Thailand Itinerary: Samet Island, Ayutthaya, Mae Hong Son, Pai And Bangkok

Today brings part Two of the eagerly awaited interview I carried out with local Bangkok lady Khun Kasinee Silapee.  In part one Khun Kasinee gave us the benefit of her Thai food skills and knowledge. See the link below to enjoy again or for those of you who missed it first time around. Besides great information there are some absolutely fantastic photos taken by Khun Kasinee another one of her talents.

In part two Khun Kasinee talks about her favourite places to visit in Thailand and must see places in Bangkok for visitors. I have added the introduction again on Khun Kasinee and I am sure you are going to be elated with the wonderful insights Khun Kasinee reveals.

Guest Introduction

Trevor: Sawat dii krap Khun Kasinee and great to have you here. I know I am fortunate to catch up with you as you are such a busy lady. I know you have a few names people call you by so could you tell us what you prefer to be called and tell us a little bit about yourself please.

Kasinee Silapee (Nickname Kade)

About Kade

Kade: Usually, my foreign friends will call me “Ke-si” as it is easy for them but for my Thai friends, they usually call me “Kade”.

My name is Kasinee Silapee, Thai single female. I was born in Bangkok 47 years ago. You can tell that I am a real Bangkokian, and I have seen a lot of changes and developments in Bangkok. I graduated my 2nd Master Degree in Communication Arts from Chulalongkorn University since 1997. I love traveling, music, arts and movies as well as books.

My hobbies, besides watching movies and playing sports are taking photographs. I love to do handicraft works as well and my favorite ones are knitting and costume jewelry designs.

Currently I am working as Creative Group Head for Net Genius Co., ltd., this company does website development, marketing on-line, SEO strategy and also event organizing.

I can speak Thai and all native Thai, English, fair French and Japanese, Khmer and Bahasa Maly.

I love singing and playing guitar. If I could turn back the clock,  I would learn how to be a good chef, as I absolutely love cooking food for people  as well as love to invent new recipes.

Trevor: I hope you don’t mind and although I am not Thai I still like the Kade variation of the name, so I hope you don’t mind if I call you Kade. Congratulations also on all your achievements and I am massively impressed with your language ability, excellent.

  • Incidentally all the fantastic photos on this blog post have been kindly provided by Kade.

Kade On Travel Outside Bangkok

Trevor: I know your home is in Bangkok, but what are your three favourite places to visit in Thailand outside of Bangkok?

 Kade:  (Samet Island, Pae District, Rayong province)

Originally, I was born in Bangkok and I grew up here, but I always feel alive and fresh, whenever I go out of Bangkok to get some pure fresh air and sunlight. If I have a couple of days off at the weekend, I usually like to go to the sea somewhere like Samet Island, this leisure place is located at Ban Pae district, Rayong province in the Eastern region of Thailand. It’s about 2-3 hours driving from Bangkok to Ban Pae. In Ban Pae you can  park your car at the car parking service on the shore before you take the boat from Ban Pae Pier by the local ferry to Samet Island. It’s only 100 Baht for a round trip and you can keep the ticket to be used on the day you return home.

Ban Pae Pier

My favourite beach on Samet Island is Tuptim beach, I fell in love with the beach here, it’s so clean and clear, the water in the sea is crystal clear. I love to play beach sports before going to swim in the sea after sweating. It’s the place that I can wear bikini and walk along the beach without being stared at like some sort of a strange thing , as when you are here, its quite normal to do so. Actually, there are a lot of foreigners who love to come here to sun bath and relax by lying on the beach with their mats.

The best things of Tuptim beach are people who I feel familiar with, the great location where the accommodations are situated,great sea food and spirits. I can sit and sip beer for the whole night long here without being bothered by anyone. The recommended menu will be grilled sea bass fish and squid with the spicy sauces especially for sea food, grilled corn and potato with melting butter on the top, Bar-B-Q pork ribs with great Bar-B-Q sauce, just the first bit you can feel the happiness already. You may finalise your order with Tom-yum mixed seafood for warming up your stomach and increase your appetite. How wonderful the meals are, right?

In the morning, when I wake up, I usually jump into the sea before having breakfast on the beach and waiting  to shoot some sunrise photos. You can have American Breakfast with fruit juice and hot coffee or even breakfast in Thai style, like Khao Tom or congi.

I spend my lazy time like that every day until I return home, I feel totally energised by doing nothing and release my mind with the infinite scene of the sea. At least I can throw the rubbish out of my head and be ready to return to work fully energised and with a clear mind.

Kade Clearing her Mind On Samet Island

My second best place that I love to go whenever I get spare time is Ayutthaya province, this place is a historical area, in the former time, Ayutthaya was the second capital of Thailand after Sukhothai period. Ayutthaya was the capital of Thailand for about 417 years and there were 33 dynasties who ruled Ayutthaya. It’s about 2 hours driving from Bangkok to here. I love to come to this province because I come to make a merit in many temples here; those are Wat Phanacherng; Wat Na Phra Men, Wat Yai Chaimongkhol and Wat Mongkholborphit.  But of the place that I never miss when visiting Ayutthaya is Bang Pa-in Summer Palace of King Rama the IV and the V.

In Ayutthaya, you will find a lot of many interesting places to go, including the Portuguese Community which is one of archaeological site; the Japanese village. The Ayutthaya floating market which will have traditional Thai dance performing shows every day and you can find nice local food with fantastic cheap prices. The thing that I love the most here is the hospitality of people in this province and the historical sites and I always love to come back to visit from time to time I have often taken my foreign friends to visit and shown them around. There are many beautiful sights to see you know besides the women and Pat pong, Thailand has so many interesting places that they can visit and enjoy on their vacations here.

