Chiang Mai Restaurant: Delicious Western And Thai Food

If ever you find yourself in the northern Thai city of Chiang Mai and are pondering as to where to have breakfast or lunch, then ponder no longer. A few years ago on a visit to Chiang Mai I decided to do one of my very early walks I mean about 6-30am and towards the end of the walk came across this busy little restaurant that I was instantly attracted to. I noted the restaurant and informed the party I was traveling with that we must go for breakfast there that very same day. Four yearly visits later and we still love this small but popular restaurant. The name of the restaurant is ”Sailomjoy Restauarant” (สายลมจอย เชียงใหม่) at 7, Rachadamnoen road, (near Thaphae Gate, where the fantastic Sunday walking street market is held) and is open from Monday – Sunday, 7.30 am – The  delightful proprietors are Khun Pom (คุณ ป้อม) and Khun Weil (คุณ แหว๋ว).

Meet The Fantastic Sailomjoy Team

Why Do We Like It So Much

There are a number of reasons why we love this restaurant. First of all the food is fantastic and that includes the Western food and the Thai food. Secondly the service is fantastic and even at the most busy times you will find the proprietors Khun Pom and Khun Weil and staff are so ” cay yen” very cool, not stressed and always polite. Thirdly it is the atmosphere, ambience and lovely personalities of the owners and staff of this restaurant that make breakfast and lunch such great events to look forward to.

Finally it is the traditional northern Thai feel of a family run business that makes ” Sailomjoy ” so special You will find husband and wife so cool calm and organised and running the show, you will find father mixing in with great service and the sister of Khun Weil preparing food and when out of school time the children will assist as well. The complete traditional Thai family business and how well they do it.

Entrance To Sailomjoy Restaurant

So Whats On The Menu

Western Food

Sailomjoy serve great pancakes, with my daughter’s favourite being Mango and Banana, but they do many different flavoured pancakes. Some other delightful treats at a glance…. Muesli fruit salad, an array of club sandwiches, Pizza, French toast, french fries, Set menu cooked breakfast consisting of eggs and bacon etc, Macaroni, Spaghetti, Milk shakes, Smoothies, Fruit juices, Tea and a number of various ”wake up” coffee’s.

A Great Western Breakfast

Fabulous Thai Food

The ubiquitous ”Phat Thai noodles”, the north of Thailand’s own delicious ” Khao Soy noodles”, Fried Chicken and cahew nuts, Chicken and ginger, an immense tom yum soup ( packed with tremendously healthy ingredients and flavours),Spring rolls, sticky rice and mango slices and this barely scratches the surface.

A Delicious Thai Lunch

So Many People Love Sailomjoy Restaurant

It is not hard to see why Sailomjoy restaurant is so popular and why they have so many friends worldwide. On the first account the food is delicious and secondly the owners and staff make you feel so welcome, but finally it is the ambience and personality of this wonderful little restaurant that sets it apart from the rest. Don’t just take my word for it, but read the comments on the wall of the restaurant of those who came, loved and continually miss Sailomjoy until the next time they return and they always return.

Just A Few Of Many Letters Of Thanks

The owners Khun Pom and Khun Weil treat everyone like family and are always delighted when they get letters from those around the world who have graced the Sailomjoy restaurant in Chiang Mai with their presence. In fact so happy are they that the letters usually end up decorating the restaurant walls along with the many wonderful photos.

Precious Memories Of Customers, But Now Friends

A Few Of My Favourite Comments From The Sailomjoy Restaurant Walls

”To all the staff thanks so much for the great food and great service you are the friendliest staff in Chiang Mai” Canada

” We love coming every morning for breakfast, we are going to miss this place ” California

I have eaten here with friends over 100 meals and I look forward to 100 more… yummy. Expat

A Very Nice Letter

How Can I Find Sailomjoy

You will find Sailomjoy at the entrance to the old city, they are literally adjacent to the Thapae gate area on Ratchadamnoen Road. If you were to stand by starbucks and Mcdonalds ( but certainly keep moving away from Starbucks and Mcdonalds) , just look straight ahead to the gate, walk through and Sailomjoy is across the road on Ratchadamnoen road about the second place on the left hand side.

Go Straight Through The Gate

Final Tip

Don’t waste good time on your vacation looking for somewhere nice to eat, just head straight to Sailomjoy Restaurant they have everything there and its all absolutely ” aroy maak ” delicious.

Happy Smiles Khun Weil on the right and sister Khun Nok left

Watch This Space For Part 2

Have you seen this before very special coffee design by Khun Weil who is an extremely clever lady and the coffee I can tell you is so delicious. I will tell you the story very soon. In the meantime have a dragon coffee by Khun Weil.

Special Coffee in Chiang Mai Made By Khun Weil

See Special coffee in Chiang Mai here and now…. so good

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9 thoughts on “Chiang Mai Restaurant: Delicious Western And Thai Food

  1. A great article Trevor. Kit and I often talk about travelling up to Chiang Mai one day to sample the local culture and attractions, when we finally do so I’ll be sure to mention visiting this restaurant. 🙂

  2. Thanks for that Terry. I know in Kitiya’s writing that she did on here that she likes Chiang Mai. I know you would both enjoy the restaurant and the ambience of the North. You of course already have a ready made expert in Kit on what to do and where to go in Chiang Mai and I am sure you would both love it.

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