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It is now time for another guest interview and this time we are going up to the Northern city of Chiang Mai for tips and advice on Thai food, Thai travel from our resident Chiang Mai lady Khun Natjirapat Kiatslip.

Trevor:  Sawat dii khrap Khun Natjirapat thanks for sparing us some of your time. Firstly I hope you don’t mind if I just refer to you as Janice. Could you give us a few lines about yourself please?

About Khun Natjirapat  (Nickname: Janice)

Janice: Hi, no of course not Janice is fine. I am a Chiang Mai girl and I am currently living and working in Chiang Mai. I work as a freelance real estate broker and can speak English, French and a couple of different dialects of my own language,Thai.

I love Europe and spent a lot of time traveling around especially in the UK, I absolutely love the UK and have so many friends there. I also have a real soft spot for Germany as well and once again am fortunate to have many German friends.I am hoping to go back to Europe towards the end of this year for a visit and I can’t wait.

I graduated from Dara Academy, Chiang Mai in 1996 and then from Chiang Mai University in 1999 before going on to England to study.I studied in Bournemouth University, Dorset, England where I graduated in 2002 with a Master Of Arts: Master in International Marketing Management.

I just absolutely love living life to the full and appreciate spending time with great friends. Life is too short so I always live by the motto of seize the day.

Trevor: Thanks Janice and I can certainly vouch that you do pack a lot in to a day and live life to the fullest. Do you know that Bournemouth is near enough my neck of the woods. I was born in Dorset and most people say it is a lovely part of the UK. I know you enjoyed the time you spent there.

On the property front if  anyone is thinking about buying or renting property in Chiang Mai then perhaps Janice can help you and she can be contacted on her facebook page.

By E-mail:

Or Via The Business Websites:

Interview On Thai Food And Thai Travel With Khun Natjirapat Kiatslip (Nickname Janice)

Janice On Thai Food

Trevor: What are your three favourite Thai dishes?

Janice: There are so many, but if I had to scale it down to just three it would be…

1) Phat Graphao Gai Sai Khai daao – Stir – Fried Chicken and Basil with Rice and of course with fried egg.

Stir – Fried Chicken and Basil with fried egg.

2) Tom Yum Gung – hot spicy soup with prawns, lemon grass, coriander and lemon juice

3) Som Tam- A delicious Thai salad with papaya, chili, garlic and tomatoes.

Trevor:  If you were hosting a Thai dinner party for friends what dishes would you give them if you were putting it together in a western format of appetisers, main courses and desserts.


Janice: For starter I would give them

Moo Satay (pork Satay) and Luuk Chin.

Luuk Chin are like Thai meatballs which you can get in beef, pork or chicken and you can also have fish or prawn balls alternatively.

Main Course

The main course would consist of

Gang Khiaw Waan Gai – Delicious Green chicken curry

Phat Phak Ruam – A mixed selection of stir-fried vegetables

Phat Thai Gung – The famous Phat Thay noodles with prawns

Phat Thay noodles with prawns

Khao – Boiled rice


Chao Gluay – a black jelly – like dessert with ice and ice cream, popular in Thailand.

Trevor:  Can You Give Us 3 Of Your Favourite Eating Places In Chiang Mai

Janice:    Cafe De Nimman

Cafe De Nimman is excellent, there are plenty of fine Thai dishes and lots of international choice as well.

Location:  The Room Project #1, Nimmanhaemin Road. Chiang Mai

 Open: 11:00 am – 23:00 pm

Facebook Page:

The Riverside Bar & Restaurant Chiang Mai 

A favourite of many for years, legendary for its great food, dancing and singing. A lively venue popular with the locals and visitors and keeps swinging until after midnight.

Location: 9-11  Charoenrat Road, Chiang Mai

Open: Mon-Sun: 18.00 – 01.00


Facebook Page:

Black Canyon Coffee 

Good value coffee and lunches and great for passing some time people watching. Black Canyon is very popular and a good deal less expensive than some of the other well named international brands. Finally it has great air condition and that’s very important.

Location: 1-3 Th Ratchadamnoen, Chiang Mai

Janice Recently Enjoying Easter

Trevor: I know your home is in Chiang Mai, but what are your three favourite places to visit in Thailand outside of Chiang Mai?

Janice:   China Town in Bangkok

I love China Town in Bangkok. Take a stroll through the heart of China town in Yarowat road. China town is a busy and bustling place , just full of activity.The best thing to do in China Town is take your time, wander around, see the sights and soak up the atmosphere, it’s really amazing. China Town has so much going on and is also heaven for food lovers. How long you want to stay in China town will depend on your toleration of crowds, heat and noise. It has to be experienced.

Bustling China Town In Bangkok


Pai is a peaceful small town up in the mountain region of Mae Hong Son in Northern Thailand. Pai is a wonderful place to escape the concrete hell of city life and just surround yourself with mountains, rivers, fruit orchards and pure natural beauty. If you are a fan of the outdoor life and nature then this is certainly the place to come. You can visit the many waterfalls, go on jungle treks to visit the hill tribes, go white water rafting or rent a motor bike and get around. Very beautiful and very scenic.


There is absolutely loads to do in Phuket and some of the scenery is breath-taking especially Phang Nga Bay where you can view its beauty by taking one of the boat trips up through from the northern end of Phuket. It is also a particularly good place for all in family activities what with theme parks, elephant rides and go-kart race tracks if Mum and Dad are up for that. Besides the scenery and beaches you also have plenty of temples, Thai boxing and a visit to old Phuket town for some splendid Chinese architecture.

Trevor: For visitors arriving in Chiang Mai, what would you consider were the three places that people simply must visit in and around the area?

Janice:   Walking Street Sunday Market

The market traders start setting up early in the day on a Sunday for a late afternoon start that will run on until about 11.00pm in the evening. You can actually browse to your heart’s content as it is said to take approximately 2 hours to walk both sides of the market browsing each stall. Aside from the shopping they’re  are lots of tasty snacks and drinks to have at more than reasonable prices. It really is a great place to stroll around browsing, eating, drinking and people watching and don’t forget to do some shopping as well.

Walking Street Sunday Market


Nimmanhaemin road is the happening street in Chiang Mai nowadays and can be found off of the main Huay Kaew road. The street accommodates up market and modern property, chic boutiques, restaurants, coffee shops and the trendiest night spots.

Warm Up

Situated on Ninnanhaemin road if not the hottest place in town then certainly one of them. Warm up has everything from Music that knocks out the beats of Jazz and Funk, a Sushi bar, full restaurant and any drink imaginable. It’s the place to be seen.

Facebook Page:

Trevor: Thanks Janice that was great and hopefully we will get a chance to chat on lifestyle in Chiang Mai very soon.

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