Reading Thai Language Letters: Chiang Mai Weather (Part 1)

Learning To Read And Write Thai

The conversational ability of Nick had improved, but his real goal was to learn to read and write Thai. Waan decided to teach Nick from the letters and e mails she had received from friends during her working trips abroad.

All future lessons for Nick are based on learning Thai through receiving and responding to letters and messages on various subjects.

  • Please find language learning help and  resources at the bottom of this post with regards to the alphabet, Thai tones plus vowels and consonants.

The Weather In Chiang Mai During March (Part one)

1) ขอโทษค่ะที่ขาดการติดต่อ

Sorry that contact has been in short supply (Sorry for the lack of contact)


ขอโทษ – khaaw (r) thoht (f)  ( I apologise, I’m sorry excuse me, pardon me)

ค่ะ – kha (f)  Added to a sentence by a female speaker to convey politeness

ที่ – thee (f) In this instance ที่ – thee (f) means that

ขาด – khaat (l) In this instance ขาด – khaat (l) means to be in short supply, lacking.

การติดต่อ – gaan (m) dtit (l) dtaaw (l) – The activity of contacting someone

2) แต่ดิฉั้นยุ่งนิดหน่อยค่ะ

but I have been a bit busy


แต่ –   dtaae (l) – but, even, however, 

ดิฉั้น – di (l) chan (r) – I, me, my (female response)

ยุ่ง – yoong (f) – In this instance – busy, hectic, occupied

นิดหน่อย – nit (h) naawy (l) – a little bit, a tiny bit

3) หวังว่าคุณสบายดี  คิดถึงนะค่ะ

hope that you are well, (been thinking of you, miss you)


หวังว่า – wang (r) waa (f) – hopefully, to wish or hope that

คุณ – khoon (m) – you, your

สบายดี – sa (l) baai (m) dee (m) – to be feeling fine, I am fine, I’m fine

คิดถึง -khit (h) theung (r) – (of a person) to think about, have longing for, to miss.

4) ช่วงนี้อากาศที่เชียงใหม่แปรปรวนค่ะ

At this period the weather in Chiang Mai is changeable


ช่วงนี้ – chuaang (f) nee (h) – at this period; lately at this time; presently

อากาศ – aa (m) gaat (l) – weather, air, climate

ที่ – thee (f) – at, on the site of , within, in the location of

เชียง ใหม่ – Chiang (m) Mai (l) – City and province in Northern Thailand

แปรปรวน – bpraae (m) bpruaan (m) – To fluctuate, to vary, to change, to become unstable

5) มีทั้งหมอกควันอากาศเป็นพิษมาก 

have total smog, the air is polluted


มี – mee (m) – To have, possess, be available

ทั้ง – thang (h) –  all; entire; whole; wholly; both

หมอกควัน – maawk (l) khwan (m) – smog

อากาศ – aa (m) gaat (l) – weather, air, climate

เป็นพิษ – bpen (m) phit (h) poisonous, polluted

มาก – maak (m)  much, many, very; more, so much, a great deal

6) กินเวลาไปประมาณ 2 เดือน

It has used / consumed approximately two months


กิน – gin (m) – to eat or drink, consume

เวลา –  waeh (m) laa m) – general time (as in time and space), when, 

ไป – bpai (m) – to go

ประมาณ – bpra (l) maan (m) – approximately, about, roughly

เดือน – deuuan (m) – month

7) แต่ตอนนี้เดือนเมษายนร้อนทาก

but now month April very hot


แต่ – dtaae (l) – but, even, however

ตอนนี้ – dtaawn (m) nee (h) – at this time, now

เดือน – deuuan (m) – month

เมษายน – maeh (m) saa (r) yohn (m) – April

ร้อน – raawn (h) -( Of temperature) is hot

มาก – maak (m)  much, many, very; more, so much, a great deal

The Thai Alphabet

Click here  and scroll a bit to find from Wikipedia The Thai Alphabet explained plus simple vowels, consonants and
lots of other information.

Click here   to see and hear the Thai Alphabet being pronounced

Click here  to see and hear Thai tones being explained

For more tips, information and conversation please visit

Recommended  Thai Language Product

PDQ Thai

The Thai PDQ-Quick Comprehensive Course: Learn to Speak Understand, Read, and Write Thai With Linguaphone Language Programs

If you are planning a trip to Thailand and would like to build up some Thai language to use before you go then look no further than the linguaphone Thai – PDQ quick comprehensive course. I have been a big fan of the Linguaphone method for a number of years and it was how I started my own Thai language studies in the very beginning. Phrase books are all very well and good, but you really have to be hearing the language especially a tonal language to get any grasp on even the basics. This course is designed for busy people in mind with no fluff and no filler just pure information. Linguaphone in my opinion have always done it better than most so why not give yourself a great head start for your forthcoming trip to Thailand.

Further Thai Learning

For further posts about learning Thai language please visit the Engaging Thailand website


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