Thai Food: 10 Tasty Snacks To Try On Your Visit To Thailand

In Thailand it is so easy to pop along to your favourite little restaurant or roadside vendor and have a tasty snack. If you know anything about the Thai at all you will know that they love their food. They will quite possibly grab a tasty snack at any time of the day, if hunger pains occur of course.

Here are 10 wonderfully tasty snacks that would be available to you when on your visit to Thailand. Not pictured here, but dishes in Thailand are more often than not accompanied with rice. The style of rice will depend on your preference, but the popular choice is plain boiled rice. The Thais will not normally have rice though with a noodle dish.

1) Gai Phat Met Mamuang Him Maphan


Dish Description: Fried chicken with cashew nuts, garlic, spring onions, chopped chillies and water chestnuts

2) Phat Thay


Dish Description: Fried noodles with pork, chicken or prawns & peanuts with bean sprouts.

Thai Proverb

Connecting Food Proverb With A General Life Meaning

(ตำน้ำพริกละลายแม่น้ำ  – tum nam prik lalai mae nam)

Basically meaning that pounding and mixing chilli paste one after another and then pouring the ingredients into the long and wide river would certainly not change the flavour of the water at all. All of your time and energy would be wasted along with your fine ingredients. The point is that spending money aimlessly can be compared to pounding chilli paste and throwing it in to the water.

3) Phat Graphao Gai Sai Khai daao


Dish Description: Stir – Fried Chicken and Basil with Rice and a fried egg

4) Gai Phat King


Dish Description: Stir fried chicken with fresh ginger and spring onions

Culture Note

The Thais are not so insistent on the dishes being steaming hot as we are in the west and are quite happy for the dishes to sit around for a while untouched.

5) Phat Priaw Waan


Dish Description: Chicken or fish with stir fried vegetables in a sweet and sour sauce

6) Gang Khiaw Waan


Dish Description: Chicken in sweet spicy green curry with coconut milk

Thai Proverb

Connecting Food Proverb With A General Life Meaning

(มือถือสาก ปากถือศีน)

The hand holds the pestle, the mouth holds the precepts

Meaning: It’s about one who professes to be noble while engaging in less than honorable activities…. saying one thing and doing another …. hypocrisy.

7) Gang Massaman Nua


Dish Description: Beef cooked in rich curry sauce with peanuts, potatoes and coconut milk

8) Khao Man Gai


Dish Description: Steamed Chicken With Fresh Ginger, Chilli And Garlic In A Dark Soya Sauce.

Culture Note

Whilst dining as a guest at a Thai dinner engagement remember not to touch any of the food before the host, oldest or wealthiest person attending announces that eating should commence. This is usually done in an informal way by quietly announcing  ” kin khao” which simply means eat rice.

9) Gang Saparot Gap Gai


Dish Description: Delightful pineapple and chicken dish cooked in a yellow curry sauce with coconut milk

10) Pla Rad Prik


Dish Description: Crispy Salmon in a beautiful rich chilli sauce

On your return from Thailand you dream of re-creating those dishes and that Thailand experience. I am sure you would love to create these dishes at home and there is certainly no reason why you could not. Thai Gourmet are contemplating putting together some of the most popular Thai dishes in book form later in the year, but in the mean time and if you are around the South West of England area why not book Thai Gourmet to come to your home or work place and re-create that wonderful experience.

You will find popular sit-down, buffet menus and the legendary ”walk and talk menu” wonderful for venues with little or no sit sown facilities.

For more information on the catering services of Thai Gourmet or to book an event, please visit

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2 thoughts on “Thai Food: 10 Tasty Snacks To Try On Your Visit To Thailand

  1. A nice little guide to Thai food there Trevor although I can’t profess to having tried more than a few of them so far myself while in Thailand. Hopefully one day I’ll get to sample them regularly in the UK too, I just need to get my girlfriend here first. 😉

    1. Thanks Terry Most of them had a Southern or Central influence to them Terry, but of course your good lady will be serving you more North Eastern (Phak Isaan) fare. I am sure you will have a good variety of dishes to choose from when she does come.

      Those interested in the travel and food of North East Thailand should have a good look through the blog of Khun Kitiya as she has some excellent posts on there. Thanks Terry.


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