Home Thai Cooking Is Best

The Best Thai Food Is Cooked In The Home

Forget Thai Restaurants as at the best Thai food is cooked in the homes.

Not only a comment by David Thompson Australian chef skilled in Thai cuisine, but also by the Thai Gourmet customers. Where ever in the UK our customers come from Khun Lek will usually ask the question , do you have a Thai restaurant near to where you live. The answer is always yes, but it’s certainly not as good as this.

Thai Gourmet Events South West Of England

So What Can Thai Gourmet Provide That Restaurants Can’t

  • At Thai Gourmet we provide the ultimate home entertaining experience  presenting people with great authentic Thai food in their own home with their own choice of company.
  • Thai Gourmet give you totally authentic Thai food presented exactly the way it would be in Thailand
  • Unlike a lot of Thai restaurants that I have visited Thai Gourmet take no short cut with dishes, our ingredients are genuinely Thai.
  • Unlike a lot of Thai Restaurants our popular menus are loaded with variety without the usual expensive bill at the end.
  • Thai Gourmet maintain a constant rapport with the guests, by cooking and often helping pass around the dishes, creating  a more personal experience.
  • Thai Gourmet  provide an outlet whereby people could still enjoy an evening relaxing without the worry of searching for baby sitters.
  • Whether a big event or a smaller dinner party event, leading Thai Gourmet  chef Khun Lek is always readily available  for a chat. If  in a restaurant kitchen Khun Lek would have a hard job to see anyone.
Thai Gourmet’s Ultimate Home Cooking Experience
So What Exactly Do Thai Gourmet Do

Basically Thai Gourmet bring authentic Thai food right to your home, other private venue or business event. The only thing the client should worry about is laying the table and dressing for the occasion after that just leave it to us.

The idea was formed so that the host at special occasions could relax and enjoy the evening with their guests and let us take care of the rest. You should not lift a finger, we even do the washing up and leave the kitchen spotless. So often at special events you see the host rushing around the whole time trying to please everyone, without having time to relax and enjoy the event themselves.

The Thai Gourmet team will cook and serve a delicious meal for you in your own kitchen using genuine Thai ingredients and recipes. We can provide anything really from private dinner parties or house parties, to wedding buffets, christenings and corporate entertaining.

Recent Events

Thai Gourmet were delighted to cater for John Allan and family in Sherborne , Dorset. It was a very special occasion in the form of a 91st birthday gathering.

Happy Birthday Mr Allan

The next location saw Thai Gourmet heading for Wellington in Somerset  to do a couple of dinner parties in succession at one of the marvellous Sleeps12 venues. The lady  organising the first event Jayne Bishop chose the popular menu B a firm favourite of the sleeps12 clients and the second event organised by Sarah Boyles chose the Taylor-Made menu

Party at Fuzzy Orchard Wellington

Dishes here included the popular starters of Chicken Satay, Spring Rolls and the delicious ”som tam” green papaya salad. The main courses were varied and plenty, but the favoured (Gang Khiaw Wan Gai) Thai green chicken curry and the other firm favourite of (Phat Thai Gung) Phat Thai noodles this time with prawns were amongst them. Matters were finished off with a dessert of (Khao Niaw Gap Mamuang) sticky rice with mango slices.

Second Party At Fuzzy Orchard Wellington

Both Menu B and the Tailor-Made menus can be viewed at the link below in full.


Fantastic Thai Buffet Birthday

On 20th June 2011 in the village of East Lydford, Somerset England Thai Gourmet were asked to provide a Thai buffet for a special 40th birthday party.  Mel the birthday lady invited 40 guests for a right sumptuous banquet of delicious tasting Thai food.

The buffet was carried out in two different parts with the finger food pieces being served in the now legendary  Thai Gourmet ”Walk and Talk” fashion and the heart of the buffet laid out on the table in a self-service manner.

Part One Served In Thai Gourmet ”Walk And Talk” Fashion

Part one was served in the Thai Gourmet ” Walk and Talk” style with delicious hot Thai finger food and tasty dips served to where ever you are standing or sitting. The beauty of this is it allows the guests to walk and talk while enjoying tasty food in one hand and glass in the other. The normal ”Walk and Talk menus are especially suited to large-scale events with many attenders and little or no sit down facilities, however this time it was built-in to the buffet banquet lunch.

