Thai Catering In Your Home Or Work Place

I am often asked these questions about our Thai food in the home and work place service, so I thought it would be easier and more convenient if I published the information in a post.

1) What Types Of Services Do You Provide

Basically we bring authentic Thai food right to your home, other private venue or business event. Our specialist team will cook and serve a delicious meal for you in your own kitchen using genuine Thai ingredients and recipes. We can provide anything really from private dinner parties or house parties, to wedding buffets, christenings and corporate entertaining.

2) What Type Of Menus Do You Provide

If someone wanted to book a sit down Thai dinner party in their own home. What menus would you recommend?

At the moment we have 3 very popular menus, which have been listed under the name of popular menus on the website and these include all the favourite dishes with a wide range of choice and variety.

If someone wanted to book a Thai buffet service in their own home. What menus would you recommend?

We can tailor-make any type of dishes into a buffet type of menu, depending on your preference, but the most popular choices for a buffet event  have been put together here.

If someone wanted to book a large-scale Thai finger food event to be held in their own home or venue of choice. what would you recommend?

I have to blow our own trumpet a bit here and state that these type of events are our speciality. Delicious hot Thai finger food and tasty dips served to where ever you are standing or sitting. The beauty of this is it allows the guests to walk and talk while enjoying tasty food with glass in hand. These are especially suited to large-scale events with many attenders and little or no sit down facilities. A superb new menu has  recently been added here called ” The Walk and Talk special menu” for just the tastiest of Thai bites.

3) What does the client need to do at the event?

The only thing the client should worry about is laying the table and dressing for the occasion after that just leave it to us. The idea was formed so that the host at special occasions could relax and enjoy the evening with their guests and let us take care of the rest. You should not lift a finger, we even do the washing up and leave the kitchen spotless. So often at special events you see the host rushing around the whole time trying to please everyone, without having time to relax and enjoy the event themselves.

4) Where are you based and how far do you travel to do your events?

We are based in the south-west of England in Yeovil, Somerset, but how far we go depends on the event, menu selected and the number of guests attending. Thai Gourmet have up to now been to Devon, Cornwall, Dorset. Avon, Wiltshire, Glouster, Hampshire and even London.

Just a few recent comments From Party Group Members From 2012

”It’s absolutely delicious”

”I would just like to say that was top quality”

”The vegetarian food was incredible, normally as vegetarians they never design anything very interesting for us, but the pumpkin soup and coconut milk was unbelievably tasty”

”I was not sure about Thai food before as the Thai restaurants I have been to I found the flavours a bit bland. I am glad I came as I never knew there were so many different flavours to Thai food”

”This is fantastic you just won’t find Thai  food like this in any of the Thai Restaurants”

5) Do You Have Any Further Information And Articles On Your Food And Thai Food In General

Yes, visit the link below to view lots of articles from Thai Gourmet events and Thai food in general.   For More Articles To learn more about the service  To see more events

6) Great, How Do I Book

By contacting Trevor on

Telephone: 01935-473089

E.Mail: to:


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