding islands. A full day of relaxation amongst some of the most beautiful scenery and islands. Plenty of relaxation and a couple of excursions out by boat where you can go snorkeling and swim amongst the many colourful and tropical fish. Ao Phang Nga national parks biggest claim to fame is that it was used as a location for the James Bond film Man with the Golden Gun, but it is a literally stunning location. Stay in accommodation in Phang Nga province over night.

Day 12

Leave Phang Nga after breakfast and start to work Your way back in a northerly direction with the first port of call being back to the Jansom  hotel and now probable friends in Ranong. Arriving  in Ranong  make full use of the facilities again, the hotel pool and spa and really continue the theme of relaxation. The natural hot spring areas surrounding the hotel are a real delight for a picnic.

Day 13

Today leave early and travel straight on to Bangkok  but making  regular stops of interest and  taking in refreshments along the way. It is actually a bit of a trek, but the key is to plod along browsing points of interest at your leisure.  On arrival in Bangkok you may well be tired after your journey and just need your hotel, a bite to eat and to rest up.

Day 14

Today is the last full day of the trip so go for it in  the capital of Bangkok early. Take a city tuk- tuk ride which must be had. Take in a few of the sights  and a relaxing massage before your flight home  the next day. This really is a full day as in the evening you can take  a river boat buffet dinner cruise where the food is absolutely fantastic, varied and so much to choose from. For those with good appetites you can go back to refill your plate as many times as you like, whilst taking in the sights of Bangkok at night.  Thai buffet food is superb , exemplary service and music from the resident musicians all in all it makes for a very memorable occasion.  http://www.riversidebangkok.com/eng/cruise.html

I hope you enjoyed the suggestions for a few ideas for a 14 day food and Islands visit to the south of Thailand.For more information, articles and products about travel in Thailand and various other subjects to do with Thailand, please visit http://www.engagingthailand.com/

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3 thoughts on “A Few Ideas For A 14 Day Food And Islands Visit To The South Of Thailand

  1. You’re so good sorted out all my trip for me:)now its South,that would be on me list.What a fantastic idea to picked all those places&I like them all:)love it infact.Will need helps with which book to get for all those trip though:)brilliant work mate,thank you:)

  2. Thanks Keown and glad it was of some help to you. It is actually a trip I did a couple years ago now, I enjoyed it immensely.A very beautiful part of the world.

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