  • Chicken Satay (grilled chicken with peanut sauce dip)
Chicken Satay And Peanut Sauce Dip
  • Giew Grop (crispy fried pork wrapped in thin pastry)
  • Spring Rolls with vegetables (wrapped in crispy fried thin pastry with a sweet chilli dip)
  • Kanompang Na Moo (tasty fried spicy pork on sliced toasted bread with a cucumber dip)
Kanompang Na Moo (pork, garlic, coriander toasted)
  • Som Tam (delicious Thai papaya salad)
  • Thot Man Pla (Thai fish cakes)
  • Pla Rad Prik (Crispy fried fish in a rich chilli sauce)
Salmon In A Rich Chilli Sauce

Part Two The Main Buffet Course  laid out on a table for guests to help themselves

Gang Khiaw Wan Gai (green chicken curry)

Thot Man Khao Phot (fried corn cakes with garlic and pepper)

Rice (Thai Jasmine Rice)

Mel said ”A huge thank you for making my 40th birthday party so amazing by providing food from out of this world.
I have had so many thank you’s praising the food and the way it was served. The kitchen was left so tidy and clean.
With many thanks and hope to see you again. Mel”

Happy Birthday Mel

Other Recent Comments at other events

“we always have nothing but fantastic food and fantastic service from you every time
the food was outstanding thank you so much that was really special” John

At Mel’s Birthday Thai Buffet Event

Jason said ” The Papaya Salad was the best salad he had ever tasted and ranked the food better than a well-known Thai Restaurant he uses on his travels through out Barcelona, Rio de jenairo and Bangkok itself. ” High praise in deed.

Delicious Thai Green Curry at Mel’s Buffet Event

”The food was also ranked better than a
very, very well-known chain of Thai
restaurants by one of the ladies”.

Mel’s Birthday A Thoroughly Enjoyable Event

”We are pleased to say that the group
enjoyed all the dishes, but the Papaya
Salad and the Phat Thay noodles were the

Luxury Catering In The UK

If you’re looking to get away for the weekend or the week and have a special occasion to celebrate like a birthday, anniversary, hen night or spa weekend, then the South west of England is a beautiful spot to visit.

Booking one of the  http://www.sleeps12.com/  properties accommodates you with all the facilities you need for a great and memorable stay. Once you have booked your accommodation don’t forget to call in Thai Gourmet the premier Thai food caterers for the south-west of England for your delicious Thai Food. http://www.thaigourmetfoodcaterers.co.uk/ 

You will also find us on the Sleeps 12 website on various properties under the heading of Engaging Thailand on the ”extras page”.

Recommended Books

Thai Food: A magnificent book and all your need to know about Thai food including a fantastic section on food from the North East of Thailand. The full culture of Thai cuisine an absolutely superb book.

World Food Thailand by Joe Cummings  http://www.amazon.com/dp/1864500263/?tag=www.engagingthailandtips.wordpress.com-20

For people who would like to re-create the Thai Street Food experience in your own home then you absolutely must obtain a copy of the Australian Thai Chef/Restaurant owner David Thompson’s book ”Thai Street Food”. Cooking authentic Thai Food is very rarely performed expertly if you are not Thai, but David Thompson is one of that very, very rare breed of foreign experts. Great recipes and stunning photos.

Buy this book here   http://www.amazon.com/dp/158008284X/?tag=www.engagingthailandtips.wordpress.com-20

For those people who want delicious Thai food for your party and live in the South West of England

Thai Gourmet are available for a very comprehensive range of on the spot Thai food catering services. Whatever the occasion, birthday, anniversary, christening, friendly get-together, office party, reunion, graduation, directors meeting, you name it and Thai Gourmet can do it. Please see our popular main sit down menus, buffet menus and the legendary ”walk and talk” finger food menus.


Or visit the full site for food, travel articles and information about Thailand at http://www.engagingthailand.com/


2 thoughts on “Home Thai Cooking Is Best

  1. As being a chef working in Thai restaurants around London&else where in the UK,I’d have to adapted to suit their customers&thats where I hated to cook adapting Thai food.Its was so difficult as when I run my own restaurants,I was cooking full on with as thai taste my customers is love it,but alot of others,I’d have to adapted for them.So really they don’t fully knows how thai food should taste!!Its so gr8! to see someone’s doing&cooking a proper thai food:)

  2. Thanks Keown and I know exactly what you are saying. It must of course be pure hell for a Thai to vary the fantastic Thai tastes accordingly. I am sure you cooked up some fantastic flavours during your chef days and no doubt at home now, you still do. Thanks for your comment.

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