Chiang Mai: Great Food, Travel And Entertainment

It is now time for another guest interview and this time we remain in the Northern city of Chiang Mai for tips and advice on Thai food and Thai travel from a resident Chiang Mai lady called Marike van Breugel.

Trevor:  Hi Marike thanks for sparing us some of your time. Firstly could you give us a few lines about yourself please?

Marike:   Actually my really full name is Marike Louise Theodora Augustina Elizabeth van Breugel  J  LOL.  Yes, I suffer from the Dutch multi-name syndrome.

I own and run a business called ‘’Arun Thai Natural’’ – we make, retail, wholesale and export 100% hand-made, fair trade body care, massage and wellness products.

I am a Mother of one to a delightful little girl named Ploi.  What brought me to Chiang Mai?  Pregnant with my daughter, the options in Koh Samui (where I initially lived in Thailand) were very limited for both family and business – my then Thai husband had his heart set on living and working in Chiang Mai.

Marike and delightful daughter Ploi

 On Thai Food

Trevor: What are your three very favourite Thai dishes?

Marike: Khao Soi Jey Noodles ( Jey  meaning vegetarian non – meat) –   made with tofu, lots of fresh mushrooms and extra blanched veggies.

Som Tam Jey – ( Papaya Salad) no crabs or fishy stuff please!  Spicy is good!

Red curry with duck

Khao Soi Noodles ( but Marike likes without any meat)

Trevor: If you were hosting a Thai dinner party for friends what dishes would you give them if you were putting it together in a Western format of appetisers, main courses and desserts.


Appetizers:  Deep fried seasonal mushrooms with a spicy dipping sauce and maybe some little steamed banana leaf parcels with fish/rice inside.

Main courses:  Red curry with Duck, Green curry with prawns, BBQ fish with lemongrass, local northern Thai red rice, spicy mango salad, selection of raw vegetables and herbs on the side.

Dessert:  Mango & sticky rice, and some fresh lychees.

Mango slices and sticky rice (without the lychees this time)

Trevor: Can you give us three of your very favourite eating venues in Chiang Mai?

Marike: All of these are great for vegetarian food, see reviews below.

Blue Diamond in Moon Muang Soi 9 Road, Chiang Mai.

Khun Churn in Nimmaheiman Soi 17 Road, Chiang Mai

Beetroot Stories on Ratchadamnoen Road, Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai

Trevor: Could you give us three of your favourite Northern Thai dishes that you think visitors just must try?

Marike: Khao Soi Noodles

Spicy nam prik made from roasted eggplants with raw veggies and sticky rice – (nam prik is a spicy paste made from a number of ingredients and often served as a condiment with rice).

Northern dark red sticky rice cooked in the bamboo sticks.

Some of the many delights of Northern cuisine

Trevor: There seem to be a lot of cooking schools in Chiang Mai, which would you recommend if someone wanted to go on a cooking vacation in Chiang Mai?

Marike: Taste for Heaven have an excellent vegetarian cooking school.

Thai Farm Cooking School – home-grown organic herbs, vegetables and fruit.

Gaps House Cooking School – See the link below for some excellent lesson plans

On Thai Travel

Trevor: I know your home is in Chiang Mai, but what are your three favourite places to visit in Thailand outside of Chiang Mai?

1) Kamphaeng Phet – Klong Laan National Park

2) Khao Lak

3) Sukhothai

Trevor: For visitors arriving in Chiang Mai, what would you consider were the three places that people simply must visit in and around the area?

Marike: Chiang Dao – cave temple and herbal markets and the amazing mountain and Khmer ruins

Mae Sa Valley and Samoeng loop road – a fantastic day trip.

Huay Thung Tao – A large lake off canal road , Chiang Mai 50300

The natural north

Trevor: When you have some spare time from working where do you and your family like to go for days out in and around the Chiang Mai area.

Marike: Doi Saket hot springs are great too, as is Horizon Village for a day out with my little girl and some friends.


Trevor: Could you give us a couple of your favourite quieter venues that perhaps you and friends like to go for a night out in Chiang Mai.

Marike: Whole Earth Restaurant – Deliciously prepared Thai and Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes on Sridonchai Road in Chiang Mai.

Santitham Guesthouse Restaurant – live music on Saturday nights in quiet garden courtyard. It’s situated on Santitham Road, in the Chuang Puak Muang district of Chiang Mai.

The Garden, Ratchadamnoen on Sunday nights for GREAT live music and fun atmosphere in the Sunday Market

Sunday night walking market in Chiang Mai

Trevor: For the people looking for more of a party atmosphere where are a couple of good lively venues to spend an evening in Chiang Mai?

Marike: North Gate Jazz Co-Op on Praprokklao Road, Chiang Mai

Trevor: Thank you very much Marike you have given us all some fantastic  tips on food, travel and entertainment in and outside Chiang Mai. From the links given for the tips here, you will also be able to pick up further great tips for food, travel and entertainment.

Full Details Of Marike’s Shop: Arun Thai Natural – Click On The Signature Below

For more articles, tips and information on the northern city of Chiang Mai please visit the link below




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