10 Famous People Past Or Present To Form Your Mastermind Team Who Would They Be And What Would You Learn From Them. Part 2

Continuing on with my list of 10 famous people past or present to form your mastermind team, who would they be and what would you learn from them.

I saw a great question asked in an interview recently and thought about adopting it for the life design in Thailand interviews I have been doing  and  it went ” if you had the chance to be any famous person in the world , who would you be and why”. After thinking about this I realised I would rather discover the secrets or the major strengths of a few of my favourite people.

In the book ”Think & grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, he talks of the mastermind principle and forming a mastermind alliance for the realisation of worthy goals. It got me thinking that what if you could form a mastermind alliance of favourite famous people past and present that you could drop in on for advice now and again on a specialised subject.

So I re-phrased the question to ” 10 famous people past or present to form your mastermind team, who would they be and what would you learn from them?

This actually turned out to be quite an enjoyable exercise. This is my list of 10 famous people still living or passed away whose qualities have influenced me in some way or another or whose qualities I would love to have more of. I have done the qualities in the format of life lessons. Obviously this is my list of influences the names on every one’s list will be different, but it is more about the quality the individual brings to the table. So here is part two of the master mind alliance and they are in no particular order of preference.

See the link for Part One Here.


6) Sylvester Stallone:  (Actor, film maker and screen writer)

This might be a surprise inclusion, but the Sylvester Stallone story is a good one. It is basically about a man who knew what he wanted from day one and that was to be in the movie business. The odds were stacked against him with the way he looked and the way he talked and it turned out to be a real hard journey for Sly Stallone.

Stallone was rejected 1500 times by New York agents, staying over-night in one agents office just to get an appointment and when he did finally get to see him the agent gave him his first job as a thug who got beat up and that lasted for 30 seconds. Stallone was broke with no money to even heat the apartment with, but when asked why he didn’t just get a regular job he said he knew if he did that his dream and hunger would die. Stallone was so broke he even made the mistake of selling his wife’s jewellery which put paid to that relationship. Things got so bad he ended up going to a liquor store and  selling his dog, which almost killed him as he loved the dog.

Then a couple of weeks later he was watching a Muhammad Ali fight and gets an idea. Stallone  sat at the typewriter and wrote for 20 hours solid without sleep. During that 20 hour spell ”Rocky” was written. Stallone trawled the circuit visiting agent after agent who all said it was predictable and had no chance of being a hit, until one believed in it and offered $125,000 dollars for the script.

Stallone said fine, but I have to star in it…. no way they said you’re a writer not an actor, no he said I am an actor. The agents wanted Ryan O’Neil to star in it and Stallone left the office, taking with him the script. He was broke, finished and had just been offered $125,ooo dollars for the script, but because they would not offer him the main part… he walked out. A couple of weeks later they rang him again as they really wanted the script and offered him $250,000 not to star in it and then 325,000 not to star in it and again he said no. … was he mad or just hanging on to his dream.

In the end Stallone was offered $35,000 dollars and the main part, the money was drastically reduced as they believed the risk was too great with him playing the star role. It cost one million dollars to make the first Rocky movie and it grossed over 250 million dollars.

Stallone also  returned to the liquor store to buy his dog back and after a long hard-fought battle from the guy not wanting to sell the dog back to him, Stallone won, but it came at a cost.  He sold the dog for $25 dollars offered 100 to get it back, then 500 and then a 1000, but there was no deal. In the end Stallone got the dog back for $15,000 dollars and the guy got a part in Rocky as did the dog. The dog in Rocky was Stallone’s real dog.

The quality from Sly Stallone would be ……

Life lesson: The art of sheer dogged persistence (no pun intended) and never give up on your dream.

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7) Timothy Ferriss ( Author, entrepreneur and public speaker)

Timothy Ferriss provided alternative ideas to the old traditional form of retirement with a why wait until you are 65 to start enjoying life concept. What with the remarkable progress that has been made in technology it is now a little easier to rip up the rule book. It could be you just want to leave the rat race, do some of the things you have always wanted to do, go on world-wide travel vacations, earn a five-figure income or that you want to live more and work less.

Escaping the 9-5 life and living anywhere you choose is certainly a real option these days and I love the way that Tim has backed it up with life long learning, (be that language learning, dancing or perhaps Thai boxing) with life experimentations in the way of discovering the secrets or what works.

