Engaging Thailand Tips Popular Posts 2010 – 2011

I just thought I would end the year with a post about the most popular posts on the Engaging Thailand Tips blog up until now.

These posts have been  the most popular viewed over different time periods as obviously some were written and published before others. The time periods will be over 7 days, 30 days, the last quarter, this year and of all time. The number of posts written so far are 112 and these have been fairly lengthy posts, I am trying to write shorter posts, but seem to struggle with that challenge.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for following or reading this blog and also thank all those who have worked with me on some posts. The blog will be expanding to cover a wider range of subjects to be explained in a following post, but with Thailand of course remaining at the core.

I would like to wish you all a very happy new year.

1) Relationships Between Thai Women And Foreign Men

Top post for the last 7 days, the last 30 days, the last quarter, third over the whole year and 4th most popular of all time.

This was Part two of an interview carried out with Keown Wangwan who gave us an insight into the world of Thai women and foreign men relationships from her own experiences. Khun Keown has lived in the UK for  30 years and her punches are never pulled.


2) Thai Proverbs And Culture

The most popular post of all time, top post of the year and second top of the last quarter

This article is packed with Thai proverbs, Thai culture, Thai language and a couple of absolutely fantastic recommended books.


3) 9 Favourite Thai Finger Food Party Treats

2nd popular post of all time, 2nd popular post of the year

Thai Gourmet food caterers in the South West of England reveal the regions 9 favourite Thai finger foods and why Thai finger food parties are such a big hit in the UK. Which is your favourite finger food or snack food? Also looking at information on food from the regions of Thailand. What region in Thailand does your preferred taste come from, the north, north-east,south or central?


4) Thai Herbs For Thai Cuisine, Thai Spas And Aromatherapy Part One

3rd popular post of all time

Herbs still play a very big role in the lives of Thai people not only for use in delicious Thai cuisine, but for traditional medicine and for use in Thai spas and aromatherapy. The Thai people have continued the healing wisdom and traditional beliefs from their ancestors. In part one we look at the general uses and health benefits of lemon grass, kaffir lime and ginger.


5) Awesome Thai Finger Food Party In Dorset

5th most popular post of all time

The delightful tastes of Thai cuisine make that special occasion even more special. Prime beef fillet satay, crispy salmon in a rich chilli sauce, vegetable spring rolls and delicious Green chicken curry were just some of the dishes at this awesome Thai finger food party in


6) 7 Day Thai Spa And Food Itinerary Bangkok To Chiang Mai

The 4th most popular post of this year

Make a trip from Bangkok to Chiang Mai a part of your Thailand itinerary. Take a couple of days viewing the sights in the bustling capital of Bangkok before a relaxing 5 day spa and northern Thai food excursion in Chiang Mai. Time for some rejuvenation.


7) 10 Famous People Past Or Present To Form Your Mastermind Team. Who Would They Be And What Would You Learn From Them.

3rd favourite post of the last quarter

In the book ”Think &Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, he talks of the mastermind principle and forming a mastermind alliance for the realisation of worthy goals. It got me thinking that what if you could form a mastermind alliance of favourite famous people past and present that you could drop in on for advice now and again on a specialised subject. So I rephrased the question to ” 10 famous people past or present to form your mastermind team, who would they be and what would you learn from them.


8) Finger Food Party Ideas

3rd Most popular in the last 30 days and 5th most popular over the last quarter.

Are you thinking of throwing a party or a big event to celebrate a special occasion, but struggling for ideas in both the food and the type of event you want to hold? When holding a party you really want simple but tasty food that can be delivered to the guests with the least amount of fuss and stress involved as possible. So what is the answer to the problem?  The answer to the problem is Thai finger food.


9) Bangkok 5 Day Itinerary

4th most popular post of the last 30 days and 4th most popular post of the last quarter

An often asked question is ‘’I am going on holiday to Thailand and planning on spending time relaxing at a beach resort, however I shall be arriving in Bangkok to begin with and was wondering how long I should  spend in Bangkok and what should I see and do?


10) Are You Thinking Of Moving To Thailand

2nd most popular post of the last 30 days

So you want to spend more time in Thailand and there is no doubt that Thailand is a fantastic country to spend longer periods of time in. There are so many things to love about Thailand from the delicious food, sunny days, beautiful beaches, the Thai people and culture, the laid back way of life and many more things. However like most things the project needs a certain amount of planning and experimenting in order for you to design your ideal situation.


Thank you and see you all in the new year.

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3 thoughts on “Engaging Thailand Tips Popular Posts 2010 – 2011

  1. Wow…woo..hooo:)I am soo bluidy happy;)jib..jib..cing..cing..my post is number ONE!!yipppeee..how coool is that.Very please and very happy for you khun Trev,and very weldone to you and all your hard work.I am truely enjoy&love everything you do:)and hope to be involved in any objects you might do..
    Thank you so much and glad to shared my experinces to everyone:)

  2. Thank you Khun Keown for all your help and support by way of reading, commenting and contributing on posts of your own here. The 4 part interview you did was very well read on the blog, but part 2 of the interview listed above called ”Relationships between Thai Women and Foreign Men” has been one of the most popular posts ever and I can tell from the stats that it’s popularity still grows. Well done and thanks.

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