Bangkok: Where To Find A Great Value Hotel

Accommodation is two a penny in Bangkok from the basic but friendly family run guesthouses to the finest of hotels that could compete with anything around the world, but one of my favourite hotels for service and fantastic value is the Nasa Vegas Hotel. The Nasa Vegas Hotel is situated at 44 Ramkhamhaeng Road and I like it, because it has a very traditional Thai feel to it. The service every time I have stayed here has always been impeccable with a polite ”wai” from the door man each time you leave and return to the hotel and the staff at reception are equally courteous with a wai after each request or a room key drop off or collection. Ramhamhaeng Road is about 15 – 20 minutes from Suvarnabhum airport.

The rooms are equipped with …..

  • satellite/cable T.V
  • Air Conditioning
  • Fridge
  • Bath and shower
  • Telephone

The Hotel also offers these facilities…

  • Restaurant ( serving good food from Breakfast through to Evening)
  • Landry Service
  • 24 hour security
  • Free usage of the health club
  • Snooker Table
  • Squash Court
  • Internet Facilities
  • Nice comfortable seating area in the foyer with Thai and English newspapers
  • Attractive tropical fish in tanks all around the foyer
  • All for the very reasonable price of  (690 Baht per night for a Deluxe room or 890 Baht should you want to go really mad.) Looking at roughly 14 – 16 G B Pounds per night.

Front Of The Nasa Vegas Hotel

Health, Fitness And Relaxation

One of my favourite things about the hotel is you get free usage of the gym and health spa for each night you are booked in with the hotel. The receptionist will give you stamped dated tickets which you daily hand over to the health club assistant and after signing in with your room number you are permitted free use of the gym and spa. So you can have a run and a  work-out to burn off all that good Thai food and then relax in the jacuzzi for 20 minutes really great stuff.

Around The  Hotel Area

There is not a dramatic amount of things to see and do in the immediate  area of the Nasa Vegas hotel, but there are a few food spots just down the road from the hotel. If you come out of the hotel front entrance and head straight down the road you have a few food vendors and restaurant type places on the right, a few more eating establishments by going down the road and turning left and a whole load of food vendors and a night food market straight on for about a 5 minute walk. Whichever way you decide to go there are a couple of rather big, fast-moving roads to negotiate so just be on your guard when crossing there. On three separate evenings we managed to eat at the vendors on the right at the night market and had a sit down meal by going down the road and turning left at a Chinese/Thai restaurant that served delicious Guay diaw noodles, spring rolls and a lovely Chinese dessert.  Across the road from the hotel is a relaxing Thai Massage venue an internet cafe and a family mart convenience store for anything that you might need.

What Else Can I Find On Ramkhamhaeng Road

You would probably not specifically plan to go to Ramkhamhaeng Road as there is not an awful lot of attraction there for a visiting tourist, but it does have a major Cineplex if you have children and want to go and see a movie and also a big shopping centre. Ramkhamhaeng Road is also home to one of the biggest Universities in the world with two campuses and it was also the first to become an open university. It is said that the University was named in honor of King Ramkhamhaeng The Great Of Sukhothai who is credited with the creation of the Thai alphabet. Lots of sought after foreign professors teach courses here and the University also has studies for foreign students from all over the world. Other nearby areas are New Pheburi Road and also Sukhumvit Road which is about three blocks away.

Shopping Malls

Take a trip in the opposite direction along Ramkhamhaeng Road from the nearby amenities I was telling you about (from the rear of the Nasa Vegas hotel) and you come to a bigger shopping complex of malls and various big shops. Here you can basically find anything that you could possibly need in the format of Thai food, foreign food, banks, books, clothes, phones in fact everything.

As of the 22nd January 2012 I ordered ” Khao Man Gai” steam chicken and ginger for 50 Baht and a bottle of passion fruit juice for 20 baht . A very tasty and filling snack for 70 baht about  one pound and 50 pence, however there are many great value snacks on the ground floor of this mall.

The first 10 minutes of the walk and you would think you were walking the wrong way as there is nothing at all in the way of shops at all. If you keep going you will come to a big intersection where crossing the road needs great care and attention and after that its about a further 10 minutes on foot. For a taxi the shopping complex is located between soi 13 and soi 15 on Ramkhamhaeng Road.


4 thoughts on “Bangkok: Where To Find A Great Value Hotel

    1. Thanks Keown, I have used this place on most of my Bangkok visits in the last 4 years and have found no reason to change. Good value and good buffet breakfast also both from a Thai and a Western perspective.


  1. It sounds very tempting to try this hotel next summer when we stay in bangkok for a couple of nights. Very informative and well written! Thank you very much from
    Ingeborg kvamme January 18, 2013

    1. Thank you Ingeborg. I have stayed here on at least 6 different occasions and have always been
      impressed by the good value of the place. Where ever you stay Ingeborg, enjoy your time in Bangkok.

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