My Thai Food Dinner Party: Interview With Kasinee Silapee Part 1

It is time for another guest interview and today I would like to introduce you all to a real talented and knowledgeable lady called Kasinee Silapee who is in her very own words a real Bangkokian.  Kasinee is going to give us the benefit of her wisdom about Bangkok and lifestyle in Thailand in general and will start today with one of her favourite subjects Thai food.

Guest Introduction

Trevor: Sawat dii krap Khun Kasinee and great to have you here. I know I am fortunate to catch up with you as you are such a busy lady. I know you have a few names people call you by so could you tell us what you prefer to be called and tell us a little bit about yourself please.

Kasinee Silapee (Nickname Kade)

About Kade

Kade: Usually, my foreign friends will call me “Ke-si” as it is easy for them but for my Thai friends, they usually call me “Kade”.

My name is Kasinee Silapee, Thai single female. I was born in Bangkok 47 years ago. You can tell that I am a real Bangkokian, and I have seen a lot of changes and developments in Bangkok. I graduated my 2nd Master Degree in Communication Arts from Chulalongkorn University since 1997. I love traveling, music, arts and movies as well as books.

My hobbies, besides watching movies and playing sports are taking photographs. I love to do handicraft works as well and my favorite ones are knitting and costume jewelry designs.

Currently I am working as Creative Group Head for Net Genius Co., ltd., this company does website development, marketing on-line, SEO strategy and also event organizing.

I can speak Thai and all native Thai, English, fair French and Japanese, Khmer and Bahasa Maly.

I love singing and playing guitar. If I could turn back the clock,  I would learn how to be a good chef, as I absolutely love cooking food for people  as well as love to invent new recipes.

Trevor: I hope you don’t mind and although I am not Thai I still like the Kade variation of the name, so I hope you don’t mind if I call you Kade. Congratulations also on all your achievements and I am massively impressed with your language ability, excellent.

  • Incidentally all the fantastic photos on this blog post have been kindly provided by Kade.

Kade: Having a well-earned break

Kade OnThai Food

Trevor: What are your three very favorite Thai dishes?

Kade: My favorite Thai dishes, umm…. there are so many, as I love Thai food the most, every time I travel overseas, I usually return home skinny, as I am not so fond of  Western food.

The first Thai dish that I love, is “Green Chicken Curry”, and I do this curry quite well. The Green chicken curry can be eaten both with steamed rice and with rice noodle or as it is called in Thai “Khanom Jin”. The side dish that goes quite well with green curry should be “Fried egg” or “Preserved Egg in salt and boiled water” or “Khai Khem in Thai.  Vegetables that can be put in to the Green Curry are egg plants, carrots, pumpkins, and basils.

Simply delicious Green Chicken Curry

Khai Khem a good accompanying dish

My second favorite Thai food dish that I love, is “Nam Prik Pla Tu” or “Chilli Paste with the Tuna Fish”, this dish you need to eat with a lot of fresh vegetables such as cucumber, lettuce, egg plants, beans, morning-glory and so on. You need to fry Tuna fish in extremely hot oil in quick time until the skin of the fish turns to  golden brown. It’s really yummy and it can go along well with Tofu and mince pork soup.

Nam Prik Pla Tu – chilli paste with tuna fish

My final favorite Thai dish is “Fried chili minced pork, basil leaves with fried egg”, or “Kraphao Muu sap and Khai Dao”. This dish usually becomes my lunch whenever I cannot think of what I would like to eat. I remember whenever I travelled overseas that the first thing I wanted to eat on my return home was this dish, because I love the spicy taste of it.

Kraphao Muu sap gap Khai dao – Mince pork, basil leaves and fried egg

Trevor:  If you were hosting a Thai dinner party for friends what dishes would you give them if you were putting it together in a Western format of appetisers, main courses and desserts.

Kade: If I were a host for Thai dinner party for friends, I usually serve them with my best home dish spring-roll as the appetizers together with Doritos and Salsa sauce. The next dish is spicy grilled pork salad in Thai style, eat with fresh vegetables. For main course will be, Chicken Green Curry, omelette and Fried mixed vegetable and shrimps with oyster sauce, served together with steamed rice. Desserts will be served at the end are mixed Thai fresh fruits.

Home made spring rolls

Doritos and Salsa Sauce

Spicy grilled Pork Salad Thai style by Kade

Trevor: Can you give us three of your very favourite eating places in Bangkok?

My three favorite places in Bangkok that I love to go, are The Anna Restaurant and Art Gallery at Soi Pipat, Silom Road; Food Loft, which includes international food courts to suit everybody’s tastes and preferences situated  on the 7th floor of Central Chidlom. The 3rd place that I love to take my friends to have some lunch or dinner is Mixx restaurant at Esplanade Department Store on Rajadapisek road.

  • See above for delicious Green chicken curry photo that would be chosen as a part of Kade’s dinner party.

Khao Jiaw – omelette

Mixed Vegetables

Thai Dessert (Mixed Fruits)

  • Watch this space for more from Kade coming very soon.

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9 thoughts on “My Thai Food Dinner Party: Interview With Kasinee Silapee Part 1

  1. Great Interview with Khun Kad and she’s my little sweet Princess and very Smart&Intelligence.I am truely enjoy your interview and always loves about food object:)intersting everything you said my dear.

  2. Thank you Keown, there will be more from Kade in the near future as she is hopefully going to talk to us about travel in Thailand next.

    Kade is a busy lady with her work, but we are most grateful for her time and insights into many subjects as we always are with you as well.

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