Thai Dating Language

As everything here is about experiments and trial in error I have decided to change the Thai language posts to more of a story rather than the mundane run of the mill sentence construction of before. There will still be plenty of Thai language, but it will now be part of a theme.

Thai Alphabet Links

By clicking on the link here and scrolling a bit you will find from Wikipedia The Thai Alphabet explained, simple vowels, consonants and lots of other information.

By clicking on the link here you can actually see and hear the Thai alphabet being pronounced


Something that might well be new to you, but that needs taking note of straight away is tones. Thai is a tonal language and every word or syllable is spoken in a different tone. There are five tones and they are

  • Mid tone (m)
  • Low tone (l)
  • Falling tone (f)
  • High tone (h)
  • Rising tone (r)
     Tones explained here

Thai Language Theme Today: Thai Dating Language

If you are in Thailand for any period of time whether working, on a long vacation or whatever it will not be long before you are asked how you are finding Thailand and what you enjoy most.

Favourite Things About Thailand

You will start with the delicious food, the warm weather, the culture, the fantastic welcoming smiles of the Thai people, the beach resorts and just as an after thought drop in to the equation that Thai women are very attractive as well.  Of course you would have wanted to mention the Thai ladies first I suspect, but it always looks good a few places down the list otherwise they might think, that is all that  fills your mind. Sometimes if you don’t mention Thai ladies you will usually get the question ‘’and do you like Thai ladies?’’ Then you can say oh yes (like you forgot) they are very attractive.

Dating Thai Women Online and Offline

So if you are interested in a Thai lady perhaps one that has caught your eye on more than one occasion and you want to know a bit more about her, how would you go about it? Well if it’s a lady at work or a lady within your social circle you could request the help of a mutual friend who knows both you and her. The first thing you will need to ask your friend is does she have a husband or boy friend.

Does she have a boy friend

khao (r)  mee  (m) faaen (m)  yuu (l)  laaeo (h)

Written In Thai: เขามีแฟนอยู่แล้ว

Your friend might ask why you are interested to know and you could say that

2)    You fancy her or are attracted to her

dtit (l)  jai (m)

Written In Thai: ติดใจ   (basically meaning the heart is hooked)

It will not be long before the news has filtered through to her. Hopefully with a couple of daily reciprocated smiles and feedback from your friend (that you hope is on the positive side) on how she feels about your admiration of her, you could well be asking her this…

3)    Can I have your telephone number please?

khaaw (r)  buuhr (m) thoh (m) ra (r) sap (l) khaawng (r) khoon (m) dai (f) mai (r)

Written In Thai :  ขอเบอรโทรศัพท์ของคุณได้ไหม

With your Thai now coming on a treat and her telephone number safely stored in the contact list of your mobile it is time to use it and ask her

4)    Are you free today? Would you like to go and have lunch together?

wan (m) nee (h) waang (f) mai (r)   Khoon (m ) yaak (l) bpai (m) thaan (m) aa (m) haan (r) glaang (m) wan (m)  duay (f)  gan (m)mai (r)

Written In Thai: วันนี้ว่างไหม คุณอยากไปทานอาหารกลางวันด้วยกันไหม

If she has agreed to the dinner date and on the dinner date all has gone well then you will most likely want to know.

5)    When Can I see you again

ja (l) phohp (h) khoon (m)  eek (l) meuua (f) rai (m)

Written In Thai: จะพบคุณอีกเมี่อไหรครับ

Other Phrases that you might need

To the Thais appearance is everything and looking your best is a very natural thing to do. Your date will no doubt have made a considerable effort to dress up and look stunning. So pleasing on the eye will she be that you will feel the need to tell her

6)    You are very beautiful

khoon (m) suay (r)  ่่jang (m) leeuy (m)

Written In Thai:  คุณสวยจังเลย

This could go one of two ways or perhaps even both. She will be pleased that you have noticed her efforts and more than likely cause her to feel good about herself. At this point she may well say

7)    Thank you for your compliments

Khaawp (l) khun (m) thii  (f) chom (m)

Written In Thai: ขอบคุณที่ชม

On the other hand she may well think you have an attack of sweet mouth syndrome going on, but this is ok it will be said in a playful and fun manner to begin with, but be careful not to over play it.

8)    Flatterer

bpaak (l) waan (r)

Written In Thai: ปากหวาน

Over playing the sweet mouth and having it roll out of you will cause suspicion in her that perhaps you may say this to a lot of the ladies.

