Where Can I Find A Fantastic Thai Caterer, A Quality Restaurant And Luxury Holiday Accommodation In The South West Of England

Great Thai Finger Food

Whenever I am in Thailand and this is as often as possible I can’t wait to be re-united with the delicious Thai street food. As good as most of the fine restaurants are I prefer the tasty treats and delights of Thai snacks and what the Thais call fun food.

The term for snacking in Thai is ” khong gin len” (ของกินเล่น) literally meaning ”play eating”. If there are two things the Thais are renowned for it is certainly food or the eating of good food and fun, so it is hardly surprising that the term play eating is applied. It seems that everywhere you go there is the lingering whiff of food in the air. Even something so laid back as the browsing of a market can become torment and torture with the smells of Phat Thay noodles homing in on your weak spots. If the smells of the noodles don’t make you hold up a white flag to surrender then the ” Gai Phat Grapow” containing chicken, basil, fresh chilli and garlic all stir fried is sure to make you give in to temptation and take a seat at a roadside fixed stall.

Hmmm, delicious( roo di) banana pancakes made on the spot

All right then let’s say you do amazingly well and make it out of the market without eating only to be confronted for the rest of the on foot journey by a number of other roadside snacks, street vendors and fixed stalls conjuring up fun food (also known as dinner on a stick) by the score.

In the unlikely event that you can’t find food, food will find you

Whatever the snack and that includes dessert (if at all possible) will be lanced satay-style and mounted on a skewer. Yes, a mere glance around and you will feast your eyes on and inhale the aromas of seafood, pork, meat balls, sausages (many different types), chicken satay, corn and even bananas and pineapple all lanced on a stick and on parade.

Rise early to get the freshest vegetables at the early morning markets

Thai Gourmet Research

Being that my firm belief is that the best Thai food is cooked in the home, Thai Gourmet researched to find a way of re-creating this experience or at least as close as we possibly could being located in the south-west of England. Already established over the years were the Thai dinner party menus and the Thai buffet menus see links below, but the launching of a Thai finger food menu initiated great thought.

Popular Dinner Party Menus:    http://www.engagingthailand.com/popularmenus.html

Popular Buffet Menu: http://www.engagingthailand.com/thaigourmetpopularbuffetmenu.html

Re-creating street food at parties and special occasions turned out to be a challenge as it had to be delicious,  had to be totally stress free and by that I mean no tables, no seating, no cutlery and no fuss and it had to be accompanied by absolutely delicious dips. After much thought and many Thai street vendor and market stall visits in Thailand Thai Gourmet came up with the now legendary ” walk and talk” menu. Combining a traditional English garden type party event with delicious Thai finger food.

The Walk And Talk Concept Is Born

The walk and talk menus are especially suited to large-scale events with little or no sit down facilities allowing guests to walk and talk while enjoying tasty food with glass in hand. Just like a vendor in Thailand wheeling his or her way over to you our staff will find you bringing with them a delicious freshly cooked treat where ever you may be standing. Many attenders and little or no sit down facilities are our speciality.

Happy Birthday Michael /  The Green Restaurant, Sherborne, Dorset

Talking of good food the lady and gentleman in this photo below know a great deal about that in fact are aficionados on the subject. We were absolutely delighted to be asked to provide a ”walk and talk” menu by Judith for husband Michael’s birthday. Michael and Judith Rust are the owners of ”The Green ” one of Dorset’s and in fact one of the south west’s finest restaurants.

Michael And Judith

For the past 12 years Michael and Judith have continued to deliver a premium dining experience to the locals of  Sherborne, Dorset and those of the surrounding towns and villages. So you can imagine how pleased we were to be involved in the birthday celebrations. For those who don’t know Michael I shall build a bit of a picture, for those who do know him I am sure you will know what I mean.  Michael’s enthusiasm for his craft never seems to diminish so even if it is his birthday party you can guarantee that he will still be racing around making sure that every one is happy and has everything they need.

It is hard to imagine Micheal sitting down I don’t think I have ever seen that, no not even on his birthday. Watch words with Michael  in the restaurant are ”quality food” and ”good service” and whilst Michael cooks up a storm in the kitchen Judith builds rapport with customers in the restaurant. To be quite honest the combination of those attributes continued at the birthday party with Michael still making sure the quality was high and the service good and Judith providing the normal warmly welcome.

The weather alternated between showers and sunny spells, but preparations had been made with the aid of an awning. The drink was flowing and Khun Lek had began serving the ”walk and talk” menu. Tasty bite after tasty bite accompanied with a delicious dip was served delighting the guests. All Thai Gourmet food is freshly cooked and 100 percent home-made , a pure cooking treat of preparation, cooking and the service of a quality product,  Thai Gourmet received some absolutely fantastic comments.

