Thai Conversation: Responding To Questions

In today’s language conversation Waan decides to ask Nick some questions to get him in the habit of understanding and being able to respond to what he has heard . Waan decides to put Nick in a more relaxed mood with a visit and walk around the superb Lumpini park in Bangkok. Lumpini Park is located on Rama IV road between Ratchadamri road and Witthayu road.

After a few corrections and a few take’s this was the finished product that Waan was happy with. (Photos from Lumpini Park, Bangkok)


1)What is your name


Khoon (m) cheuu (f) a (l) rai (m) kha (f)


My name is Nick


Phohm (r) cheuu (f) Nick khrap (h)


2) Where do you come from


Khoon (m) maa (m) jaak (l) bpra (l) thaeht (f) a (l) rai (m)


I come from England


Phohm (r) maa (m) jaak (l) ang (m) grit (l)


3) Are  your father and mother still alive


Khoon (m) phaaw (f) khoon (m) maae (f) khaawng (r) khoon (m) yang (m) yuu (l)


Yes, my father and mother are still alive

ใช่ครับ คุณพ่อคุณแม่ของผมยังอยู่

Chai (f) khrap (h) (Khoon (m) phaaw (f) khoon (m) maae (f) khaawng (r) phohm (r) yang (m) yuu (l)


4) Do you have any brothers or sisters? How many? Girls or boys?

คุณมีพี่น้องไหม กีคน ผู้หญิงหรือผู้ชาย

Khoon (m) mee (m) phee (f) naawng (h) mai (r)   gee (l) khohn (m)  phuu (f) ying (r) reuu (r) phuu (f) chaai (m)


I do not have older, but I have 3 younger brothers

ผมไม่มีพี่แต่ผมมีน้องชาย 3 คน

Phohm (r)  mai (f) mee (m) phee (f) dtaae (l) Phohm (r)  mee (m) naawng (h) chaai (m) 3 khohn (m)


5) Are you married?


Khoon (m) dtaeng (l) ngaan (m) reuu (r) yang (m) kha (f)


No, I am not married

ยังครับ ผมยังไม่แต่งงาน

yang (m) khrap (h)  phohm (r) yang (m) mai (f)  dtaeng (l) ngaan (m)

End Of Lesson Summary

Waan is pleased and feels that Nick has the general grasp of this conversation, but as an added measure instructs Nick to revise and go over it all for 15 minutes for further repetition whilst she goes down to the lake edge to feed the fish with bread.

Nick sets out to work on the revision, but can’t help watching Waan feed the fish. It was not the act of Waan feeding the fish as such, but she does cut a mighty fine figure he thinks to himself. In fact Nick is now learning Thai well as he is beginning to think in Thai with words like ”suay (r) Maak (f)”, (very beautiful) springing to mind. He corrects himself  with a giggle and say’s I must use the full sentence ” Khao (r) suay (r) maak (f)”, she is very beautiful and quickly returns to his revision.

See Here For The First Waan And Nick Conversation ( Using The Telephone)

Thai Language Tip

Don’t Overwhelm Yourself

Experiment to find your ideal learning time. What I mean here is don’t try to over do things and burn yourself out. I started on one hour lessons, then went up to an hour and a half and finally two hours. Everyone is different, but I found the hour and a half level the most productive for me. One hour was not quite enough and at two hours my concentration drifted slightly for the final half an hour. Small steps are great. Short well focused, organised periods do it for me.


I am not going to lay out all the vocabulary for you here as the serious Thai learners among you will get greater satisfaction and rewards by translating and deciphering yourselves.You can check all vocabulary from this conversation by using the online dictionary that is in English and Thai at

The Thai Alphabet

Click here  and scroll a bit to find from Wikipedia The Thai Alphabet explained plus simple vowels, consonants and
lots of other information.

Click here   to see and hear the Thai Alphabet being pronounced

Click here  to see and hear Thai tones being explained

For more tips, information and conversation please visit

Recommended  Thai Language Product

PDQ Thai

The Thai PDQ-Quick Comprehensive Course: Learn to Speak Understand, Read, and Write Thai With Linguaphone Language Programs

If you are planning a trip to Thailand and would like to build up some Thai language to use before you go then look no further than the linguaphone Thai – PDQ quick comprehensive course. I have been a big fan of the Linguaphone method for a number of years and it was how I started my own Thai language studies in the very beginning. Phrase books are all very well and good, but you really have to be hearing the language especially a tonal language to get any grasp on even the basics. This course is designed for busy people in mind with no fluff and no filler just pure information. Linguaphone in my opinion have always done it better than most so why not give yourself a great head start for your forthcoming trip to Thailand.

Engaging Thailand Website

For more information, articles and stories about Thailand travel, food and all things Thai related, please visit the website


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