Tim’s first book called ”The 4 Hour Workweek” all about life design or life creation on your terms covered creating goals, eliminating that not required in your life, outsourcing tasks, time management, the mobile lifestyle, mini-retirements and lots more topics, tips and information to guide you out of the rat race. A massively popular book.

The latest book is called ” The 4 Hour Body” as with the previous book the emphasis is on doing less and getting more, but this time it is for the body. The results are based on a decade of research where he talks about losing 2 percent body fat in two weeks, gaining 34 pounds of muscle in 28 days-in four hours of total gym time. Sleeping less and feeling fully rested, improving your sex life and many more subjects are covered in this fantastic book.

The quality from Tim Ferriss would be….

Life lesson: The art of ripping up the rule book and fishing where the fewest fish.

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Ayn Rand ( Novelist and philosopher)

Ayn Rand combined the two passions in her life that of theoretical philosophy and fiction writing.  However she was often asked whether she thought she was primarily a philosopher or a novelist. Miss Rand described her philosophy as the means to the fiction writing, a necessary means, but only the means it was the fiction writing that interested her most, the fiction story was the end. With philosophy Miss Rand said she wanted to use it and to apply it to her work and in her personal life also, but added significantly that the core centre and purpose of her personal life, of her whole life, was her work.

The thought of teaching her ideas in book format or putting together a philosophical non fiction book did not push the same buttons. She said by writing her philosophy in fiction format  ” the purpose was to create for herself , the kind of world she would want and to live in it while she was creating it, then as a secondary consequence to let others enjoy that world, if, and to the extent that they could”……Wow that certainly is a very powerful quote.

Having said that Ayn Rand had many powerful quotes in her armoury and one of my very favourites was

”Place nothing, nothing above the verdict of your own mind.

Her novels included ”we are the living”, Anthem, The fountainhead and the truly amazing ” Atlas Shrugged”.

The quality from Ayn Rand woul be…..

Life Lesson: Working where your passions are.

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9) Anthony Robbins (Entrepreneur and Success Coach)

Anthony Robbins known as the world’s number one success coach and a millionaire by age 24. Phenomenal achievement having been born and raised in a low income area of Los Angeles and subsequently kicked out of his home at the age of 17 for being too intensive.  Anthony Robbins is the king in the art of self mastery, that is mastering your time and your life, as he say’s if you don’t have a plan for your life, then some one else does.

With his dynamic presentation style the message very much is we all have the ability to transform our lives by making clear decisions and taking dramatic action to follow those decisions.

The man has helped improve so many people’s lives in all areas including time management, relationships, finances, physical health, emotional well-being and professional growth. He has produced 4 best selling books of which I have personally found  ”Unlimited Power” and ”Awaken The Giant Within” to be sensational. Along with the books he has produced the best-selling personal development audio series of all time which is called ”Personal Power” and that is simply mind-blowing.

Life Lesson: Master your time, master your life in all areas 

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10) Lin Yutang  (Chinese writer and inventor)

In the book ” The Importance Of Living ” by Lin Yutang he points out that finding contentment and satisfaction can be a never-ending business. The private aspires to become a corporal and the corporal aspires to become a captain and the captain sets his sights on becoming a major and on it continues.

The wife you have is marvellous, but the wife two doors down, you believe to be better. The food in the restaurant that you ordered seemed right at the time, but when it arrived the food that your friend ordered was better and you wish you’d had that.

Lin Yutang offers the option of the half and half philosophy, perhaps a fine way to live your life. Half a Confucianist style of seeking, exploring and finding the knowledge of things to reach an understanding of and half the Taoist escapist attitude of heading off in to the mountains to live as a hermit and play the role of simple fisherman amongst the beauty of nature and completely carefree.

Yes, no need to choose a totally carefree life or the hectic, busy life with all its responsibilities, perhaps the answer does lie somewhere in between action and inaction.

Five half and half examples from Lin Yutang

He is most wisely drunk who is half drunk

Half lazily active and half actively lazy

Not so poor that he cannot pay his rent, and not so rich that he doesn’t have to work a little or couldn’t wish to have slightly more to help his friends

Living in half fame and semi obscurity

A wife who is not too simple and not too smart.

From Lin Yutang the quality would be…..

Life Lesson: Literally as the book say’s The Importance Of Living and enjoying the simple pleasures as life’s too short.

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