How Would You Say That In Thai (Volume 1 Issue 2)

In today’s how would you say that in Thai volume 1 issue 2, the word is ” because”. I shall give the Thai word in Thai script and also the transcription for the word. I shall also give the Thai script and transcription for all the other vocabulary that is a part of the sentence and then finally will give another 4 sentences that can be linked with that sentence for possible conversations that will be on the language section of my website, accessible at the end of this post.

China Town In Yaowarat Road, Bangkok

Thai Alphabet Links

By clicking on the link here and scrolling a bit you will find from Wikipedia The Thai Alphabet explained, simple vowels, consonants and lots of other information.

By clicking on the link here you can actually see and hear the Thai alphabet being pronounced


Something that might well be new to you, but that needs taking note of straight away is tones. Thai is a tonal language and every word or syllable is spoken in a different tone. There are five tones and they are

  • Mid tone (m)
  • Low tone (l)
  • Falling tone (f)
  • High tone (h)
  • Rising tone (r)
     Tones explained here

The Word Today :  Because

  • In Thai:  เพราะว่า
  • Transcription of word: Phraw (h) Waa (f)
Sukhumvit Road, In Bangkok Is Busy Again
  • Question:
  • How would you say that you arrived in Hua Hin late because the bus broke down
  • In Thai: เราไปถึงหัวหินช้าเพราะว่ารถเมล์เสีย
  • Closest transcription for better pronunciation: rao (m) bpai (m) theung (r) huaa (r) hin (r) chaa (h) phraw (h) waa (f) roht (h) maeh (m) siia (h)
  • We :                              (เรา)         pronounce as:  rao (m)
  •  To Arrive:             (ไปถึง)     pronounce  as   bpai (m) theung (r)
  • Hua Hin                    ( ้หัวหิน )   pronounce as huaa (r) hin (r)   (Hua Hin is a beach resort town in Thailand)
  • Late                             (ช้า)          pronounce as chaa (h)
  • Because                (เพราะว่า)       pronounce as phraw (h) waa (f)
  • Bus                         (รถเมล์)         pronounce as  roht (h) maeh (m)
  • Broken, defective (เสีย)          pronounced as siia (h)
Language Note:
Male speakers use ผม Phohm for I, myself.  Female speakers use ดิฉัน dichan for I myself.
Delicious Pineapple
More sentences and vocabulary
Click here for 4 further sentence examples that could possibly used for conversation.
Click on the link below for further vocabulary from the above additional sentences

Engaging Thailand Website

For more information on Thailand in the form of articles, tips, relevant links constant updating and new guest interviews ,please visit  the site where work will always be in progress.

Kitiyas Blog

A  blog all about Thailand – from Kitiya’s point of view. Kitiya talks about travel information, cooking and Thai culture, in particular  Kitiya specialises in information and stories about Isaan (the north-east.)

Brilliant Thai Forum

Entertaining, friendly and very informative on subjects Thai. Come along and meet a welcoming crowd of Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians, Americans, Brits, Thais and others and be in the know and inform.

A great little group on Facebook for those of you who love Thailand, discuss any Thai related things amongst friends. All nationalities from all over the world with one thing in common they simply adore Thailand. Why not join the group and be with friends on Friends 4 Thailand. Just log in on the link below to see the page.  Useful information from a group about  living in Thailand.

Products About Thai Language

Learn to speak, understand, read and write Thai with linguaphone language programs by Sonthida Keyuravong

Thai – English Student’s Dictionary compiled by Mary R. Haas

Thai Reference Grammar; The structure of spoken Thai by James Higbie & Snea Thinsan
Thai Language And Culture 

Heart Talk by Christopher G. Moore

Heart Talk is the clever navigation to say I love you in so many ways using  the word ”jai” or heart (ใจ). These words are essential and every day Thai words and all nicely organised and ready to read in Heart Talk. To know the people know the language and culture. This book will get you that few steps closer.

The Cultural Detective by Christopher G. Moore

If it’s Thai culture that you are seeking to learn about, then look no further than the foreign master on Thai culture. This book is packed with essays on perspectives on crime fiction writing to of course a mass of clues and insights to solving those cultural Thai mysteries. Another great read.

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