Thai Food: 5 Delicious Dinner Party Menu’s

A question for all lovers of Thai cuisine

If you were hosting a Thai dinner party for friends which dishes would you give them if you were to put it together in a western format of appetisers, main courses and desserts?

A few ideas have already been given from some of our excellent interviews carried out on the blog. These were some of the favourites of our guests.

Mark Stephens: Freelance writer From Hua Hin, Thailand

Menu 1


Tod Man Goong  –  (Delicious Thai prawn cakes served with a sweet plum sauce)

Main Courses

Geng Neua  – (Southern coconut-milk based beef curry that has a strong basil flavour to it. Not too spicy)

Pork and Pumpkin Curry- Geng Moo Fak tong – (Delicious thick-sauce curry that has a slightly sweeter taste to it than other curries mentioned before. Not too hot and palatable for most foreigners)

Pad Pak Ruam – Mixed stir-fried vegetables

Boiled Rice


Khao Niao Ma-Muang – (Sticky Rice with Fresh Mango and coconut cream)

Khun Kitiya: Owner of the blog ” Kitiyas Thailand”  from Udon Thani in the north – east of Thailand.

Menu 2

1. Appetiser – Spring Rolls. (Photo above)

2. Main course – Tomyum kung (spicy soup)

Pork fried rice.

3. Dessert – Mango with sweet, sticky rice.

Menu 3

Khun Keown: A Lady of Khon Kean (North-East Thailand) now living in the UK.


 Crispy duck and  pancakes


A small bowl of Tom-yum goong – (soup )

Main Course

Gang Masaman Nua –  (Beef curry and sweet potatoes) (Photo above)

Steamed sea bass with lemon sauce,

Pad Pak Ruam –  (Mixed stir-fried vegetables)

crispy chicken salad

Phat Thay Goong –  (phat thay noodles with prawns.) (Photo above)


Mamuang gap ai tim – (fresh mangos and ice cream)

Menu 4

Khun Kasinee: Our Bangkok Expert 


Spring-rolls together with Doritos and Salsa sauce.

The next dish is

Spicy grilled pork salad  Thai style, eat with fresh vegetables.

Main Course

Gang Khiaw Waan  – ( Green curry with chicken ) (photo from Khun Kasinee above)

Khai Jiao – Thai Omelette (Photo from Khun Kasinee above)

Phat Phak Ruam Sai Gung – Fried mixed vegetables with shrimps

Boiled rice.


Dessert will be an assortment of fresh Thai fruits.

Menu 5

Khun Lek: Head chef Of Thai Gourmet Caterers In The UK,


Kanompang Na Gung – (Fried spicy prawns on lightly fried bread with a cucumber dip)

Vegetable Spring rolls

Main Course

Gang Khiaw Wan Moo ( Green curry with pork and vegetables)

Nua Phat Nam Man Hoy ( Tender beef in oyster sauce and vegetables) (Photo above)

Baa Mii Haeng ( egg noodles with chicken, onion and beansprouts.

Boiled Rice


Lot Chong Singapore (Flavoured thick pudding, noodles with coconut milk and ice)

Your Turn

Now what’s your choice? Please let me know here in the comments section what Thai dishes you would like to put together in a menu if you were hosting a Thai dinner party for your friends.

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Recommended Books On Thai Cuisine

1) For delicious Thai finger food the book by David Thompson (The Australian born expert Thai chef) called Thai Street Food is a fantastic addition for a fan of Thai finger food and fun food. Superb colour photos and in-depth recipe instructions. Time to re-create those Thai street stalls and roadside vendors that you loved so much on holiday.

2) The book Thai Food by David Thompson (The Australian born expert Thai chef) is the choice for those seeking to create all manner of Thai dishes. This book with its fabulous photos and superb instruction encapsulates all that is wonderful about Thai food and Thailand.


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