The Ancient Art Of Nuad Bo’Rarn Thai Massage And Its Benefits

Today’s post looks at the ancient art of Nuad B0’Rarn ( นวดแผนโบราน) traditional Thai massage and its use today. Incidentally for the Thai language students nuad (นวด) means to massage or knead and Bo’Rarn  (โบราน) means ancient

The post has been written by Allison Brooks a guest writer and recent college graduate who is passionate about enlightening people about the benefits of natural healing.

Nuad Bo’Rarn and Its Use Today

The traditional medicine of Thailand dates back to over 2500 years ago, but had yet to phase out. Many of the synthesized medical practices are becoming revisited in modern times. Since many people are favoring to improve their well-being in a natural way, traditional medicines are becoming popular again, and not just in their native homes. Nuad Bo’Rarn is one of these traditional practices that are becoming favored among all groups of people. Though it is still regularly used in Thailand, Nuad Bo’Rarn is making its debut in many western cultures.

Thailand the home of Nuad Bo’Rarn

It is hard to pin-point a clear definition of Nuad Bo’Rarn, but it is known to be a traditional medical massage. Due to cultural diffusion, this form of massage has aspects of yoga, martial arts, meditation, and Ayurvedic medicine. Unlike its western massage counterparts, Naud Bo’Rarn is practiced on a floor-mat instead of a raised table and more stretching is involved. The need for all these movements and different stages are needed to promote peripheral stimulation and allow the energy of the body to flow freely.

Another keen difference with Naud Bo’Rarn and other forms of healing is that it requires the practitioner and patient to work together. Both have to be at a heightened meditative state and the practitioner must fulfill the Buddhist ideal of the “Four Divine States”. These states of the mind are: compassion, loving kindness, vicarious joy, and equanimity. This allows for two to become one, and for the body and mind to connect and be utilized as a tool in the treatment of emotional, spiritual, and physical disorders.

Buddhism plays a major role in the culture of Thailand

Today this 2,500 year old medicine is being used in modern-day hospitals, health clinics, and private practices. Though there is no-concrete scientific evidence to validate Nuad Bo’Rarn’s healing capabilities, many doctors recommended patients with a low-survivability rate cancer, such as non-hodgkin’s lymphoma or pleural mesothelioma, to practice Nuad Bo’Rarn or another form of complimentary therapy. It has been studied that the stretching and meditation aspects of Nuad Bo’Rarn improve circulation, strengthens the body and organs, relieves pain, and promotes inner peace. Many patients have claimed that symptoms of treatments are basically nonexistent when practicing Nuad Bo’Rarn or other forms of massage. All the benefits of Nuad Bo’Raun are perfect for promoting healing as well as a healthy lifestyle.

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