Very Special Coffee In Chiang Mai

Coffee Culture

As a Westerner I have always associated the Asian countries including Thailand to lean more on the side of tea drinking than coffee drinking, but I think that has been changing for a while with Asia and especially now Thailand under going some what of a coffee culture. Fortunately for me I like both, but you won’t shift me out of the habit of my full tea-pot of green tea to get me started in the mornings. After that I enjoy my coffee like any other coffee lover.

I Still Love A Vendor Coffee Stop Chat

Of course with Thailand having a very warm climate you can also take your coffee cold or iced and occasionally I do, but I suppose that old habits die-hard and I still like a nice hot cup of coffee. In Thailand you are likely to have chicory or cardamom added and condensed milk is also popular. Now is the time of the big company coffee franchises and these can be found all over Thailand, but I still prefer the one lady or one man vendor with an assortment of coffee’s, a blender and the latest coffee stop chat. You can’t find that at the big company franchise places.

Coffee Art In Sailomjoy Restaurant Chiang Mai

However in Chiang Mai at Sailomjoy Restaurant there is a new world of coffee culture going on and not only does it taste delicious, but it looks absolutely beautiful and the owners and staff will chat and laugh with you throughout. I know you must be thinking how an earth can a cup of coffee look beautiful, well this is the fantastic work of the very talented Khun Weil (คุณ แหว๋ว) and her husband Khun Pom  (คุณ ป้อม) I have named it ” delicious coffee by design”. or as Khun Weil calls it ” coffee art”.

Khun Pom (คุณ ป้อม) Left and Khun Weil (คุณ แหว๋ว)Right

Coffee Dragon Style

Khun Weil first learnt how to do the traditional basic designs, but now she has created many of her own designs and they are absolutely fantastic. The most important thing of course is that the coffee tastes great and I can one hundred percent say it is absolutely delicious. So on one of my many visits to Sailomjoy Restaurant I was asked to choose a design from the many incredible designs of Khun Weil and it did not take me long to decide. One design stood out for me and it was the design of a dragon. Being that it is now the year of the dragon and that I was born in the year of the dragon the decision was fairly easy. However without that form of reasoning the choosing part could have taken a lot longer as Khun Weil has created so many beautiful designs.

As I waited for my coffee art, I watched with intrigue as Khun Weil set about the creation of my coffee. The art part was of course the icing on the cake if you like as she first paid great attention to the quality and producing the delicious flavours and only after that did she provide the artists finish with great care, attention and precision. As khun Weil brought my coffee to the table I sat open-mouthed as to how she could create something so good. I was now looking at the image of a perfect dragon etched in to my coffee.

The coffee drinking process was slow to start with as I was scared to drink it, I just did not want to lose the dragon emblem. However I was in luck as I don’t take sugar and have no need to stir the coffee and was able to keep my dragon emblem right to the very end. Finally though the delicious taste won the day as I finally could see no more of the beautiful design.

Coffee (Cute Dog Style)

Khun Lek then decided as she was born under the year of the dog that would be the design she would like and off Khun Weil went again to majestically conjure up another master piece. We were both incredibly impressed as we had not seen anything like it before. Khun Weil did say that some are harder than others to do as she willingly let us peruse her full set of designs. At  the time Khun Weil was getting ready for Valentine’s day with her fantastic Valentine collection. When you are at Sailomjoy Restaurant be sure to ask Khun Weil to show you all her own coffee art designs before making your choice and of course it does not have to be valentines day to show a loved one you care.

So Many Designs

I managed to grab 5 minutes with Khun Weil out of her very busy schedule to chat about her coffee talent and she showed me all of her very impressive designs. Here are a few more photos of the kind of designs she can create, but this is only the tip of the iceberg, if you want to see them all then you need to visit Sailomjoy Restaurant in Chiang Mai  and let Khun Weil show you the full range of her very special designs. The restaurant name is Sailomjoy (สายลมจอย เชียงใหม่) at 7, Rachadamnoen road, (near Thaphae Gate, where the fantastic Sunday walking street market is held) and is open from Monday – Sunday, 7.30 am – The  delightful proprietors are Khun Pom (คุณ ป้อม) and Khun Weil (คุณ แหว๋ว).

So Detailed

Special Christmas Designs

Very Cute

A special Coffee Just For You

Now That’s A Special Message In A Special Coffee

I Want To See Some More

This is Just a very small selection of the many and ever-increasing designs of Khun Weil at the very special Restaurant of Sailomjoy in Chiang Mai. If you want to see more of these designs  just ask Khun Weil (the always cool under pressure and very beautiful lady who will be preparing and cooking delicious food at the front of the restaurant or Khun Pom the equally cool and handsome gentleman who will be around to take your orders with pad and pen in hand) and they will be delighted to show you.

A final say from Khun Weil and Khun Pom at Sailomjoy Restaurant in Chiang Mai

Chok Dee Means Good Luck

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