River shrimp in Ayutthaya is very famous for all visitors as well as “Sai Mai and Roti” the famous sweet of here that every visitor must buy and take back home as a souvenir. I love this province.

The third place that I love to visit whenever I have a chance is Mae Hong Son, this province is located in the northern region of Thailand. It’s really good to visit this province in the winter time around November through to February, because of its good climate. You can arrive by train and get off at Chiang Mai, take the plane or the van to Mae Hong Son or even the public buses. The transportation to go to Mae Hong Son is very convenient at present. What will you find here, along the way to Mae Hong Son? The routes will be like a snake’s trail, because the roads were cut along the mountain, so there are at least more than 700 curves and these can be quite dangerous. So why drive to this province then I hear you say? Well, it’s worth it just for the scenery alone.  The road along the route is  covered with beautiful yellow flowers name “Dok Bua Tong” , it is similar to Sunflower , and they all blooms together covering the mountains and they are really beautiful. Mae Hong Son, has one famous tourist site name Pai. Nowadays, it’s really convenient for everyone to find  accommodation here and there is every type of accommodation that you could dream of, such as The Bungalows in the rice field, the cottage on the bank of the river or hotels inside the town. During the evenings, inside the town centre will transform in to a  night bazaar or the night market and the vendors will sell all kinds of creative products.

A Beautiful Sunset In Pai

When you come here, you must be an early bird, if you want to see the fog sea. You will need to leave your accommodation about 5 a.m.and arrive there at 6 a.m. to see the Fog Sea. The view is so  beautiful it takes your breath away and your fingers will be busy operating  the camera.

Stunning Early Morning Fog – Sea

Afterwards you can go to visit the beautiful lake at Pang Ung. This is the place that I wanted to come to the most when I arrived in Mae Hong Son.

The Natural Beauty Of Pang Ung Lake

In Mae Hong Son, there are some hill tribe people living here such as Hmong, Pagalong or Karen, so it will be easy for anyone who loves hill Tribe’ Handicraft works such as skirts, embroidery shirts, bags, shoes or anything else to find it here. In fact you can find it all here at the Hill tribe handicraft centre.  The place sells the products from the hill tribes in order to increase  income revenue streams for their families and finally you can visit the Yunnan Chinese village to have lunch and buy some nice tea.

Hill Tribe Handicrafts

Hill Tribe Lady, Time To Relax

Yunnan Chinese Village

The journey will end at the point to shoot the sunset. People who love  being among nature really need to come here. There are some coffee shops in Pai that you should not miss and these are ” All About Coffee”,  and don’t forget to try a piece of delicious carrot cake with passion fruit sauce it is so yummy and so is the cappuccino. Next is ”Coffee in Love” located along the road from Pai to Chiang Mai, this place is good for shooting photos and having coffee with the superb mountainous scenery all around you. Finally” Pai in Love ”another coffee shop in Pai town.

Time For A Cappuccino

And A Delicious Treat

The last day I will save for visiting the historical bridge. If I have a chance and more time, I will visit the fish cave climbing the mountains to stay overnight in the Karen’s village as it’s a brilliant  experience even though I have already had that experience. Mae Hong Son, still has a good atmosphere, natural beauty and the local people are still kind and generous. It’s the province that I want to stay when I retire… I love the climate here also.

Kade On The Historical Bridge

Trevor: That is superb Kade you paint a lovely picture here and a wonderful contrast between the history of Ayutthaya , the culture and scenic beauty of the north and peace and tranquility of the south. The perfect combination. I am off to Thailand very soon with my plan in place, but your description here makes me want to screw my plan up and follow yours….brilliant.

Trevor: For visitors arriving in Bangkok, what would you consider were the three places that people simply must visit in and around the area?

There are three places in Bangkok for any new arrivals who are going to visit Bangkok that should not be missed and these are “The Grand Palace” or “Wat Phra Kaew”; as this place is the milestone of Bangkok and it combines all the beautiful traditions and Thai arts here. Inside here, you will visit, “Phra Kaew Morakot” or the Emerald Buddha at the throne inside the temple; Phra thinang Jakkri Mahaprasart, this palace was built-in the reign of King Rama V in order to celebrate 150 years anniversary of Bangkok; the Ramayana Mural paintings around the main temple; Museum of old Thai Monastery (coins) and money .

The Magnificent Grand Palace

The 2nd place that I would like to recommend to the visitors, who come to visit Bangkok, is ” Wat Pho or Wat Phra Chetuphon wimonmangkhalaram ”  the 1st university of Thailand and also, it is famous for the biggest reclining Buddha in the main temple. Here if you are interested in having traditional Thai massage, then this is the place. In addition, you can learn to be the masseur also. Wat Pho is the temple with the genuine Chakkri Dynasty’s art with the Chinese influence; it was built-in the reign of King Rama the III.

Wat Pho or Wat Phra Chetuphon Wimonmangkhalaram

The 3rd place to recommend for visiting while you are travelling around Bangkok is the National Museum. For me, I have a belief if I want to study about that country, I need to visit its national museum as you can learn so many historical matters from this place, and it is located closely with Wat Phra Kaew and Wat Pho. So it is very convenient.

The Incredible Reclining Buddha At Wat Pho

Trevor: That is fantastic Kade, I have visited all three of these places and highly endorse your recommendations for enhancing historical and cultural knowledge about the Kingdom Of Thailand. Wow Kade that was brilliant and I can’t wait for part 3 when you give some help and advice to foreigners who not only want to visit Thailand, but stay for longer periods of time or perhaps indefinite. Superb thank you Khun Kade I feel wiser already.

Engaging Thailand Website

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