Thai Fiction And Bangkok Noir Tales

I was browsing the cover of the recently published ”Bangkok Noir” , a compilation of 12 fictional stories based in Bangkok.

What caught my eye with this book was the list of authors that had contributed to it. Each of the 12 stories has been written by a separate author. For those of you who love your Thailand fiction you will be pleasantly surprised to find 12 of the finest authors all honing their craft in one book.

Lumpini Park Bangkok

Not only do the authors provide great stories, but 50% of the writers proceeds go to charities for the children in Thailand, as does the publisher’s, a fantastic gesture.

The book is a combination of  Thai and Western authors featuring short stories from John Burdett, Pico Lyer, Christopher G. Moore, Timothy Hallinan, Dean Barrett, Eric Stone, Stephen Leather, Colin Cotterill, Tew Bunnag, Alex Kerr, Vasit Dejkunjorn and Collin Piprell.

These are crime fiction short stories delving in to the darker side of Bangkok. You will be meeting up with (at least only in print), hitmen, gangsters, bar girls, shaman, ghosts, mistresses and street vendors.

Sukhumvit Road Bangkok

Anyway instead of me giving you chapter and verse the Pattaya Mail has already delivered a great post about the book.

One of the authors and editor of Bangkok noir Christopher G. Moore goes on to explain not only this book, but the noir movement worldwide. There is an under belly and darker side to many big cities throughout the world and Bangkok is no exception.

More Bangkok Noir Information

Buy Bangkok Noir Here

Asoke Intersection, Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok

With so many good authors all in one book it got me looking through my own Thai fiction library to see what books I had. Having been going in and out of Thailand since 1984 I certainly had one or two products of this nature on the shelf  and a few were from authors mentioned in the ”Bangkok Noir”. In fact I will be looking through Thailand book based products in future posts starting with mine and then on to others available. So watch this space as they say.

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4 thoughts on “Thai Fiction And Bangkok Noir Tales

  1. I will definitely get me hands on those books mate;)and yes Thanks again for your books hunting:)brilliant stuff.

  2. Thanks Keown
    There are a lot of good stand alone authors here, but pretty impressive to have them all in one book. My guess is you might possibly see more Bangkok Noir.

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