As previously stated Michael certainly likes to put in full days whether working or socialising and his birthday was no different. You would think his all day party alone would have been enough, but he still found time to take part in the pub quiz, attend an evening party over the road and get back to watch his favourite team and mine Manchester United demolish Arsenal 8-2…. Come on you reds. A hectic schedule by most people’s standards, but more like a normal day for Michael. I had earlier wished him happy birthday to which he replied yes 29 again and energy levels wise I think he probably is.

So what delights were part of the menu for Michael’s birthday bash……

Grilled marinated Chicken Satay: served with a peanut dip

Vegetable spring rolls: wrapped in crispy thin pastry and served with a sweet chilli dip

KanomPang Na Moo: Tasty toasted spicy pork with garlic, coriander and a cucumber dip

Pla Rad Prik: Crispy fried salmon in a chilli sauce

Thot Man Khao Phoot: Corn cakes with garlic and pepper

Gung Sarong: Prawns wrapped in crispy thin pastry fried and served with a sweet chilli dip

Leading Thai Gourmet lady Khun Lek serves the Giew Grorp: Spicy pork wrapped in thin pastry with a sweet chilli dip.

Khun Lek serves the guests at Michael’s party

So on your next visit to Sherborne why not stop off and treat yourself at The Green, Dorset’s premier restaurant. Even if you had no plans to visit Sherborne, then why not plan a visit to the charming historical town as besides visiting The Green Restaurant (which of course is highly recommended and their contact details are on their website link below) there is plenty to see and do. Visiting ”The Green” can be done at various times of the day with coffee between 10am -midday, lunch from midday – 2pm and supper from 6.30pm – 9pm.


The Historical Town Of Sherborne In Dorset, England

The town of Sherborne in Dorset is a delightful town with plenty of things to see and do if on a visit. The town centre itself has a varied range of shops containing art, antiques, boutiques, craft shops and quaint little cafe’s to stop for some refreshments and a fine restaurant at the top of town called ”The Green” of course.

Cheap Street Sherborne , Dorset

  • Worth visiting is the fantastic Abbey church that dates back to the Saxon times.
  • The Sherborne boy’s school founded in 1550 and originally known as King Edward’s school.
  • Sherborne Castle which has been the home of the Digby family since 1617

Sherborne is also a fine location and base to visit surrounding towns and villages plus other nearby counties of Somerset and Wiltshire.

The Abbey Sherborne, Dorset

The actual name of Sherborne comes from the Saxon word Scir burrne and actually means ”The place of the clear stream”

Luxury Group Accommodation In The South-West Of England

If you’re looking to get away for the weekend or the week and have a special occasion to celebrate like a birthday, anniversary, hen night or spa weekend, then the South west of England is a beautiful spot to visit.

Booking one of the  http://www.sleeps12.com/  properties accommodates you with all the facilities you need for a great and memorable stay. Visit the site for a full list of properties that can be hired all over the South-West of England.

The type of luxury accommodation from Sleeps 12 in the south-west of England

Once you have booked your accommodation don’t forget to call in Thai Gourmet the premier Thai food caterers for the south-west of England for your delicious Thai Food. http://www.thaigourmetfoodcaterers.co.uk/ 

You will also find us on the Sleeps 12 website on various properties under the heading of Engaging Thailand on the ”extras page”

Engaging Thailand Website

For more information on Thailand in the form of articles, tips, relevant links constant updating and new guest interviews ,please visit   http://www.engagingthailand.com/  the site where work will always be in progress.

Related Books

Thai Food:

A magnificent book and all your need to know about Thai food including a fantastic section on food from the North East of Thailand. The full culture of Thai cuisine an absolutely superb book.

World Food Thailand by Joe Cummings  http://www.amazon.com/dp/1864500263/?tag=www.engagingthailandtips.wordpress.com-20

Thai Street Food:

For people who would like to re-create the Thai Street Food experience in your own home then you absolutely must obtain a copy of the Australian Thai Chef/Restaurant owner David Thompson’s book ”Thai Street Food”. Cooking authentic Thai Food is very rarely performed expertly if you are not Thai, but David Thompson is one of that very, very rare breed of foreign experts. Great recipes and stunning photos.

Buy this book here   http://www.amazon.com/dp/158008284X/?tag=www.engagingthailandtips.wordpress.com-20

Popular Thai Culture:

There are some things that are very Thai  and knowing about them will greatly help your understanding of Thai ways and popular Thai culture. What is Hi-So?The love affair with red bull and energy drinks, ghost stories, amulet collectors and fortune tellers. Thai Massage, What is a sniff kiss? These are just a few of the things you will read about in the excellent 256 page book with fantastic photographs called ” Very Thai”  by Philip Cornwel-Smith and photographs by John Goss. You can buy this book by following this link:



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