9)    Do you flatter other ladies

Khoon (m) bpaak (l) waan (r) gap (l) phuu (f) ying (r) euun (l) euun (l)

Written In Thai: คุณปากหวานกับผู้หญิงอื่นฯ

It might well be that she will need to get this question over with at the beginning of the relationship before it causes her heart ache. To confirm any apprehension in her mind she will probably say

10) Are you a player or a play boy

Khoon (m) jao (f) chuu (h) mai (r)

Written In Thai: คุณเจ้าซู้ไหม

A jaw chuu is literally a ‘’ master lover’’ and a man to beware of. This is often one of the first things a good Thai lady will want to check out. The master lover as it were maybe a charmer, but is not exactly known as being good partner or husband material.

If you are of course really keen on her then she really needs to know this now

11) I am serious about you

Phohm (r) jing (m) jang (m) gap (l) khoon (m)

Written In Thai: ผมจริงจังกับคุณ

12) I love you with all my heart

Phohm (r) rak (l) khoon (m) john (m) moht (l)  jai (m)

Written In Thai: ผมรักคุณจนหมดใจ

If you want to go a step further then you can tell her that

13) Your love for her is so overwhelming that it overflows from your heart

Phohm (r) rak (l) khoon (m) john (m) lohn h)  cay (m)

Written In Thai:  ผมรักคุณจนล้นใจ

If you have got to return home at some stage soon then of course there is going to be much sadness and you will feel like half of you is missing. As the reality dawns you will want to tell her….

14) I will think about you always

Phohm (r) ja  (l) khit (h) tueng (r) khoon (m) sa (l) muuhr (r) sa (l) muuhr (r)

Written In Thai: ผมจะคิดถึงคุณเสมอฯ

You will obviously want to return to Thailand as soon as possible, but for the moment you can only tell her….

15) I will come back soon

Phohm (r) ja (l) glap (l) ma (m) reo (m) reo (m) nii (h)

Written In Thai:  ผมจะกลับมาเร็วฯนี้

Important Note

Please remember that female speakers when referring to I, myself use dichan (ดิฉัน) and male speakers use phoom (ผม)

Particles khrap for male speakers and kha for female speakers are used to show politeness. They are more often used in formal situations and first time meetings, but give added politeness when used anyway. There are no strict rules about the usage of these particles, but it adds to politeness, rapport and good character . That is something that bodes well  in the eyes of the Thais.

For specific vocabulary please use the brilliant ditionary and other facilities at

Highly Recommended Books

1) Thai Sex Talk (In search of love and romance) by Kaewmala

The language of love and everything you need to know about love, romance and sex in Thai Culture. How to woo a lover in Thai, do’s and don’ts in Thai flirting, courtship rituals. A fantastic guide and much more than a love dictionary or romantic phrasebook. You will learn much from this book.

For people living in the UK, get the book here

For people living outside the UK, get the book here

2) Heart Talk by Christopher G. Moore

More language of love using the complete navigation of feelings with one word. This book used in con-junction with the above sex talk will give you insights and a massive head start in to the language of love and how Thais translate emotions.

For those living in the UK, get the book here

For those living outside the UK, get the book here

3) Thailand Fever by Chris Pirazzi and Vitida Vasant

Once you have learned the language of love it is time to learn about the issues that will need to be solved for a smooth Thai – Western relationship. Subjects covered in depth and in English & Thai include trust, money, privacy, independence, saving face, sex, the parents, living in paradise and much, much more. A very valuable addition to the learning curve.

For those living in the UK, get the book here

For those living outside the UK, get the book here

4) Culture Shock by Robert Cooper

Finally complete the library with a copy of culture shock Thailand and get the run down on Thai culture and etiquette tips in general learn about Making friends, small talk, eating, the smile, appearances, status, success, criticism and many other Thai ways. Another essential guide.

For people living in the UK, get the book here

For people living outside the UK, get the book here

Engaging Thailand Website

For more language and other information on Thailand in general and subjects to do with Life design in the form of articles,guest  interviews, products and  relevant links ,please visit  the site is constantly being updated with fresh information of mine and other people’s.


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  1. Hey,

    Thanks for it. I am dating with thai girl online at and this summer I am planning to visit Thailand. So for that purpose I am learning basic Thai language. But she speaks english very well so that doesn’t matter whether I know thai lang or not but I think it is better to learn it so no one can fool me if I am alone 😀 .

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