Songkran Festival Thailand: Where To Go For Your Celebration

With Songkran festival approaching, deciding where in Thailand to spend it can be a posing question for the visitor. However in this post Khun Kasinee Silapee our resident expert provides some valuable tips and important information to make that decision a little bit easier.

Article Written By: Khun Kasinee Silapee (Nickname: Kade)

Photos Supplied By:  Khun Kasinee Silapee (Nickname: Kade)

Where to go for celebration Songkran Festival this year

Songkran tradition is a former traditional Thai New Year and it is usually started from 13-15 of April in each year. Normally, all schools and educational institutes will be closed for all students to rest at home. This is the moment of family reunion and celebration of the festival together. During the Songkran Festival, it’s not only water throwing activity but there will be a lot of traditional activities to promote love and warmness among Thai families also.

The traditional activities to celebrate Songkran Festival that Thai people have been doing from past to present will start by making merit at the temple on April 15th and pouring water to the monks at the temples as well as pouring water to the Buddha images at home. In the afternoon, each house will arrange the pouring water ceremony to the seniors in their homes to express gratitude to them also. In the ceremony, the younger members will prepare flowers, incent, candles, new clothes, beetle nut and fragrance to present to the seniors.

During Songkran Festival, there will be celebration all around nationwide; each province will prepare various activities to attract tourists who will come to visit their provinces in order to welcome Thai Traditional New Year. Details will be as follows:

Celebration Songkran Festival in the Central Region:

Hi-light for Bangkok areas, main activities will be making merit with 9 Royal temples around Rattanakosin Island from Wat Phrakaew, Wat Pho, Wat Suthas, Wat Sra kes, Wat Boworn, Wat Chanasongkram, Wat Rakhung, Wat Arun and Wat Kalayanamitr.

Campaign of wearing traditional Thai dressing and playing Songkran Festival in the traditional way will be organized around Khao Sarn Road during April 4-12 in order to encourage foreign tourists to play Songkran festival in an  accurate way. During the Songkran Festival (from April 11-13) the Bangkok Metropolitan will close the roads to celebrate this festival from Sanamluang to Suan Santichaiprakarn to
Visutthikasat Road and up to Kaosarn Road.The Songkran Festival activities at Phra Pradaeng, Samut Prakarn will be arranged in front of Phra Pradaeng District Office during April 18-19.

Songkran Festival at Ayutthaya province, here the province will organize walking street and throwing water with the elephants under the name of “Traditional Songkran Festival of the Ancient City” during 13-15 April, 2012 at Ayutthaya Historical Park.

Ratchaburi organizes throwing water with the local colorful herbal water in its province during April 13-17 around Woradetch Road, along MaeKlong River.

Celebration Songkran Festival in the Eastern Region

At Pattaya, Songkran Festival can be called as “Wan Lai Pattaya Tradition” (Pattaya Flowing Water Day), originally, this day was called “Ngarn Tham Boon Wan Lai” (Flowing Water and Making Merit Day), and all the villagers would come from their villages to make a merit together during Songkran Festival, the monks from many temples would be invited to gather in one place. There will be plenty of fun fairs and joyful activities for people who participate in this festival such as building sand pagoda, pouring water to the monks and Buddha images, pouring water to the senior people and beautiful parades.

Celebration Songkran Festival in the Isan Region

The most popular place to celebrate Songkran Festival in Isan will be at Khao Niao (Sticky Rice) Road of Khon Kaen province, actually activities in this road has imitated all styles of celebration from Khao Sarn Road. Annually, the province will organize Dok Khun – Siang Khaen Festival at Khao Niao Road which will be commenced from April 8th –15 around Kaen Nakhorn Lake up to Sri Chan Road. Hi-light of this festival besides throwing water to each other, there will be the ceremony of pouring water to the seniors, Beauty contest of Dok Khun – Siang Khaen Festival including with booths to sell local products.

Celebration Songkran Festival in the Northern Region

Songkran Festival at Sukhothai province, the province will encourage all the tourists to visit its world heritage city during April 6-9; in this festival, the tourists will be able to see hundreds year old traditional activities under the campaign “Berk Faa Maha Prapheni Moradoklok” (Open the sky of the great world heritage traditions). There will be products’ expo from the lower northern region’s provinces selling in this festival as well.

Songkran Festival in Chiang Mai or traditional city’s New Year will be good for anyone who has passion in the unique Northern Culture and Tradition. Around Chiang Mai  the city will be decorated and ornamented with a colorful atmosphere showing the mixture between past and present of Chiang Mai. The festive areas cover the entire city including Wat Phra Singh, Tha Phae Gate, and around Chiang Mai’s moats, etc.

Celebration Songkran Festival in the Southern Region

Songkran Festival at Hat Yai, Songkhla province will be commenced in April 11-13; the festival will be organized at Odeon Intersection, Sanehanusorn Road, and Niphat Uthit 3 Road.

Songkran Festival at Phuket province will be organized around the central stage of Saphanhin. In each day, there will be a lot of activities to encourage all the tourists to join the festival. In April 12, there will be Parade to celebrate Songkran Festival together celebrating Phra Buddha Sihingh. On April 13, the activities will include making merit, pouring water to the Buddha images and pouring water to the senior people.

Hopefully all the above information will make help our readers to make easier decisions on where will be the best place for you and your families will go and celebrate Songkran Festival this year. So wherever you go, we wish you a nice and safe trip. Happy Songkran Day!

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