Engaging Thailand Newsletter

Coming very soon.

The very first newsletter from the EngagingThailandTips blog called ”Lashings Of Green Tea With Bide And Friends” whenever you see this picture.

For a long time now I have been pondering on how to fit other passions in to the format of Engaging Thailand as opposed to creating endless niche blogs that would more than likely from a time perspective just overwhelm me and eventually become impossible to carry out. After much deliberation and experimentation the blog newsletter ” Lashings Of Green Tea With Bide And Friends is close to making a grand entrance

A strange name for a newsletter you possibly think. All newsletter work and blog writing is carried out during the hours of 6.30am – 9.30am and during that period of time I get through lashings of green tea. Green tea will also cover an even wider range of subjects as not only will we be engaging Thailand as normal, but now and again engaging Asia as well.

The newsletter will of course still focus on Thailand in the form of travel and culture, food, cross-cultural relationships and Thai language, but added to the mix will be health and wellness, lifestyle design, personal development, philosophy and time management from an Eastern and Western perspective which will include items from other Asian countries now and again.

So What Can You Expect To Find In The Newsletter

A Main theme: Running through each publication

Relevant proverbs and quotations: For that issues theme… magical words of wisdom from down the ages

A look east and west.…. My take on the issues theme from an eastern and western perspective

A guest interview…. fascinating insights from many subjects and learning from others.

Top Thailand travel tips…. Not from a guide book, but from people who actually live there.

Recommended books from top authors….  On all of the subjects covered here and more.

Thai conversation …. and my goodness do we get in to Thai conversation

The finest sourced articles of experts.…. and I know where to find them

Out and about in Thailand….. From my trips out and others, bringing you something of interest.


So will you still have the normal postings about Thailand that you have been doing?

Absolutely, the newsletter will be a fortnightly publication, but other than that Thailand postings by the score will continue as normal by myself and connected experts.

All you have to do to get the newsletter is pop along to  https://engagingthailandtips.wordpress.com/ and sign up to the blog.

For those who are already signed up I thank you very much for your continued support and if there is anything you would like to see covered on the blog please let me know. In fact always delighted to receive your comments on the blog and your feedback.

With kind regards

Trevor Bide


For more information and articles about Thailand please visit



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