7 Reasons To Spend Those Cold Western Winters In Sun Drenched Thailand And Save Money

Say goodbye to part of or all of the Western winters with a one month, two month or even 3 month stay in sun – drenched Thailand and even save money. Once the airfare is out of the way you can stay, eat and live like a lord with a bit of sensible planning.

1) Eat a banquet for under thee British pounds

Delicious food from the markets for an evening meal set me back 120 Baht in total.

I had a delicious Gang Massaman chicken curry for 20 baht, corn on the cob 20 baht, Pla rad prik fish in chilli sauce 50 baht (I really went extravagant on that one and Brown rice for 10 baht. For dessert I had a Kidney bean pudding known as (dtua dang dtom – ตัวแดงต้ม) at 10 baht all washed down with a 10 baht bottle of water. Total for a very filling, nutritious and delicious meal for 120 Baht. That roughly works out at $3-77 USD or approximately 2-42 GBP.

Tasty Market Snacks

2) Sun – kissed beaches and Islands

Sit on a beautiful sun-kissed beach sipping cold Singha beer.  Tuck into a delicious menu of grilled sea bass, grilled corn and potato with melting butter on the top, happiness personified. Too full to travel anywhere else then just stay.

In the morning on waking up, jump into the sea before having breakfast on the beach and witness the sun rise. The choice is yours, full English, American Breakfast with fruit juice and hot coffee or breakfast Thai style, like (Khao Tom)  rice soup.

It’s a new you energised, revitalised and clear minded ready to confront the world again.

Near Pranbury, Prachuap Khirikhan

3) Well Affordable Accommodation

I suppose it is occasionally nice to stay in a very posh hotel and be waited on hand and foot especially if your pockets flow with currency, but for me all that is required with the accommodation bit is an adequate place to rest up and some where I can leave my luggage.

When in Chiang Mai for instance the guest house I use is superb. The rooms are equipped with air-conditioning or a fan if you prefer, on-line facilities for your e-mail and a beautiful tranquil garden setting to relax in and take in a cool drink of an evening….. just perfect….. and so is the price approximately 500 – 700 baht (£ 10 – 14-00 GBP) per night depending on the room and facilities chosen. Stay a long time and you can negotiate even better prices.

Baan Pim Guest House, Chiang Mai

4) Wonderful Internet Cafe’s

Whether keeping in touch with loved ones back home whilst away, keeping up with the business or you just have some research work to do online, then there are some wonderful internet cafe’s around. Take this one for instance ” MK INTERNET Cafe” in Hua Hin. Well equipped, very private, clean and tidy and at only 30 baht an hour it is a must visit…. highly recommended. The MK INTERNET CAFE is based opposite the Tanawit condos in the centre of Hua Hin.

MK INTERNET Cafe’ in Hua Hin.

5) Affordable pampering

The only actual thinking you will need to do is to decide as to which of the fantastic treatments you are going to have, choosing from Various Massage treatments, body wraps, body scrubs, hydrotherapy, Thai herbal hot compress, Jacussi bath energizing therapy, facial treatments and many, many more is not an easy job, but someone has to do it and why not you… You deserve it.

The Superb Lanna Come Spa in Chiang Mai

6) Get your business online

Now you can work from where ever you want in the world with the advantages of creating an online income. The key point is to decide what you want to do with your days and then work out the funds required to support that lifestyle. Afterwards just find the way through your own skills and services to provide it.

If you can just devise a plan to this life changing challenge then your clients won’t even know that you are not in the office. However really you are working from the beach.

From the beach in Pattaya

7) Swimming Pool And Gym 150 Baht per visit

For a fee of 100 baht to use the gym single entry and then 50 baht to use the pool for a visit it is a very inexpensive way to spend a few hours. A day in Chiang Mai for me is not complete without a work out, swim and finally a long relaxing time in the sun by the pool with a quality book. A total of 150 baht  approximately £3-00 to stop myself feeling guilty from the curry and Singha beer and to learn something worthwhile whilst laying in the sun – who needs the beach. The gym has everything you could need with cardio machines, weight machines and plenty of free weights, the pool is quality as well. You can also buy or rent one of the condos in the building if you would like.

Hillside Plaza & Condotel 4 on Huaykaew Road Chiang Mai

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