Are You Thinking Of Moving To Thailand

Spending More Time In Thailand

So you want to spend more time in Thailand and there is no doubt that Thailand is a fantastic country to spend longer periods of time in. There are so many things to love about Thailand from the delicious food, sunny days, beautiful beaches, the Thai people and culture, the laid back way of life and many more things. However like most things the project needs a certain amount of planning and experimenting in order for you to design your ideal situation.

Questions To Ponder

1) How much of the year would you spend in Thailand?

  • Would you stay indefinite?
  • Would you split the year in half between Thailand and your home country and wisely choose to spend the colder half of your home country’s weather in Thailand?
  •  Would you just spend 3 months of the year in Thailand and again perhaps the coldest 3 months of your home country’s weather.
  • Would you perhaps consider (if able to) several monthly long stays in Thailand throughout the year?

2) Would you stay in one location in Thailand or perhaps alternate between two?

  • Are you a fan of the picturesque and beach haven south?
  • Do you prefer the traditions and culture of the North?
  • Perhaps you would enjoy the rural and simplified living of the north – east?
  • Or perhaps you prefer the day-to-day vibrant city life of Bangkok
  • You could combine the week with split time in Bangkok  and escapism to  the seaside resort on the west coast called Hua Hin about a 2 and a half hour trip away from the capital.
  • Again split time could be designed between Bangkok and the thriving beach resort of Pattaya about a 2 hour drive from the capital.
        Beautiful and at times deserted beaches

3) What would you do with your time

  • Would you need to be working for a living still or not?
  • Could you find a way to set up an on-line business. Perhaps you have a certain type of business where you could remain in contact with clients in your home land by telephone and internet, but be in Thailand.
  • If you do not need to be working what would you do with your time?
  •  If you do need to work, what would you do as a lot of work is off-limits to foreigners in Thailand and below is a link detailing which type.

4) Where would you live?

  • Would you rent accommodation?
  • Would you stay in a rented apartment?
  • Would you stay in a guest houses?
  • Perhaps you would think about buying your own place, but bearing in mind there are guide lines and  restrictions on owning property and real estate in Thailand and below is a link to details about this.
                Rent a nice apartment perhaps

It’s a good idea to spend some time researching, experimenting and testing first in order to design your unique lifestyle in Thailand. Your decisions will of course depend on your circumstances of whether married, married with children or single.

Those are perhaps the first set of questions to ponder, but then you can start filling in the finer detail to the next batch of questions.

5) What would you eat?

  •  Totally Thai food?
  •  Totally western food?
  •  A combination of both Thai and western food perhaps?
       Delicious Thai food always available

6) What would your health and exercise plan look like?

  • Would you run early mornings before heat arrives or later when the sun goes in?
  • Would you have a membership to a gym that has cardio machines, weights, swimming pool and perhaps even relaxing spa facilities?
  • Locate and keep on top of your health with the first class health care that Thailand has to offer?
  • Unfortunately the trip to the bar stool, lifting of one arm and the return journey back just doesn’t cut the mustard with regards to an exercise regimen.
            Aerobics in Lumphini Park, Bangkok

7) What would you do with your spare time

  • Would you Invest in yourself?
  •  What would you learn?
  • What courses would you take

The final question is key and one to spend a good deal of time pondering.

The dream disappears

There are times whilst in Thailand when I come across a westerner for whom the paradise dream of being in or  living in Thailand has faded over the years and more often than not completely died. I have often asked myself why this is, what happens to them. After a fairly lengthy time of pondering this I was convinced I had the answer and it was nothing to do with Thailand, but of course everything to do with the individual.

I have met many where either their  business or a relationship has gone wrong and they have lost everything , but I have also met  those who have just simply grown bored.Misfortune and bad luck can happen to anyone especially in business and relationships and in Thailand you certainly need to take great care before jumping two footed into either, but to grow bored I believe need not happen.

Going separate ways

Having A Purpose

I believe as with living anywhere in life you need a life purpose, something to get up for in the mornings. Thailand is a fantastic location for all the plus points we previously mentioned above, but without a goal, purpose or direction after a while it will simply give you the same results as anywhere else.

What could I learn?

Thailand is a great place for learning a great place to take affordable courses and invest in your self. In my view there can be fewer greater gifts in life than the gift of learning it is surely what we are here for. On the Thai side of courses to take or personal lessons to have, at the top of the list must be that of learning the Thai language.

I personally find that language learning gives immense satisfaction and a greater understanding is developed by studying the language and culture of a country. We can do the where and why later, but let me just run a few more subjects by you. It really is about what ever floats your boat as they say or where you have a passion to.

Learn to Speak, read and write Thai

So Thai language learning , Thai cultural studies, Muay Thai boxing (for the brave), TEFL courses (teaching English as a foreign language), Yoga courses and not only learn Yoga, but then learn to teach it, scuba diving, traditional massage, Thai cookery, sailing, underwater videography, sky diving, jungle survival courses (good luck), Online marketing training, other foreign languages, executive courses, Gemology, personal development courses and that’s just for starters.

A great exercise is to start to put together what a regular, ideal day full of things that make you jump out of bed with a purpose in the mornings would look like and then start working out a plan to attain it.

I have decided to make this regular day posting  a theme on the blog and will hopefully be able to get guests to reveal their ideal but regular days in Thailand. I say ideal but regular as I know each day is not going to be sky diving one minute, posh restaurant the next and back to your mansion for a swim before the party of A list guests arrive. However if that’s what you want and you have a plan to get it then great and by the way I want to hear about it.

The first two will follow shortly as Keown who has been a guest on this blog on a few occasions wants to relate her ideal day in the north – east of Thailand and I will give you mine. I am looking forward to seeing the contrast between a Thai’s and a westerner’s.

After I have  got the format for this exercise worked out by doing Keown’s and mine I would love to hear  ‘’what your regular ideal day would look like in Thailand’’.

Lots More Information On Living In Thailand and Lifestyle Design in Thailand

Recommended Book

Retiring In Thailand: byPhilip Bryce & SunisaWongdee Terlecky

Information on how you can retire and live well in Thailand.
The book is full up with information to….

  • Help you decide if Thailand is really the place for you.
  • Gives you a head start to living in the country
  • Lists popular retirement locations throuhout the kingdom
  • Includes masses of tips on how to live a successful retired life in Thailand

For those people living outside the UK, buy the book here

For those living in the UK, buy the book here

Engaging Thailand Website

For more information on Thailand in the form of articles, tips, relevant links constant updating and new guest interviews ,please visit  the site where work will always be in progress.

Other Helpful Links

Kitiyas Blog

A  blog all about Thailand – from Kitiya’s point of view. Kitiya talks about travel information, cooking and Thai culture, in particular  Kitiya specialises in information and stories about Isaan (the north-east.)

Brilliant Thai Forum

Entertaining, friendly and very informative on subjects Thai. Come along and meet a welcoming crowd of Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians, Americans, Brits, Thais and others and be in the know and inform.

A great little group on Facebook for those of you who love Thailand, discuss any Thai related things amongst friends. All nationalities from all over the world with one thing in common they simply adore Thailand. Why not join the group and be with friends on Friends 4 Thailand. Just log in on the link below to see the page.  Useful information from a group about  living in Thailand.

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