Manchester United Restaurant And Bar, Bangkok

For this post I must first of all apologise to all non football fans and secondly the elimination process for this post goes further, because even if you are a football fan, unless you are a Manchester United supporter it may not appeal to you either. However for that I make no apologies.

With the country of Thailand and Manchester United Football Club being very close to the heart it is hardly surprising that the Manchester United restaurant and bar in Sukhumvit Road on soi 11 about half way down is an integral part of my Bangkok itinerary.

Manchester United Restaurant And Bar, Bangkok

So if you are a United fan and you want to keep up to date with the matches whilst you are in Bangkok, then this is the place to be. Manchester United are of course a massive institution all over the world and loved by millions and none more so than in Asia, especially Thailand.

Where ever you may be  in Thailand it is not hard to keep on track with the games, because the Thais love the English premier league and show masses of games. In fact I get to see more live games in Thailand than I do in England, however when I say live games it is of course only United games that I really watch.

When you are in Bangkok for a visit, there is only one place to go and that is the Manchester United restaurant and bar in Sukhumvit road,  soi 11 with the establishment being open from 6am – 4am.

At the writing of this post United have just clinched their 19th domestic title and I was lucky enough to witness three of those victories at the Manchester United bar and restaurant. In fact it turned out to be a lucky venue as my record on this occasion was 3 visits and 3 wins.

Time to eat well in advance of the big game.

It is quite a wise idea to take up a position to see the game a lot earlier than kick off time, or it might be standing room only. The place gets packed out with United fans. With the 6-7  hour time difference between Thailand and the UK (depending  time of year),you can end up watching the games at some strange times.

The first match I saw kicked off at 8pm UK time at home to Aston Villa, which meant a 3am starting time in Thailand. It was well worth the wait as United took 3 points in a 3-1 win. I cannot say that the wife thought the same without hardly any sleep.

The next match I saw in the Manchester United bar and restaurant was another home game against Manchester City. This time it was a lunch time kick off in the UK at 12-45 pm meaning a 7-45 pm kick off time in Thailand and a fantastic bicycle kick by Wayne Rooney secured the 3 points for United in a 2-1 win.

The final game was an away match against Wigan at the end of February 2011. This game unusually kicked off at the normal time in the UK of 3pm which saw a 10pm kick off time in Thailand. I had been travelling down from Chiang Mai, but arrived just in time to see Javier Henandez grab the first goal in a 4-0 United win.

Wayne Rooney Shirt

Of course on the celebration of each goal, at the start of the game and at the end of the game a chorus of ” glory, glory Man.United” rings around.

There certainly would have been many choruses of ” Glory, Glory Man .United”  at the recent premier league game on 8th May 2011. United won a vital game 2-1 against nearest title challengers Chelsea. This left a requirement of 1 point  from two remaining games to clinch the title for 2010-11 which they duly collected at Blackburn the following week in a 1-1 draw. United were champions again and for a record-breaking 19th time.         (Gallery from the Chelsea game)  (See the full site for many galleries)

Make sure you get down there this Sunday 22nd May 2011 for the final home game against Blackpool and of course the championship party.

Also on offer is a fine Asian and Western menu, so you can watch the game whilst enjoying fine food. If the place is completely packed inside then you can watch the game on the big projection screen outside whilst having a drink. It’s a lot warmer watching the game outside during February in Bangkok than in the Uk, that’s for sure.

An outside view of the Manchester United Bar

They have also put together a fantastic wall gallery of great players past and present. Some fantastic photos of the greatest player I have ever seen ” George Best”.

Something George might well have approved of is the Miss she devil beauty contest, stunning Thai ladies in Manchester United attire of course.             (Miss she devil beauty contest)

The great thing is that you can talk with fellow reds and share the memories down the years over a drink and in pleasant surroundings.

The Manchester United  restaurant and bar can be found on soi 11 in Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok (Ground Floor President Palace Hotel)      (Manchester United Restaurant And Bar, Bangkok)

Recommended Books

The official illustrated History Of Manchester United 1878 – 2010  by Alex Murphy and Foreword Sir Bobby Charlton

Manchester United: The Biography: The Complete Story Of The Worlds Greatest Football Club by Jim White

Manchester United: The Football Facts by Dean Hayes


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4 thoughts on “Manchester United Restaurant And Bar, Bangkok

  1. Hi first of all I should say I am not a football fan. I am looking for someone. A very good friend that I think is living in BKK, he is a mad for it Man U fan and I feel sure that you may have come across him. His name is Robbie Leyfield originally from Birkinhead. My name is Terry Turner from Hastings my e-mail if you know Robbie could you pass on my details. Thank you, Good site I will try the bar. again thanks.

  2. Hi Terry,

    Sorry, I don’t know Robert, but I will keep an ear to the ground throughout the various United sites
    Thailand based and something might come up. In the mean time someone who reads this post
    and is a United fan might well know him. I will be in touch if hear anything. Thanks and good luck.

  3. Hello
    Man utd bar and restaurant in Bangkok
    I am over on holiday for the Liverpool match on Saturday 14 October 2017
    Staying in pattaya
    Please could you send me information of the location of the restaurant in Bangkok
    Also a menu if possible
    As I would like to eat on the night of the match with my wife Dawn
    Looking forward to hearing from you

  4. Hi, unfortunately it’s no longer the Manchester United bar. It’s on sukhumvit soi 11 and comes out of the president hotel. Not sure what it’s called now but it was opposite an Australian bar.

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